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  1. (Um... not to be rude. But have you read my last post? It's all about my character 'kidnapping'/'saving' the other person's character. It would be a bit awkward for me to change my post with the events that happened. Furthermore, you guys have more plotlines going on than I can follow at the moment. So -shrug-. @ Choco, :'3 Ok. <3)
  2. (It's still problematic, Laura, from the fact that my post is kind of in limbo right now. Whether or not Jess's character decided to come along. So... D:... -waiting on Choco... )
  3. (Since my last post was like... on page ten, and it's getting to be about page 20. I'm going to withdraw from the rp - I can't continue being this far out of the loop and not having any interaction with anyone else. I wouldn't be able to rp with ya'll. Thanks for havin' me. :3 )
  4. ( Choco, I mean about the post I already made. Jess hasn't replied in here in a long time and my post was all about that... As for the rest of them, 1) John is good. John thinks your character is a spy for the metal weaver world - so to him your character is the bad one. 2) Nah, not ready for that. 3) Juliet for now is chillin' at the fam's place. I had an idea for a follow up post to my other one whenever Jess replied... but I think I'm going to have to trash it if I can't go any further from there.)
  5. (I can't post until Jess does, so when you do 'invade' the earth world... be prepared to run for it. >:'D Seeing as the earth world is none too happy. )
  6. ( I haven't seen Kei reply ever in this rp. So I dunno... -pokes Jess- ;_____; )
  7. (Did Jess disappear? O':! Or did I make her mad? ;___; <3 )
  8. (-sigh- Also I apologize to Jess for a little bit of... Meh... powerplaying -cries- I'll remove it if need be... Also this is kinda short and sweet.) It wasn't until he had reached Crystaella, who had been hiding around beneath the stars nearly sixty feet away from the willow tree that he noticed that the pulse of one of the necklaces was extremely close to the willow tree. Extremely – it bothered him so much that when he looked up, he could see something, a red burst of flame and two figures standing in what looked to be a doorway near the tree's side. It was amazing, almost otherworldly. Then the necklace itself completely disappear from this world, it's silence immediately crushed his hopes. It was a sign. The two people jumped through the doorway and the door closed behind them, cutting off his view of the red world. The sign.. was war. People, warriors half dressed scrambled out of their tents. He could see them crowding around the willow tree, a few pointing and mostly a few screaming and yelling about how fire was needed to smelt the metal. John crumpled to his knees, stunned at the audacity to declare war on the Earth world. It was the biggest slap in the face for the Earth world, not only had two strangers come into the land, they'd left just as quickly after interrogations. How could they not be spies? His mask clanked to the ground, his body leaned forward on his knees bowing his head. “How could you not realize the worlds are not your own to trample in on as you please?” He whispered, balling over, his fists pressed into the ground. “This place is supposed to be peaceful! Nothing like this should ever happen!” He slammed his fists into the ground once, cracking it. “Why?” He slammed his fists into the ground again. “WHY?” He did it again. “Why would you help the metal weavers?” He didn't have anything related to him to make him feel like it was hopeless. There had only been a few families who had been affected by the Metal weaver's skirmishes. But yet, he still was angry. He was angry that for as much as the Earth world was told that they had been the ones who essentially helped the Metal Weavers jump from world to world, that these two would do it immediately. John never felt so self-justified in believing that the people from other world had just used the Earth world as a scapegoat for their problems, and now he had the proof. All it took were two girls from another world. He wiped his eyes, smearing the makeup around his nose. His mind was quiet, his emotions were upset and in that moment he promised to never again help anyone who dared to help the Metal weavers. It was not that the Earth world were against the other worlds, the Earth world was against being used and then treated as if they had been the whole cause of the wars. The finger pointing should have stopped a long time ago. He dug his fingers into the earth, and that's when he noticed her. The necklace that still pulsed on the land. He turned and looked, spotting her in the distance. She was being hackled out by people screaming, grouping around her. They were pointing at the willow tree; the noise was a mixture of English and earth world's language. He could understand them. They were scared. The world that they knew... the world that they had come to love, has just been invaded, spied upon, and now was doomed to be attacked. He winced, the interrogation officer would be expected to drop his rank. These people didn't seem to care about how their action affected the rest of the world. Crystaella was up before he was, before he realized that she had already sensed his wishes. She had burrowed her way through the crowd of bodies (not that it was hard to move them, but it was hard to keep from stepping on them). It didn't take her long to reach the girl, who's expression he couldn't make out in the half light of torches and the