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  1. good evening/night here XP yeah, it seems to have hit the globe pretty hard; there were several record-breaking highs during our summertime.
  2. uh...........I feel like that's too spicy for me. think I'll pass uwu hot dog
  3. I need to stop obsessing over this......but it's just so frustrating when I know I'm in the right yet I accidentally ****ed it for myself that I'm somehow the bad guy in this >A<
  4. ninja assassin conference? o3o well, I can't find out about that now. I should probably go to sleep uwu
  5. hmmm......what is the catch to this episode...?
  6. dang, that's pretty unique. coolies :3 lucky it was still there after a few months o:
  7. still man, nothing copy/pasta-ed >-<
  8. yum hickory-smoked jerky
  9. hello hello. how is everyone? so glad today is over oez
  10. of course I don't have anything copy/pasted.......and now I wasn't keeping track of the time >_<
  11. as in like a breakfast sandwich? sure, yum cauliflower?
  12. @lagie: well, I guess that explains your reply in yum or yuck XP @trystan: ah, okay, kewl. I'll check it out o3o
  13. @trystan wow, three stories o: planning on sharing them after you're done? :3