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  1. *hugs Sock to help her feel better* ~ Dear god, I really didn't need that. First a bunch of flaming and now this. It's not necessary. :/ ~Cavey
  2. I set up a thread to WARN people, not to get flamed and screamed at! I've already provided proof, stop telling me to provide some! And what's with locking it?! I was trying to warn people, not get the thing locked! I can restart it you know, I have it pasted into TextEdit. ~Cavey
  3. We are not drama queens and I am not pathetic. Now go away. ~Cavey
  4. YES that blog is finally up and running. ~Cavey
  5. I'd feel like I'd belong there if I actually had a few more friends. One friend is not going to make me comfortable, especially when she uses some pretty vulgar language. And I really don't need those kids picking on me, they're just a bunch of losers who try to look cool, but it still hurts, especially since I'm the one that got in trouble for yelling at them. And I don't like hearing a bunch of sexual comments every time I walk past them. I hate being picked on. *clasps ears over hands and shakes head* ~Cavey
  6. This has nothing to do with you. I don't want your help, I want my mother's help. I don't like how you constantly jump into things that don't involve you, if I want your help I'd ask for it. Now go away because you make me mad. ~Cavey
  7. You'd think that listening to my favorite singer would make me feel better, but no. Just, no. I lose my happiness when I see that The Sims 3 forums were invaded by a stupid troll who posts SWEARS all over his posts. There are people under 11 on those forums. You'd think they'd be gone, but no. There are nasty posts from YESTERDAY still up. Some are just outright sick, with cruel disturbing sex comments. I've sent a good 25 reports on this guy. Can the gurus just ban him already?! ~Cavey
  8. *hugs the Sockalot back* -- Why are you putting yourself through this (you know who you are)? You KNOW it's bad for you...and every night I fall asleep afraid for you. You're closer to me than anyone I know, and even if you don't know that, I do. So please...just stop doing it, because it's affecting you and me both, and it's making a lot of tension and yelling. Please! ~Cavey
  9. *sigh* Empty space inside of me, wanting someone to share my life with, is empty. Always makes me feel so lonely. @Sockie: Nice thread reference ~Cavey
  10. Was playing Super Mario 64 DS on my DS as Yoshi in the volcano. Suddenly Yoshi falls right through the wall. Wha...? ~Cavey
  11. Does that person have nothing better to do than post nasty images all over the forums? (No, not here.) ~Cavey
  12. 2? 1) I'm over 13. 2) I have two kitties. 3) I saw a nasty picture an hour ago and I'm still shaking. ~Cavey
  13. What the ?! I fired up Sims 2 today with only hacks to keep the game okay and a dress that's not high poly. So I move a family into a lot - AND I CAN'T MOVE THE ADULTS. D:< Worse, I don't think the kids could move either. The custom clothing isn't the problem, the hacks do not interfere with actions, and I don't think Lion is messing with Sims 2. And the whole point of the family is for a Sims story I want to write...I'm screwed! ! Whywhywhywhywhy! Sorry, I just needed to whine ^^; ~Cavey
  14. Oh man, that reminds me of an absolutely terrible experience I had with an EA Live Chat person. The game was The Sims 3, and I launched one of the game's expansion pack towns, only to have it corrupt within five minutes (literally). It even spread into the other towns, and I eventually had to uninstall to fix it. I specified a Mac chat because I run Mac, and this is what I got: Obviously, I lost my temper there, because I've already had bad experiences with EA. But if I specify a Mac chat and get Windows instructions twice, why do I even bother? Ugh. ~Cavey
  15. Why is it that I have to deny myself and pretend to hate things I love just to feel like I fit in? I want to be free, a teen who expresses herself and has freedom of her speech, a teen who can be happy, but instead I'm just miserable. And a likely school transfer in the middle of the year...I really do not want this, but I believe in my safety. ~Cavey
  16. EA people are IDIOTS. (note: I'm Sugarmew on Sims sites. Just fyi.) EA: Thanks for contacting EA Help! My name is (EA agent name) how may I help you? you: Hi, I'm Sugarmew, and there's an issue with the Ambitions town. EA: ‪Hello Sugarmew‬ EA: ‪Please let me assure you that I will try my best to resolve the issue to your satisfaction.‬ ‪ you: The problem is that once after patching to Pets, the entire town corrupted. EA: ‪Alright, May I know you tried to update your base game ?‬ you: The last time I patched was when the Pets updates were released. you: Have there been any updates released since then? EA:‪ No, There are not any recent updates. May I know your launcher version for the game ?‬ you: Do you mind giving me a few minutes? EA: ‪I don't mind.‬ you: Thank you. EA: ‪You are welcome.‬ you: Game version: EA: ‪Yes, The game is updated to the latest version.‬ EA:‪May I know what do you mean by corrupted, means its not working properly or you are not able to launch the game ?‬ you: By corrupted, I mean that if I have someone get a Firefighting job, the lot tags (besides the one for the fire station) all vanish, and it spreads into other towns, like Appaloosa Plains. you: So I can LAUNCH it, but it corrupts incredibly fast. you: And this didn't happen before the Pets patch. EA: ‪Yes, Its seems to be the issue of your expansion files got corrupted.‬ EA: ‪I am providing you some troubleshooting steps and reinstallation steps for the Ambition expansion.‬ EA: ‪Delete Temporary Folder:‬ ‪1. Double click on "My Computer"‬ ‪2. Double click on the C: drive‬ ‪3. Double click on the "Windows" folder.‬ ‪4. Double click on the "Temp" folder.