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Come from Germany...hope you understand my words! Wishlist in Profile! I'm not afraid to take IOUsTake a look at my List ---> Abra's Waiting ListAbra3007.png2n1b0xe.gifndosu8.jpg

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    I'm not really a Lineage-Builder, but I like to continue Lineages very much!

    I have some Tinsel, Shimmer, Metallics and two 2nd Gen Holly! I'm not afraid to take IOUs...just PM me...
    Just take a look at my list. You can find the link in my signature.


    Black, Stripe, Silver, Gold

    2nd Gen:
    Shimmer & Tinsel
    PB Black, PB Stripe
    Silver with Black or White parent
    Gold with Black or White parent
    Sunsong with Gold/Silver/Black parent
    Gold/Silver/Black with Sunsong parent

    3rd Gen - 4th Gen:
    PB Stripe, PB Black, PB Metallics
    Gold or Silver, only with clear Black or White Lineages
    Black, only with clear Gold or Silver Lineages

    I'm not interrested in Dino's, Paper or Cheese!