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  1. I wanted to thank everyone who offered hatchlings to me. I only took 2 hatchlings, a male and a female. I honestly feel horrible for accepting any of them. We had a dire family situation which finally ended the day before Halloween. She is resting now, peacefully and the fight is now over and there is no more pain or suffering. I really thank all of you, the wonderful dragon community for your outpouring of generosity! I will do my best to pass on this generosity in the future. All of you are truly wonderful!
  2. I was trying to figure out where to post on the forums, but unsure exactly where. I was wondering if anyone had an extra Halloween hatchie from this year they wouldn't mind trading. We had a medical situation over the holiday (and honestly longer, she's in a better place now) and I missed it completely. I am sorry if I posted here in error. I can offer offspring from any adult off my scroll. https://dragcave.net/user/Demona3
  3. Um. I didn't say for spriters alts to be the rewards. I was suggesting other alts (colors) to be rewards. For example: Flamingo - an alt color would be a blue flamingo. Or perhaps a reward would be to offer any dragon you like in a different color of your choosing (if that was a possible thing). Sorry, I should of clarified my suggestion. Once again, I would never try to step on spriter's by taking their alts. Sorry for the confusion.
  4. I can honestly say, I agree with you. I know I got a bit upset when I saw a newer user get a prize dragon over a user like me, who's been with the cave for about 5 years or so. So yes, it does create a lot of "salt". Honestly, I always thought that prize dragons were too little awarded with the massive amount of people that play this game. As far as your rares go, I honestly consider myself quite lucky to have a 4th gen Holly, with a Thuwed lineage ( http://dragcave.net/lineage/gLmJ5 ). A really nice person gifted it to me a few years ago. As far as me getting a 2nd gen holly.. that's a dream. So yes, the people that are catching up, I know their frustration. I remember when I tried to obtain some rare dragons, and people wouldn't even look at my trades. It's beyond terrible and frustrating. My proposal - Offer alts of dragons (ones like the spriters get?), perhaps as a unique way of vastly expanding the dragon database? I know a few people might be against this idea. But at this point within the cave, what can be done to peak the interest of high end traders with the newer people that join, as in a way of helping them catch up?
  5. So sad, I was going to cross my fingers again this year. Oh well.
  6. About the event: I am currently doing the event, but I found the little "ball". I'm not at the "Homeward Bound" screen and it says I found the little dragon's ball, but then he tells me that I should deliver invitations, but there is no other options to click. It just shows my inventory with a bug, the ball, and the invitations. Am I missing something here?
  7. Ok, I worked through all 8 quests. So uh.. according to TJ's post, there are 12 storylines, and if you complete them all, you get a special badge. Where am I missing the 4 days at? Or am I just confused about this in general?
  8. I haven't tried on chrome. I've been playing on Mozilla and my character moves incredibly slow, like the game is overly lagged out. I was trying to catch up to complete the game, but the lag has me so irritated, that I quit for now. I'll have to try again later.
  9. Thank you! yay! Was getting incredibly frustrated over this.
  10. I've been stuck on the reindeer part for a while now, I cant get anywhere on the stupid ice. I got past it once, then saw the reindeer, but couldn't make it to them. I went back (I think which was a mistake), now I'm stuck at the ice part, I can't seem to get where I need to go.
  11. I just took a closer look at the hatchlings. Is it just me? Or do they have 4 eyes?
  12. I have a cauldron with a potion sitting beside it, not a jack-o-lantern.
  13. Thanks, I tried a hard refresh, didn't work. I just get an arrow when I mouse over it. I'll ask for help in the subforum. Thank you for letting me know how many I have.
  14. I can't seem to click on the link that will allow me to look at my treats from my dragon page. Anyone else having this issue? I was wanting to see how many treats I have to see if I'm getting close to having them all. I think I read somewhere that there is 57 treats total? Wish I could see how many I have..
  15. No email again this year. I'm sad. Congrats to everyone who won though.
  16. Thanks TJ! Crossing fingers! Good luck everyone !
  17. LOVE the Avatar of Creation! And what luck, mine hatched today.
  18. Woohoo! Happy Birthday DC! And Thank you TJ! I already have 2 GoNs. Unsuccessful summon today, however, had 1 successful breeding! Yay! In case you guys are wondering: Successful breeding - GoN x Gold.
  19. Thanks TJ! Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Picked up my 2. And one of my eggies has a kinda of a naughty code? 0phCk lol Terrible eggy.
  20. Didn't win. However, congrats to all who did !
  21. I think I would take a CB Frill too. Or perhaps a CB Holly. Unsure though. However, I'm not holding my breath on winning anything lol. I wish everyone the best of luck.
  22. So wait.. I can breed and KEEP all of my holly eggs if I wanted to this year?
  23. Of all the wyverns, I absolutely love these. Simply beautiful.
  24. demona3

    Glomp Gifting

    523ponygirl glomped! ---> accepted 3rd gen GW egg.
  25. It has been almost 4 years for me and I've still never to this day, caught a CB Gold.