moonlight. Crystaella scooped her up with a claw and bounded with three legs over to John, who picked up his mask and got to one knee. “We... talk... now.” His English was broken, but his intense feeling wasn't. It didn't take long before the other people started chasing after them. A few of them were already calling for dragons. He swept up onto his feet in a fluid motion, something so unlike the earth world's stance. He pulled the earth in anger, he could feel it hardening and cracking like his own emotions. He raised his hands, and then slammed them down stopping them at his waist. The ground had pulled itself up at first, into a mound. Then it has been pushed so far down that the pressure had caused a large barrier to be created between the people and John, the girl, and Crystaella. It wouldn't last long against earth weavers. They were already starting to break down the wall. Crystaella put the girl down, on her feet, and crouched down allowing them to have access to her back for flight. He turned toward her, and inserted the mask onto his face and the tongue depressor into his mouth. He caught a glimpse of the necklace itself around her neck. He slowly grabbed it, and lessened the pulse to some degree so that he would have to feel the heat of it. He hopped up onto Crystaella back, just as a boulder soared by them crashing in front of Crystaella missing her by a few feet. If that wasn't motivation to go, he didn't know what was. He grabbed onto one of Crystaella many spikes and leaned over with a hand wide open waiting for her to take it.
  9. (John doesn't have the key on him. I assumed that you would need the key to have the telepathy. ... -sighs- )
  10. (Now to read... four pages of stuff and... No iz waiting on me. D:<) The fat man had divided the room in half, using a thick barrier wall from the entrance to the stone table. It was normal to see a interrogation split in such a way. Both girls, from what he spotted before the wall was in place had woken up and were moving around. The other side seemed to have more problems with trying to fix the ever cracking walls of the stone prison than he and the green ribboned girl. The girl who's prison he was watching, she'd woken up first but had spoken in languages that he didn't quite understand. He recognized the second one as English, a universal language to all the worlds. But John hadn't taken up the language past a very beginners step and really hadn't exercises the grammar or the vocabulary necessary to speak with people in the other worlds. Secretly, it was a fault of his that kept him from really joining the higher ranks; even though publicly he decided not to join out of political respect. He gritted his teeth, wishing he'd spent more time again on the language than what he had originally. The girl seemed worried, from his viewpoint as he changed out the walls again, about something that was inside the prison itself besides her. The fat man had started with the other room. He could barely make out the man's voice as the girl's seemed to be getting louder with each language change. It was soon apparent that the fat man had finished interrogating the other girl because he had gone quiet silent. Eerily silent, John for almost half a second forgot what he was doing in worry. But he instead of trying to pull down the wall to see what was going on, readjusted and added more of a foundation to the girl's prison. He didn't wait for very long the fat man appeared on the other side of the table and was writing something on a piece of parchment. He looked a little frustrated, but otherwise had a calm face. It must be hard to be an interrogator... though John as he awaited what would happen next. -- The Fat man had started in the Earth Language, asking questions like: "Where are you from?" "What is your name?" "What are your plans for here?" "How did you get here?" and other such related questions. John almost felt his heart drop into his stomach when the girl didn't respond at all to that language. It would have been so much easier if the girl had just been an earth weaver who had accidentally wandered into the wrong area... well that didn't explain nearly half the things about her... like the large tattoo that he could see running down what little her neck was sticking out. It didn't take long for the fat man to switch to another language and John immediately recognized it and stiffened. The Metal Weaver's language sounded similar to metal being formed - a mixture of clicking and words that were drawn out with a higher sound emphasis. John gritted his teeth lightly, while the Metal Weavers had never done anything to his family, he still blamed them for the predicament that the Earth World was in politically with the other worlds. It didn't take long for the Fat man to narrow his repertoire to two languages to converse in with the girl. The first was some other language that the girl had originally spoke in when she'd woken up. The other was English and his broken understanding lead to very little insight as to what was happening. The fat man looked up at one point in time, during the interrogation and had John and the ribboned girl change the type of prison that the girl was in. It was a type of holding prison that was used on the battle field for people who need surgery but the medical staff didn't have any numbing solutions. It looked more like a reclining chair. First they took off off all four of the walls, and gently angled her, using the thick inside of the prison as a method of moving her body without her doing it