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  1. I don't have a Facebook, so no Sims Social for me. Oh well, I play too much Sims 3 anyway. Since I got 50 dollars from my grandparents, I'll be getting Late Night ASAP. WOOOOOOOOOOOT! ~Cavey
  2. I play a game where you hit P to pause it and C to take a snapshot and Tab to let it move freely. I think I've been playing it too much, because lately when I want to do something online I hit one of those keys. Oops. ~Cavey
  3. Ugh...I think I totally corrupted Sims 3. I inserted the CLEAN Generations disc, and opened the launcher. I hit the Play button...and: "DISK AUTHORIZATION FAILURE Please insert The Sims 3 Generations disc in and try again." I'm going to have to turn to EA about this. No one can really figure this out, and I'm annoyed and confused and frustrated. ~Cavey
  4. Well, it appears that somehow I totally corrupted my Sims 3 AND Sims 2. @_# Sims 2 doesn't let Sims move around, and Sims 3 is messed up so bad that even a professional modder can't help me. *bangs head on desk* ~Cavey
  5. Oh, that's why I'm not loading up DC. I thought it was bugged on my Mac. Thanks. ~Cavey
  6. Once I had a dream where there was a rat infestation at my house (I have no clue why, we don't even get rats here.) and they were climbing all over the place. Then a random black cat (I think it was supposed to be one of my cats, this was before I had cats) came in and started hunting them, then the rats turned into scorpions, and my mom and I were freaking out. Then my alarm clock beeped and I woke up. @_< ~Cavey
  7. Well, it turns out Alyx has a minor infection, which probably explains why she peed in the bean bag chair. Since she's going in the plants, we're getting medicine for her. I hope it's liquid. I'm better at giving cats that. ~Cavey
  8. @_# I screwed up my Sims 3 game, so unless I get it working again I need to get it for Wii. RAAR... The Sims can only interact meanly or not at all. And my mods are totally updated. GRR. ~Cavey
  9. @_@ Alyx went and peed in my bean bag chair. RAEG now I need a new one. Can someone recommend how to stop this? She's going to the vet today but I think it needs to stop forever. ~Cavey
  10. Plants indoors. We haven't let the kitties out because Widget has this thing for clawing the screen and we're afraid she's going to get out and get hit by a car. And my dad's only threatening to give them up, I don't think he was really serious up until this point. He really likes cats. ~Cavey
  11. How do you deal with a cat that keeps using the plants as a litter box? We've sprayed them over but Alyx might start again. My dad says if she doesn't knock it off we might give her away, and I don't want to get rid of my cuddleball. ~Cavey
  12. There are demos of Create A Pet out, Shalarean! Origin supplies the Windows one and Gametreemac supplies Mac. You have to register to get either one, though. >:/ No CAP for me, it seems. I'd really appreciate it if someone sent me the Mac file. ~Cavey
  13. Granted, but it turns into glass, breaks and cuts you. You eventually bleed to death. I wish for a graphics card that will allow me bump mapping and no custom content limit on Sims 2 and will not make Sims go like this: (No, she's not holding the kid. The camera was badly angled. Sorry.) ~Cavey
  14. *claps hand over mouth and swears* NOT AGAIN. Ugh. Honestly, now I know my computer is not good with running Sims 2. It was just some lousy terrain paint, game. Can you not even handle 5 terrain sets when you did before? I deleted the folder for the terrains. I don't think I'll be playing Sims 2 ever again or at least until I get a Mac with a freaking graphics card. ~Cavey EDIT: And yeah, she's supposed to be holding the kid, the camera was just badly angled. Her plumbbob was flashing repeatedly. Instead of holding the kid, she was standing still with the kid pretty much clinging to her.
  15. (Lalasa, do you even play Sims at all? ) A crazy lady that set her hands on fiyaaaaaaaaaa ~Cavey
  16. Granted. But you never ever stop thinking about it. I wish for an AWESOME Mac that can run anything in the world and I don't need Boot Camp to run Windows programs. ~Cavey
  17. Mac. I will NEVER be a PC person. I ran a VERY CRAPPY Windows long before I was allowed on the internet, but when it began to die out and not play the games which were too intense for the crap, I got a better one, and played games on it. Then my father switched me to a Mac when I was allowed and I could finally have Mac awesomeness. The first Mac I had is an old piece of wires and chewed graphics--yeah, played too much high-strain games--so I run a new Mac now, and I'm finally happy. I'm technically not supported on this thing either but it runs what I want and I'm happy. ~Cavey
  18. Apple Macintosh Mini with an Intel Duo Core. I got this one a little while ago (when I got it, this had recently hit the market!) when my old computer started overstressing and dying. It was another Mac Mini, but a really old one without a core. But this thing is beautiful. ~Cavey
  19. No. I've written an unpublished 18 page book, which I'm in the process of editing. If writing does turn out to be my career, I'm not working for free--everyone does NOT benefit. Think about it. Giving books away for free one day a year is okay, but not every day, because if you don't have another job, you won't get money, so you can't buy food when you do run out, and you'll die. The same applies to art. I like painting, but the same as writing, I'm not painting for free. I'm good at drawing, too. Should that mean I don't get paid for it? Maybe, maybe not. Depends on if I'm doing it for fun or for a living. ~Cavey
  20. So how come I can have a hack that lets you decide on Welcome Wagons that I never need to update? Sigh...wish I could've had Inteen. A graphics card is definitely something I need, but since my father insists that he can't buy Macs with card slots...yeah. And even if it had a slot I would have to have it specifically made, I couldn't just walk into a store and grab a card because Mac cards are not shaped the same as Windows cards. Actually, I haven't tested the teens, but since I can't run Inteen anyway--yeah I know it can't go on like this. I wish it worked because I was planning to have Angela Pleasant (yes I know the Maxis hoods are bugged) have a kid with Dustin. And I know the more I go in-game with incompatible hacks the sooner my computer will go. I read this article long before I installed The Sims 2 on this machine, so I recognized that I couldn't have shaders on or else my computer would get beat up and die, even with all the graphics settings low or off. I never saw it flash, actually, but when the ground went red I freaked and was panicking when it took so long to change the cheat back off. lol Since it's definitely hacked things that cause my problems (come on I wanted that bike and skateboard ) I'll just first delete Inteen and the hacked things, then I'll put it back in one by one. If I have a problem with the bassinet (I think that one is also a culprit due to the mattress looking a little high) I'll delete that. If I have problems with the school changer (unlikely but still possible since it's hacked) I'll get rid of it. If I have to remove it all, so what, it's just pixels. ~Cavey
  21. But...wait. When I took the custom stuff back in I avoided the stuff I got that froze up my game. So it's Inteen. Either that or one of my bugfixes conflicts with it. But it's most likely Inteen. So...what would happen if I downloaded a Nightlife Inteen? Would it totally wreck my game because I have Uni, Nightlife and Pets? I can't uninstall Pets now because several of my families have pets and it would crash my game to try. If I try enabling shaders the ground flashes red, which is probably another pointer that my computer can't handle Inteen. Having Inteen caused Don's plumbbob to flash every few seconds, and anything I commanded dropped from his queue. Their needs don't seem to drop while frozen. Time still ticks and children and toddlers can move (but the toddler would get taken due to not feeding it). What about new meshed objects? Fakepeeps tends to make a lot of new meshes for her clothes and I think it might also contribute. Oh, and I don't use custom hair because those things tend to be really high in poly counts. Since I can't have Milkshape (stupid Windows programs) I just edit Maxis clothes, so I know that's least likely. ~Cavey
  22. Granted, but you died from frostbite. I wish for a Mac graphics card that can run The Sims 2 and The Sims 3 without a ten piece limit on custom content. ~Cavey
  23. ...I'm pretty sure Inteen doesn't cause freezing of teen and older Sims. On this computer, having too much cc does. I installed the Pets Flavorpak, the computer unzipped it thanks to Archive Utility, and sent it to my Hacks and Bugfixes folder. I know it's cc causing these issues, and I had it for a while when I installed a few more things. I yanked them out and with no cc everything is perfect. I just need to eliminate the problem folders. I'm guessing at the Testers Wanted bike I got because...I don't want to finish. I guess it's either just the cc clothes that fakepeeps made (and the clothes I made with BodyShop) or Inteen. I'd happily boot the clothes because I want more realism, but...yeah. And what do you mean by fabulously stupid things? When my sister used Inteen on an old Windows it was wonderful... ~Cavey
  24. Hmm. Oh yeah. Set your background to a background someone in your family has (for example my mom has a flower--yes we use Macs--on her screen so I would change it to that). Make sure there's a ton of clutter on the desktop and take a screenshot. Then somehow get it on their computer and watch them freak out when not only do they realize that they have stuff that they never downloaded or made, they can't trash it either. I haven't done this but I think it's a good one. :3 ~Cavey