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  1. ......but how dare you trigger my need to compulsively post XP but *gasp*, I think people are coming on *runs away*
  2. wooo. congrats trystan! ^-^ hoping my friends come on soon. want to play more don't starve together.
  3. actually not sure. I think yum? double stuffed oreos
  4. ello spirit. tis only the beginning of the week u_u
  5. it is sooooo hot.........and I burnt my mouth
  6. never had either, but I've had biscoff before, so probably yum asparagus
  7. *waves back at fortune* Q(ouo) @spirit: awww. how was the appointment for your shoulder? o: eh, okay I guess. gonna have to go to bed soon, have work tomorrow. it's nice that today was a holiday, but it also kind of messes with one's concept of time having one smack dab in the middle of the week.
  8. so upset I can't ctrl+v cuz confidential information >:T
  9. *is upset because she actually has something ctrl+v but it's confidential information and therefore cannot post* >:T
  10. @trystan: cool cool. good luck! hope you are making good progress. @lagie: eh, okay I guess. pretty sure I need a new direction in life. ello fortune and spirit. having a good day so far?
  11. It is hot, so hot, need all the cool air blowing on me
  12. I think it's out of 8, haven't posted in a while XXVIII (28)
  13. hope it gets better o: *sigh* need to make time to send in my ballot...
  14. ello spirit. oh noes o:. usually one hopes the weekend would relieve stress. hope today treats you well. *is from Hawaii and does not do DST* =w=
  15. https://dragcave.net/lineage/wjU3g