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  1. idk, honestly, sometimes even when I try to speak louder/project my voice people can't hear me and I have to take off my mask for a brief moment (hasn't happened recently though, don't usually go out in an environment where I would have to do that). It might also depend on who one's talking to as well; some people aren't able to hear certain pitches as well as others.

  2. 7 hours ago, Lagie said:

    Aww. But kitties are good.


    I am heading to bed.

    *poofs in a cloud of brownies*

    kitties are good XP
    finally met the cat that my family "adopted". she apparently visits the house often enough. they even bought a case of cat food for her and my sister's friend gave her a pet bed (I was told they only give her half a can when she visits). we're pretty sure she's someone else's cat though. sure is a spoiled kitty.