herself. Her legs (once she was angled to a sitting position) were encased in the hard rock while her torso from her was up was free. The sides of the chair however, were uniquely pulled out into flaps that if were pushed toward her would encase her. The Fat man continued to question her and when she showed him something he nodded and waved his hand in a gesture that remind John of someone patting someone else's back. It didn't take long after that for the interrogation to be finalized. The fat man broke the wall down and gathered with the other high leaders to fill them in on what was the final result of the interrogation outside of the tent. Even though he had tested the two girls for the Earth world language he had not been sure that they did not understand it. John impatiently waited beside the makeshift chair prison. One hand resting on the flap and the other resting on the back of the chair. He felt the little atoms of the rock moving gently. Tugging at his awareness of them, John almost dazed off but was interrupted by the fat man returning. He was carrying two stone necklaces that were known by the way that they felt to all the earth weavers. The stone encased a very special kind of crystal. One that had been buried in the earth for many, many year and had been subjected to volcanic activity at the core of the world. These stones vibrated at such a high rate that they almost pulsed with a heated tingle. He handed the stones over to each side and told them to place the necklace around the two girls as tracking devices. He switched to their language and told them what the stones were for and why the stones were being placed on their bodies. They were to be freed, allowed to roam as they liked in the Earth world, but they were not allowed to leave the world. It had been a mistake to put the Earth world or any world for that matter in jeopardy of an attack by allowing themselves to be carried between worlds. The tone was somber as the stones were placed around the two girl's necks. John could feel the vibration tingling at his shoulders. They weren't hurt, but they would be marked by the entire society of the Earth world as strangers and prisoner-guests of this world. Nor would they be exactly free, the guard had doubled around the Tree to see if there were any other people who would cross the borders of the worlds. In the end, both girls were freed from their prisons, cleaned off and were given more earth-looking clothes. By that time, John had already been freed of his duty to watch the girls and had already been trying to find Crystaella who had somehow managed to wander farther off the tented area than he wanted. He frowned, though no one could see with the mask covering his face. He just wanted to go home, forget what happened, and not worry about this for the rest of his life. But he was spotted by the other people who had guarded the other girl in the tent. They flagged him down and had already pulled off most of their traditional make up and were carrying around their mask in their hands. "Hey!" John waved, and moved over to them as they called him. He was not going to take off his mask because it would be inappropriate as someone who still was in full uniform. "Did your girl have a key too?" John shook his head no to their question. "Awww... Our girl had some stupid key. She said that it was for..." the one paused.... then held up his free hand wiggling his fingers... "crossing the worlds." The two guys grinned at each other... then laughed heartily about it. John caught himself grinning too... until he remembered... the key... in the mountains... He snapped back to attention and lifted his mask in such away that would free his mouth from the tongue depressor but not uncover his face - the proper way of speaking when spoken to. "The girl I was watching just had a tattoo, but that's it." The two guys looked a little disappointed, but they weren't staying around to chat. It was late - dark even outside the camps lighted area. John sighed and waved them away. As he placing his mask back on, he felt a tingle of heat but ignored it. He wasn't going to bother with dealing with anything related to what had occurred in the tents. Or at least he'd hoped not to. Maybe they'd seen the guys together and had guessed they were being made fun of? John knew girls were sensitive to such things.... Who am I kidding? I am not that important that they would follow me around...Why am I so self-important? He sighed and replaced his mask the proper way and continued to look for his dragon on foot. (I'm assuming here that you need to have the key to have the telepathy... since John doesn't have the key, he can't receive any calls... LOL!! He needs an answering machine.... ROFLMAO. )
  11. (Sorry for my really, really delayed reply. My computer died on me... So I will have to get type my next post in a couple of days... And NOT to be OVERSTEPPING MY BOUNDARIES HERE... buut, I'm seeing exceedingly way too many one liners in the last couple o' pages. If you guys are so -excited- to get to page 10, you should at least put that energy into making a paragraph... buuut I'm not the boss here. I will say, those who don't put any effort into their replies (at least towards my character) will be ignored. I don't want to be bored with one sentence replies after I write even two paragraphs towards furthering the rp (not that I have been writing only two... but you get what I mean). And I ain't trying to be cruel or harsh or anything like that. Maybe a bit rude... buuuut like I said I ain't the boss. So I'm not going to be like ignoring important details... >____>; But I will ignore 'convo' bits or extraneous BS posting (-cough- hope that wasn't too blunt) for the sake of making the thread longer. Just saying, yo'! If the boss can make a paragraph (or more... >:'D) just my feeling that everyone else should match her length... ya know? <3333333333 -tough love with a side of I'm sorry for being so rude? But I luv ya?- )
