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IOU's Considered on a case by case basis.If there is a trade link included in my thread please make an offer there unless you know me. The entire purpose of the trade link is to make an offer. DO NOT PM ME UNLESS YOU KNOW ME or WE HAVE WORKED TOGETHER BEFORE. ANGRY DEMANDS DO NOT SERVE ANY PURPOSE BUT TO HARASS ME.Pretty purplish things may include and are not limited to purples, horses, daydreams, nebulas all colors, sunrise/sunset, dorsal, lurker, ridgewing both colors, trihorn, sunsong, soulpeace, hellhorse, brute, nhio, anything shiney and I also like beautiful unique lineages that may or may not include spriter's alts, dorkface, thuwed, song lyrics, 80's related, sci-fi related, even gen inbred. Forgot to mention low gen shimmer/tinsel kins as well as shiney babies especially from purplish lines(see above). I hope you get the idea! Thank you!:)

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