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  1. In retail... I work in Primark and it's a great store but I have so many blonde moments.

    1) Me @ Manager: "Where is (item)?"

    Manager: It's literally right next to you, you sized them like 5 minutes ago

    Me: *mentally slams head against rail repeatedly*


    2) Me @ Manager: "There are no 50ps in my till"

    Manager: *looks in till for 2 seconds* "They're right there use your eyes"

    Me: *internally cries hysterically* oh. ok

  2. I tried, guys, I tried.

    My first attempt at spriting didn't go as well as I wanted it to. xd.png


    user posted image Egg wasn't too bad.


    user posted image <- But then this happened.


    Edit: I also realised something I missed with the hatchling which I -should- add if I end up working on it and not starting again.

    WIIIIINGS. xd.png

  3. My current ships:

    Kurt/Blaine from Glee,

    My OC/My friend's OC (Mkaell and Tamaki on my scroll)

    Two of my friends' OCs which are sooo cute together.

    Daryl/Rick in The Walking Dead

    Gumball/Marshall Lee in Adventure Time


    And many more I can't think of right now! I'm obsessed with gay ships!