  12. ( -nod,nod at Jess- Mmhmm... :'D I'm tempted to add on to how it's being handled in the next post so hopefully it'll be ok. Basically I'm hoping to get a pretty groovy thing going on in the next post since we're all on the same page. <3 @ Choco, 12 rps?! Good god girl! I can't even handle three running at the same time. How do you do that? )
  13. (Actually not two different interrogation tents, just one big one [since we (earth weavers) only have one multiple language speaker in the military... oh noes I gaves it away]. But I'm sure it'll be ok either way. I'll wait till everyone gets on the same page during this. Though, not to be risking my own neck for getting kicked out of the rp, but Dieben has every right (well, all of us do ) to complain if the OP isn't reading all of the posts. Especially if the OP is participating with a particular bunch of rpers. (Not saying that you weren't reading them, just making a comment in general) I realize that my posts are -ehm- large, but meh. I love... to rp? )
  14. ( :/ I figured ya'll would have caught up to that since my other post already stated that you'd been captured. x/ )
  15. The brush swept over his eyebrows, down the sides of his nose ending just before the tip. The ceremony of the war paint concluded with a slight powdering of the brows, straighting any loose hairs into a perfectly formed line. He'd already gone through the hair portion, the way one's hair was parted showed one's rank. His hair was parted starting over his right eye at an angle going right and then it jagged to the left. The rest of his thin brown hair was pulled back into a leather binding that served to keep his hair out of his face. It denoted that he was of a lower rank and had not achieved the right to speak unless spoken to. This was also mirrored by the mask he wore, which only stayed in place because his teeth had to hold onto a small tongue depressor that was built in to the back of the mask. The top of the mask stopped just over his top lip, so he could breath out his nose, and hovered an inch or two below his face. It was made of a mixture of stone, melted and smelted together, and wood, used to keep him in silence. That way the only time he could speak was to remove the mask from his mouth. The rest of his armor was similar to the rest of the Earth Weaver Warriors. Underneath all their armor, each warrior wore a specific comfortable cloth shirt that prevented sores, and helped to keep sweat from being absorbed by the leather. Each layer was a brown color, growing lighter as each layer was applied onto each other. They wore a typical styled leather Gorget that the collar had been raised to brace the back of their necks and provide stability and a bit of protection from weaponry. The bottom of the gorget that spread nearly to his shoulders and dipped just far enough down to covered his collarbone as well as some of his upper chest. After that, a leather lorica segmentata was placed over top of his gorget. The Lorica Segmentata was made of several long strips of leader. These strips varied in size and were laid one over the other down his shoulders to his arms to about the middle of his bicep. The top sections were hammered together with wooden pegs and were braced on the inside of the arrangement with two small wooden rods. Around his midsection, six layers of overlapping leather strips were tied and corded in a cross-cross fashioned right over his stomach. These two sections were connected by a grouping of belts that were both in front and in back. He wore around his hips a leather tasset that were the same color of his lorica segmentata. This tasset was held in place by a leather belt that had been hooked to the dark brown colored cotton pants which had been the same color as his shirt. These pants were laced by reinforced leather greaves. Of course the pants didn't reach past the ankles of the warriors just in case they would have gotten in the way of an Earth Weaver's feet. It was a necessary connection that an Earth Weaver needed to have. Ready, and prepared for battle (if that so became the situation), John hurried to the launching pad. From what he understood, several tents had been set up around the willow tree before the darkness had fallen on the Earth world. These tents hosted the two prisoners who as some the story had been froze several of the capturers by touch. It frightened him that they could be so powerful as to freeze a man in his tracks. The two girls had been imprisoned in the typical rock formation block style - basically their heads were the only thing stick out of the block. There wasn't any danger to the two girls bodies because the inside of the block was specially designed to be soft against the body but too thick to allow a lot of movement with in it. But the blocks themselves had to be reconstructed every twenty or so minutes because the girls kept freezing and cracking the stone prisons. "Well Crystaella, this will be interesting..." he sighed as he pushed the mask against his face and the tongue depressor in his mouth. He gently clamped down, and proceeded to climb the massive dragon. Switching to thought conversation... he sent the thought to her. She nodded, her voice was heavy and thick in his head, Thought conversation engaged, confirmation of thought processing. This was the standard practice. It was necessary that each earth weaver had a specific thought wave channel between the dragon and the person. It would be most difficult for many people to be shouting at the same time on the same thought wave channel. Confirmed. What do you think these people are? Intruders? Crystaella snorted and flapped her wings two or three times preparing for flight. I doubt these two are intruders. But I doubt that they will stay for very long. The Earth World has no need for new visitors nor does it need to be the middle ground for the worlds to defend upon. He paused quietly as she got into the sky, soaring quickly among the fading light and clouds. She wasn't wrong, the Earth World had taken the greatest hit among all the other worlds in so much as it's reputation was completely shattered with the other worlds. That bred mistrust and hatred among the earth weavers who were left to picked pieces of their pride and salvage what they had left to deal with. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - John was allowed into the tent where the prisoners would be held for interrogation. Mostly because they needed people who would be able to hold and remake the blocks that held the prisoner but also because he was the most trained in his rank (and the oldest). There had been several people who were higher ranks would only help out if he and the other three people failed to hold the block. Two people were assigned to one prisoner in order to keep their strengths. Each team was place on the sides of the door, so that when the prisoners were brought in they could immediately take over the job. A table had been set up and supposedly someone who spoke other languages from other worlds would be coming in to help with the interrogation. John waited patiently on his side of the door, as he mind searched for Crystaella. She was lying out in front of the large willow tree, underneath the darkness. He was interrupted by a noise as several high ranking officials came into the room and gathered around the table. They chatted among themselves quietly, and then a small older looking fellow who was quiet pleasantly plump stumbled in the room carrying books, papers, and other assorted bits. He barely looked at the high ranking officials as he pushed past them and shoved the items onto the table. “There, now... tell them to bring in the girl.” He said to the closest official, with his hands on his hips smiling at the door. John and the green ribboned girl both mirrored the defensive positions that the other two had, and immediately the presence of heavy rock and soil was thrust toward them. It took twenty minutes, each time the oppression of the rock pushed down upon them until John stretched out his will and cradled the front of the rock prison. He and the other girl pulled and pushed the rock prison around to their side of the room, and then pressed it into the ground with force. He could see and hear the ice cracking the stone near the bottom of the rock. Together with the girl, they braced the bottom with an entirely new block layer and thick extra coating of soil around the sides just for extra measure. Then they positioned themselves on either side of the rock prison, their feet touching very near to the stone prison, waiting the sense of any disruption of the soil. The other side had mirrored the same movements. “Now let's begin!” The man said cheerily, and then began to speak in tongues that John had never even heard before in his life. (>__> Hahahahaha)
  16. ( :'D Yes you'll be captured soon. -dances- Give me a couple of hours to type up my response at work. -spins delightfully- )
  17. (DF writes more.... and more...) As John was browsing, Juliet quietly came up next to him and calmly waited for him to finish looking. Patience was very good quality for the women of the Earth world, especially if the women did not bear the pale green ribbons in their hair. Only women who had fought or were trained to be warriors against the Metal Weavers could wear the ribbons. They were most highly respected out of all the world, and most sought after by the men of the Earth world. Even he was more attracted to women who had the pale green ribbons than girls who did not, it was a sign of honor and beauty. Juliet was not a warrior; she had not been trained to fight. She was essentially less than the green ribbon women, but at least she was quiet, patient, and didn't talk back to anyone especially her elder men. That was the respectful way of the Earth weaver society. Women who were loud, outspoke, attempting to be dominating, and more often that not hot tempered were looked down upon and were shunned for their behavior. It was unfashionable. He picked up a few books that were about techniques used by other world weavers, mostly about the night world. He'd been fascinated by their world of darkness and within that darkness they were completely unseen. It was mysterious, and interesting. Just as he was getting ready to pay for the items that Juliet and he'd chosen suddenly a young boy shoved his way through the door, shouting to the Book Keeper about two intruders having been found at the Ancient Willow tree. “Now... what is all this fuss, Bobby?” The old man's teeth whistled gently as he spoke, taking the money from John's hands. “A couple of girls had