‬ ‪5. Hold the "CTRL" key and tap the "A" key to select all.‬ ‪6. Tap the "Delete" key on your keyboard and accept the "Are you sure you want to delete these files" prompt.‬ you: I run Mac! EA: ‪Okay, Sorry.‬ EA: ‪Please visit this location in your system and delete this folder Ambitions: C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3 Ambitions‬ ‪ ‬ you: I told you, I run Mac. I don't have any kind of folder like that. EA: ‪I am afraid to inform you that we don't have such steps to delete Ambition expansion manually from the MAC operating system.‬ you: MAC? What's a MAC? Does it stand for something? Because I run Mac. Not MAC. Unless it stands for Mine's Always Corrupting. EA: ‪I mean the Mac.‬ EA: ‪You must uninstall your whole game and reinstall it again. Its the only option.‬ you: Again? Really? Honestly, your team is so incompetent when it comes to Mac users, EA: ‪I apologize for the inconvenience you experienced. Mac don't have such options to uninstall the game manually.‬ you: You know what? I am going to say right here, if you don't start getting the EA team to port Sims 3 over properly I'm going to stop purchasing anu of your products. you: **any EA: ‪I apologize for the inconvenience you've experienced in getting proper support. I understand your time is valuable. But we don't have exact resolution for this issue as of now. Our developer team is working on it to provide best troubleshooting steps for Mac.‬ you: I don't believe that one bit. You've been promising Mac users a patch for the pixelly Sims when they update to Lion, and you still haven't released one. EA: ‪I can understand your disappointment. Its not in our hand to make a patch. Our developer is working hard on all the issues. Please allow us some more time. I appreciate your patience.‬ you: Patience? Mac user's patience ran out a long time ago. Have you not figured that out yet? EA: ‪We don't have any updates from our developer team yet. The only information from our higher department that they are working on it.‬ you: For over 2 months? It does NOT take that long to make a patch. EA: ‪Sometimes it happens. They created the patch earlier but the results are not good. They are working on a new patch.‬ EA: ‪Clearly, we’ve upset you and I want you to know that getting to the bottom of this is just as important to‬ ‪me as it is to you.‬ you: Your team upset me a long time ago, when I installed Pets. you: I just didn't have an EA account then, so I couldn't contact you. EA: ‪You have a valid reason to be disappointed. We are in chat support. We can't create patches. Its in the hand of our developer team.‬ you: Well, two days ago I contacted someone because The Sims 3 site was glitching on Firefox, and there has been no kind of fix. you: So I stopped believing you guys when you said you'd make patches a long time ago. EA: ‪I can understand your disappointment. But I can't do anything from my end. I am forwarding your concern once again to our developer team.‬ you: TBH I don't believe any of your team anymore when they say they'll forward my concern. Thank you (EA agent name). What tiny wisps of faith I had left in your team is now nonexistent. Goodbye. I'd specified a Mac chat, so EA clearly was not paying any attention. EA should hire a really nice user I chat to online sometimes as their Mac support. EA clearly knows NOTHING if you compare the two people. I hate EA. ~Cavey
  17. She knocked down a breakable ornament and it broke. And I was with her. So that's not really going to help. ~Cavey
  18. Okay, I have a problem here. We put up the Christmas tree yesterday, but since Trouble (aka Alyx) pokes her nose in everything, she's started trying to climb. She can get on the lower branches and lay there, which is causing the fake tree to droop at that area. How do I stop this? We put up shatter-resistant ornaments, but if the tree falls everything will get crushed. And that is NOT something I want. ~Cavey
  19. I have a blondish hair (it's gotten darker through my life) so I'd probably get brown streaks that dissolve into black at the tips and slightly bleach my real hair. But I'm not allowed to dye my hair yet, so it's more of a dream than something I'd actually do. *shrugs* ~Cavey
  20. I've locked up my Sims 3 games--basically, I've quit. I'm proud for coming over my addiction. :3 I hate EA. Their team is a bunch of craploaded idiots. ~Cavey
  21. *slams head on desk* I got World Adventures today and got Twallan's Traveler only to find out that Sims 3 won't actually boot up. Shoot. ~Cavey
  22. Ugh I hate EA towns. @_< Appaloosa Plains crashed on me. And Twinbrook was probably the cause. ~Cavey
  23. Funny, the other day I did too. Except in the dream I was having a boyfriend (who is currently my school crush) and it was dark and I was running outside and jumping into his arms, then telling him. I wasn't at my current age though, I looked...about 15. I hope this is just a weird dream and that it doesn't mean anything. It creeps me out a bit because I'm not 13 yet. ~Cavey
  24. I'm planning to give my celebrity Sims in Bridgeport a kitten and puppy for their apartment, and then I'll remake my Sim family because everyone looks really outdated and I need to make my kitties. I'll have to house-train Alyx since she seems to say "hey I think I'll use this towel as a litter box" in RL. It'll be so much easier in Sims. I wonder how everything will be placed in Appaloosa Plains. ~Cavey
  25. Well, I have Late Night now. My parents said that Pets will be a late birthday present for me so I won't have to pay for it, Shalarean. Eh, I already did an uninstall from the Uninstaller when it died since my Sims weren't interacting properly and even twallan couldn't help me. But yesterday some Sims were moving in Bridgeport and it took so long I eventually had to shut off the stupid thing. Bridgeport can be SO laggy. ~Cavey