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  1. ... Not again. My sims froze just from installing the stupid inteenimator for pets and everything went wrong and the plumbbob is flashing for teens, adults, and elders and I know this because I tested Don Lothario and his plumbbob flashed and his walk action disappeared and he is stuck and now I can't do anything because when my children grow up I can't move them anymore and everything will vanish from the queue so I can't use the agesimscheat. Why can't my computer handle more than ten pieces of cc? And yeah, it's definitely the cc causing the issue because when I removed it, everything was running fine. ~Cavey
  2. -I'll turn into a bad person and beat the crap outta him. (Him is some idiot who makes cruel, disturbing jokes about kittens. Hate him.) -Cancer! My aunt died from it and I'm afraid I'll be the one to get it as well. She eventually started losing control of her limbs and had to die. -I'll get pregnant at, like, 13. That would not be pleasant. -A huge fire started by the stupid drought sweeps through my house, and I'm the only one to make it out alive, my cats and family burned to death. (This one makes me a little closer to them.) -My cats get cancer. That would be torture to me. -My computer breaks from playing Sims. My dad would kill me. ~Cavey
  3. I'm not much of a jokester But I do like pulling off this fun one. There's a small piece of wall by our stairs, so I hide behind it. When my sister starts coming up I shout BOO. Scares the crap out of her. And how do you pull off the hand in water trick? (One of those I wanna know for the sake of knowing.) ~Cavey
  4. It's for Sims 3, but it's not in sims3pack, it's in package and it doesn't show up. The downloaded dress isn't in CAS and the beds aren't in Buy Mode. I used UnRarX--turned them into white pages--and dumped them in the folder but it doesn't show up in-game. My Sims 2 content is working perfectly (yay for awesome terrains and an awesome dress by my favorite creator, fakepeeps7). It's just weird... ~Cavey
  5. Don't type boolprop useshaders true in the cheat console of TS2 on a crappy graphics card. I tried and the ground went red. Oops. I've got the photo but I'll post it later. (btw the red ground was kinda like the flashing blue glitch except with red...) ~Cavey
  6. AAAAAARGH. STUPID CUSTOM CONTENT. Okay, so you know that when cc is properly installed, it shows as a gray box? Mine are just showing up as blank white pages, not showing in my launcher (AT ALL) and UnRarXing it ten million times has made NOTHING work. This means I can't download anything and my sister has to give it to me. Oh come ON...no fun hacks for me. Anyone know how to make them gray boxes? ~Cavey
  7. Well, we have a new kitten. We haven't decided on the spelling of her name, but I'll refer to her as Alex (even though it's not her name spelling). Aaaaaaaaaaaaand Widget is totally angry at her. Hissing and following her, so I scooped Alex up and she's in my lap now. I love lap kitties. She's black and white, and her nose has a slight trace of pink. Her paws and belly are white and she has a white streak across her nose leather. She's so cute. ~Cavey
  8. A graphics card. I have a Mac with an NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics chip (aka integrated graphics) and I play Sims games. But my Mac doesn't have a card slot. GRR. ~Cavey
  9. *breathes sigh of relief* Sims 2 runs perfectly on this machine. No jerky motions and no gapSims. The graphics are crappy but that's because Sim/Object Detail was low. I've now put it to high. I think I'll install Uni tomorrow. The loading times are like two seconds, and the camera and switching Sims is so much smoother. ~Cavey
  10. Now that just made me MAD. I'm a tween and you could run a lot of my posts here through spellcheck and you would barely find anything wrong. Shut up, you adults. When you speak to us tweens like that you're no better than us. I don't play Mature games because my parents don't allow it, but I play a Teen game (yes, my parents allow it even though I'm underage) and honestly, I'm not really affected by the mild (VERY mild) violence. There's a elementary kid I know who plays Half Life. He's not very violent (unless you count acting like a monkey violent.). I'm just...irritated, sorry if I hurt any adult's feelings. ~Cavey
  11. theHPfreak died because I made her a Sim and made myself a Sim and hit her with a baseball in the head. ~Cavey
  12. Bunk beds (that one is awesome for tiny houses) and loft beds, strollers, a costume chest, some new furniture (televisions, chairs, dressers etc.), pranks which are pure win, Nurturing and Rebellious traits, sleeping bags, pillow fighting, memories, dates, new cars, midlife crisis, Imaginary Friends (those things never leave the darn Sim alone...grr...), grounding, time outs, banning of using an object...and that's about all I can remember. Oh, and there are some new hairstyles and clothing in Create A Sim, too. Once you give me the graphics card or chip you have I can confirm whether or not you can run it. Do not do not do not do not do not do NOT run Sims 3 on a GMA 8xx/9xx chip because my old crap computer had a GMA 950 (the X's are random numbers) and if I attempted to run Sims 3 on it, that thing would result in a crash, colors going weird, multiple gaps in the Sims, and a ton of missing graphics...yeah, that's pretty much what happened when I last played Sims 2 Pets on that crap. Except it didn't crash and the colors didn't go weird. But my water looked kinda blocky in neighborhood view there. And $ins, can we please quit arguing? We both have our own opinions, and honestly I think just having a Mac with a card slot, ordering a card and just quickly replacing it is faster...but let's just stop arguing. ~Cavey
  13. My dad would kill me for bringing a gaming Windows in this house. Yes, he hates them that much. And actually, I think Macs tend to be better because some Macs have card slots that allow you to swap out the graphics card. Wow, that was off topic. I was just wondering because in Sims 2 on my old crapMac I'd maxed out Sim/Object Detail to get those ugly paddle hands out of the way (bad idea on that crappy thing! ><). I'm so glad EA completely cut away the paddle hands in Sims 3. I've had several cases where I'll be panning the camera around Twinbrook or Sunset Valley, go back to the house, and the Sims are made of a bunch of boxes. I think that's just a matter of zooming back too fast, though. Not the computer itself. ~Cavey
  14. Um. Pink, your laptop will probably end up going kablam at some point. My sister once ran The Sims 2 Double Deluxe with FreeTime, Pets, University, and a ton of other expansions (she didn't have BV or AL though) on a Windows laptop. And guess what happened? BAM. The thing had to be taken and replaced with a different Windows, the one that began crashing and eventually died. I told you that Windows suck. But my Mac is starting to explode...shoot. (But my crapMac--yes that piece of old wires is still in the house--looks tiny compared to this! ) But how do Sims look when they have Sim Detail maxed? My computer definitely can't handle having that maxed. (Stupid onboard graphics...) ~Cavey
  15. Blueish greenish grayish. Yes, I have some really odd eyes. The color tends to come out more when I'm wearing something colorful, though. Oh wow I used the rolleyes smiley in the Eyes thread. ~Cavey
  16. Can you give me some information on your graphics card? That's the main thing I need, because otherwise I can't help you. You also need to post your computer kind--I assume you're on a Windows, so you need to tell me if you're on a Vista, 7 or XP. You do seem to have enough RAM for a Windows, though. Oh, and just so you know, that miiiiiight be able to run the base game without a core, but TS3 tends to run better with one. Oh, and if you get the game, install it and everything looks like http://www.modthesims.info/showthread.php?t=405441 that, either you're unsupported with your graphics device (do not use a graphics chip and install both Ambitions and Generations; I have them and my game is dying...) or you're using an ATI card. Oh--I wouldn't recommend getting World Adventures if your computer can run it, because several people have reported Sims missing during the game. I saw it at a store and was slightly tempted but didn't get it. Just so you know. *shrugs* And laptops are really bad for Sims because that game requires a lot of polygons and a ton of shading and stuff. Don't run it on a laptop without expecting several crashes. :/ (What do you mean by slightly glitched expert? ) ~Cavey
  17. Aye aye aye, I forgot that the Steel Bladder one stops Bladder from moving. My bad. *facepalm* Okay, I'm getting really concerned. I don't know if my computer is supported for TS3 and all those patches. I haven't played in days because I don't want my graphics chip to die. In map view my streets are blurry and I've noticed several gaps in Sims. Unsupported or just the patch's fault, making those appear? <:/ And all of my graphics options are at medium except for Reflections, which is turned off completely. I can't play TS2 right now because it's not patched and it's too dangerous running it unpatched. Urk... ~Cavey
  18. Layn, getting those rewards doesn't completely stop the bars from moving. I can say this for a fact. It just decreased slower. Did you try resetSim, Ali'i? And Pink? Can I just say that I don't know which to download because on my old crapMac my sister got me the December 07 patch and I am so confused. D:< ~Cavey
  19. What in the flying blue birds is Milkshape? Is that a Windows program? Because if it is I think I'm out of luck. Oh, Google got me a patch for Mac, but there are like three. The only other Sim related things were no-CD cracks. (Those things are lies, apparently.) I don't know which to download...December 07 patch, Combo or regular? *facepalm* ~Cavey
  20. Okay, new issue. I downloaded a Sims 2 patch to find out it was a .exe file (remember--I'm on a Mac, Macs can't read those!) and can't find a patch for Mac. I need one soon, I really want to play. Help? Oh yeah, and I'm messing with Body Shop and realized that I need to check the poly count, how do I do that? ~Cavey
  21. *mimes gagging* Ewww! I would've been all "ew, AAA WTH IS THAT GET THAT OFF ME EWW EWW EWW" and probably would've shaken my arms. Yes, I am kind of squeamish, why do you ask? Oh yeah, got another. Mold. Moldy strawberries and brownies, and a squishy nearly-black banana. I have to convince my mom to clean up the food in this house. Ewww. *gags* There were also two completely black bananas too. ...I feel kind of back there remembering it. XP ~Cavey
  22. Valve can't count to thre-- *shot* Sorry, couldn't resist. Anyway, Portal 2 is awesome...but I want to go back for Wheatley. He seemed genuinely sorry. I want some repulsion gel to pour in the teacher's lounge at school. That would be hilarious. /offtopic ~Cavey
  23. Cat was playing with her feces. It was covered in cat litter and pretty disgusting. *holds nose* I don't know how she got it out of her litter. ~Cavey
  24. RP Advertisement Name of RP: Warrior Cat RP Link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=118867 # of active RPers: 7 signed up characters but the RP can't start yet due to the lack of characters. Plot Summary: Uh, like any other Warrior Cat roleplay... Other: It's on page four of the Freeform section if you don't feel like going to the link~ ~Cavey