been... spotted! Near the Willow tree! They say they've captured them in stone blocks to keep them from getting away!” The boy was quivering with enthusiasm. “Do you think it's the Metal Weavers here to gather people to join them? Scouting trips?” The old man was pretty quick and threw a rolled piece of newspaper at the boy's face, smacking him right on the nose. “Don't talk that way sonny! If they are Metal Weavers, the Earth World forces will take care of them and they sure won't be recruiting any of our people to help their nasty cause. Now git out of here with your crazy talk!” The boy stamped his foot and toss the paper on the counter next to John's hand. John painfully kept his eyes on the counter as he picked up Juliet and his things and received his change throughout the conversation. If they had found Metal Weavers... if they had been here to recruit... John bit his lip as he stepped over the threshold Juliet following his steps. “Juliet, go home.” John said as she got onto the whiptail, riding sidesaddle. “I know. I'll tell your mother and your sisters what happened.” She said as she was handed the items that they'd bought. “Yes. Thank you. Remember to ask mother if you can stay the night so you don't have to go home.” She nodded and tucked her items underneath her arms as she directed her dragon away from John and Crystaella. John watched until she was out of town and over the closest hill next to his house. “Well...” He sighed as he climbed up onto Crystaella's back. “I guess I got to get dressed for battle then.” He pulled off his cap and tucked it underneath his armpit. It would fly away with her speed. She maneuvered to the flight deck that was in the middle of the city, then flew to the nearest armory tower... (Short because I'm still trying to decide what type of armor I'm going to put on my character. >__>; )
  18. (Landing next to a 'large willow' kinda gave it away that she was in the earth world, and her OOC bubble was about me. <3 But I can definitely see where you were coming from thinking she was in the woods on the modern world. Though she was in the water world which is next to the earth world... ACK I made a mistake you'll have to go through air and fire's worlds to get the Earth world. !)
  19. (Lol everyone's confused. Ok so, right now, C-girl, Jess, and I character are all in the Earth world. I wanted to wait a post or two before my character met up with C-girl and Jess's, so that their characters could get used to the newness of an earth based world. I mean have they ever seen dry dirt or plant life? How is the air quality different in a higher elevation that sea level? They stand out like sore thumbs with their clothing compared with the fashions of the earth world (which I've made to be cerca 40s-50s modern world). Draco's was in the Earth world but then went back into the fire world where she came from. Lore's in the Air world. Dieben yours is in the Modern for now, and someone else is in the night world (pardon me for not being straight with who is there) That's what's going on right now. Please people read carefully everyone else's posts. It's important to the story line to know where you are and where everyone else is relative to you. Especially time distances, once someone 'finds' a door they have to find the way into the next world (obviously Draco knows where the door to her world is cause she was in the fire world first). And there's still a couple of people who haven't posted yet. I know I'm a nag. )
  20. (DF doesn't plan on having her characters meeting up with your character right away, so don't plan on that happening. And DF is writing her post, it's taking her a while. DF is talking in third person.) -- (Edit: and -cough, cough- ) John watched through the corner of his eye as Juliet and Vigateopateu cuddled together; Juliet on Vigateopateu 's hind legs rubbing his side. Juliet was only twelve and she'd already grown a full dragon. He had always been slightly jealous of how naturally her dragon and her fit together. Crystaella took a long time to get used to John being her master and friend, mostly because she was so independent. He looked over the rest of the valley, the whole valley seemed to be covered with various stone buildings but more importantly it breathed of life. He to the right to see Crystaella flopped over various rocks, sunning herself. Her great body breathing in and out slowly, it was so rhythmic that it was perfectly hypnotic. If it wasn't for the vibration of Vigateopateu's purr, John surely would have stay staring at Crystaella for a long time. He turned his face toward the valley, resting his chin on his knee as he sat down on the edge of the hill. This place was quiet, peaceful for the most part. It wasn't that he disliked anyone here that he found the weight of the responsibility a burden, it was the fact that the rest of the worlds (for the exception of the Metal World) had glared upon them for trying to keep the peace. In the end, the Earth world was just as ravaged as the rest of the worlds, causing almost complete destruction of the social system. Any pieces of metal were now burned and reduced to absolutely nothing. He sighed briefly, and leaned back resting his body weight on his elbows, relieving his knee from the pressure of his chin. What was he going to do? He agreed that the other worlds should be punished for pushing a lot of the blame on the Earth world, but he also could see their point. The Earth world should have been at the forefront to shield the rest of the worlds. That's what the