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  1. i dont see the big deal.. seems pretty pointless actually.. but whatever... support
  2. could i have the link to the badge with animated Halloween with wings?
  3. can somebody tell me where the chicken is?
  4. i need the first two can u pm me how to get them????
  5. where did you get the rolled up scroll?!?!?
  6. i need the chicken the dog and 2 others
  7. can i have a list fof the last 4 items and how to get them? and if u could could u pm it to me 2
  8. cool, quick question... are we able to have a better chance to zombify only on the 31st?
  9. i abandoned the alexandria gold tinsel fail... i picked it up and didn't really want it
  10. i will take any inbreds you guys got but they need to be hacthlings
  11. The Incredible Hulk Fist of Legend Phoenix Force The AntiChrist Alfred Hitchcock (Placeholder... anybody want it?) (Most of these are currently just place holders) Looking For X-Men Names!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
  12. Want: the name " Wolverine " or " The Wolverine " have: anything you want whether it be a bred dragon or a name ill give you it... (My scrolls links in my sig)
  13. Want: the name Wolverine have: anything you want whether it be bred or a name ill give you it
  14. how do you check what member # you are?
  15. wow never knew it was so hard to summon. i am 1/1 for summoning. got it on my first try. (i only have the failure is all i summon because i like it. not because its true lol)
  16. all i want is either a cheese or a mettalic plz. i hope thats not too much to ask.
  17. I pledge allegance to the flag of the United Arab Emerits. Just kidding i pledge the oath
  18. maybe an award for getting each type of dragon i think that would be cool