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    Current Wishlist~

    Gold Prize, Male, Female
    Silver Prize, Male, Female
    Bronze Prize, Male, Female
    Purple Dino
    Yellow Dino
    Red Dino

    Specific Lineages

    Embe rX Magma Checkerboard; Generations 3rd and Above.
    Black X White Stairstep; Generations 4th and Above. MIGHT accept 3rd.
    Even Gen Terrae from Harvest X Terrae checkerboard.

    I love pretty lineages. If there's one you don't want, they are welcome on my scroll. :3

    What can I offer?

    Something that appears to be popular so far is a Second Generation Pillow from Pillow X Rosebud. I have a pair that produces successfully everyday.

    I also have several other even-gens on my scroll. If you see something you like on my scroll, feel free to PM me to breed it for you. I'm a nice person, usually. C: