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  1. oh boy 😕 tensions are probably still high. hopefully it'll get better though.
  2. I may need to get a covid test......
  3. hmmmm, sounds interesting. I'd try that o7o tangerines
  4. Barbie started feeling better as soon as he passed Food City and left downtown behind. Under the Dome by Stephen King
  5. ello spirit don't know how hot it is where you are, but I feel ya. so glad it's almost the weekend *happy dance*
  6. I can't remember if I'm still posting in that thread or not...
  7. His work there was important to him. -Japonisme
  8. mmmm........maybe yum? orange soda
  9. that's cool. I wish I could work from home..... *hugs spirit*
  10. idk, honestly, sometimes even when I try to speak louder/project my voice people can't hear me and I have to take off my mask for a brief moment (hasn't happened recently though, don't usually go out in an environment where I would have to do that). It might also depend on who one's talking to as well; some people aren't able to hear certain pitches as well as others.
  11. has anyone thought of a crawling horror design for a dragon? would be super creepy and cool at the same time.
  12. oh noes, people poofed o: that is a skill though lagie, poofing food PX
  13. I wonder how that thread is like.....sounds fun knew I was going to see some posts regarding today uwu
  14. seriously, can people not ****ing blast their music while driving? nobody else wants to hear it.
  15. oooh, goldfish crackers o: night lagie @trystan: it does sound tempting..........knowing me though I shouldn't get more snacks uwu
  16. ooooh, very nice mp :3 Happy New Years everyone!
  17. I mean, I GUESS I could go and buy the game.......
  18. kitties are good XP finally met the cat that my family "adopted". she apparently visits the house often enough. they even bought a case of cat food for her and my sister's friend gave her a pet bed (I was told they only give her half a can when she visits). we're pretty sure she's someone else's cat though. sure is a spoiled kitty.
  19. I wonder how long it'll take them to realize I'm here..........wonder if they'll even realize at all......>u>
  20. is a bit confused, but that's okay :'D geez, it's almost the new year. anybody has any plans?