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  1. chickens aren't counted, right? snow angel hatchling: gEgu
  2. i know yeah? yet sadly enough, i was staring at my first dragon thinking it was female and it was O: (course, it's a 50/50 XP)
  3. how does the click count go over the unique view count NEways if u can only do it once for each? (sorry, still new)
  4. D: and i was being all good and not clicking them :< <---habitual clicker
  5. haha, darn, ur faster than me rabbit; got two of the ones i saw Pumpkin: K1Rk
  6. haha, well, i only said that cuz i was constantly checking the past few days and it was the same white dragon
  7. huh, guess so now. seems the white dragons r changing now that there r eggs
  8. u mean the white dragon that's there when there were usually no eggs? it's the same one; i've checked the code. if i recall correctly, the code is zpqo (if that's not what ur talking about then sorry :{)
  9. extremely chill (though it's probably because i only recently just started); i play the w/e i get is what i get game. agrees w/ Kjernekat on the freezing aspect; it's no fun keeping them as a hatchling forever [though in the case of the dino, cuz personally i think they look retarded, i may (but probably not) decide to freeze the hatchling]
  10. creme cheese enchilada haha, this sounds cool. imma start of w/ five for now