Earth world was good at creating, shields. But the echo of the cries “We are not the worlds' armor! We are not the worlds' martyrs,” screamed in his head. Was he that much of a pacifist? He didn't want conflict nor did he want to have to end up becoming the protection for a world that in the end would only blame him. He still was unsure of how he would handle meeting a metal weaver. Five hundred years of peace had only placed a bigger burden on the Earth World to 'step up.' He could only imagine what it was like for the cloud world which was the closest world to the Metal world. He felt a small pang of sympathy, it must be hard on the cloud people to exist to just impending evil. “Let's head back, Juliet.” He leaning back further to catch another glance at the glorious sunlight and beautiful pale blue sky. “Sure.” She said merrily. Juliet was without question one of the most obedient and humble girls of this world. She will surely marry into a good family and produce many children for this world. The thoughts rolled off his brain easily as he stood up. He only wished that he could say the same for his own future. He whistled at Crystaella as Juliet climbed off the whiptail. Crystaella perked her head up for a couple of seconds, and then rested her head back down on the ground where she'd just been. He frowned and whistled again, this time a little more persistant. Crystaella opened one eye and then closed it, rolling completely over so now he was looking at her spins. Juliet was already laughing and John felt a pinch of anger, but stifled it. “Fine then Crystaella, I'll leave you here. You can come back when you want.” He said, hoping up in the air and slamming his bare feet into the ground pushing up a piece of rock that was edged underneath to cut through the ground and flat on the surface so he could ride on it without an issue. Juliet mirrored his actions, her dragon was already running away from them now. They wouldn't catch up with the dragon's speed, but the whiptail would eventually stop to wait for them. Crystaella murmured something, and John pushed of the side of the hill, using his weight to keep balance on the moving rock. It didn't take long for Crystaella to finally feel the need to come after them, she flew above them and would beat them back to Iron Frost, the town that John lived and worked at. Iron Frost was at least fifteen to twenty miles away from the Willow Tree, and pretty much away from any of the other cities that existed in the valley. It was a fortress of sorts, but boasted several merchant trading routes, which was convenient for many people to come and sell wares. Iron Frost was a fairly important city to the economy of the Earth world. It also supported the weapon designs for the Earth army, shields and maces or hammers which were used in combination with the Earth weaver's ability to cause earthquakes. John and Juliet made it to the outskirts of the city within six minutes of leaving one of the many plains that covered the valley in coarse grass and hosted good soil. Juliet slipped off the rock before he did, cracking it with a light tap of her heel on the surface. She broke the rock down enough to pass it through the top layer of the soil, providing better nutrients. John did something a little differently, he balanced himself at the very end of the sheet, then just as he approached a building's wall, he slowed the rock down with his ability. He hopped off the rock, and began to slice it down and added it to the building reinforcing it. A shop owner peeked out a window and waved thanks. It was a common thing to have people who rode in larger sheets of rock to reinforce buildings or help in other ways using the rock. “Ready?” John said turning towards Juliet as both dragons approached, Crystaella landing and Vigateopateu bounding around Juliet. Juliet wasn't even the least bit dirty, while he had a fine layers of dust and dirt covering that he brushed off absentmindedly. Yes she'll make a good wife and will bring honor to our family. I just wish I could do the same. Iron Frost's streets were big enough to let the dragon's through without issue. They weren't paved but coated in a very fine sandy mud that was cool, but didn't stick to your feet. It helped cool the city down and was easier for people to walk around on their bare feet. His eyes wandered over the various stores and merchants who were saying they had gotten the latest trinkets from the other worlds. Suddenly Juliet snatched her cousin's hand and carried him off to the bookstore. Once inside, John sighed as the two dragons had to wait impatiently outside. He waved an apology through a window, to which Crystaella's response was to snort and fog up the window with her breath. He began to look around himself, as Juliet started to gather many books off of various shelves. It wouldn't be long before they would need to go home, John supposed Juliet could stay with his sisters for the night. John knew that his father needed to discuss something with him, and John could only think of how much he'd been told recently about moving up in the ranks. That would be all he need, Juliet had already commented on it today and to have his father bring it up with force would really test his reserves on his patience. It was almost as bad as having his Grandmother try to give him something that should not have come to him, something that he didn't deserve. He'd stuffed it somewhere around the mountains, the box that contained a humming key...
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