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  1. (Seriously Path, the whole dragon thing is getting annoying, can you be the tiniest bit more original? ) Path Light died because of the sudden flood of liquid homework that drowned him.
  2. Path Light was killed because a mysterious assassin punched him till he died for his dragons killing everyone for reasons that weren't even logical.
  3. However, Metal Dragon was also standing a bit too close when Slenderman was murdering Path, and when the police figured out what he had done, they sent Slenderman after Metal as well.
  4. U-uh... Can... Would you mind hugging me just the tiniest bit longer? Also, you're a v-very pretty girl...
  5. Erm... Do you want a cookie or something? You seem very angry today...
  6. Path was found dead on the floor in his house after Red Eyes Black Dragon #3864's roar emitted strong waves of the radioactive gamma rays, which instantly killed him.
  7. I'm lesbian/straight (lesbian when I'm a girl, straight when I'm a guy) and don't really care whoever knows it. Girls are cute anyway, so I don't think I can be blamed for loving them! But honestly, I really don't find guys attractive. I've tried fantasizing about boys before but it never has the same, if any, effect...
  8. She promised. Why didn't she tell the person who is responsible for my ban? Why did the Wii break?! It can only read one disc, and I know the Xbox is still working so I can play Final Fantasy 13, (I hate Roman numerals so don't criticize me for not using them) but I cannot beat that one character no matter what. Ugh. ~Cavey
  9. Why am I getting blog hits from that site that I was banned from? And from a forum part hidden to non-mods, to top it off. I mean, I know the admin came and said I'd be allowed back after a time period, but that doesn't give her permission to link to my blog. ~Cavey
  11. GHAGIOPHKKEFHIHEFN if you are going to waste your time insulting me, go do something useful like getting cockroach pies thrown at you. Because I HATE YOU. ~Cavey
  12. Oh, thanks a lot, Mac - it hasn't even been a YEAR and you're starting to die on me. ~Cavey
  13. No. Just, no. I didn't need that mental image. ~Cavey
  14. Photoshop is driving me nuts today ~Cavey
  15. How will I get that Sim back? :/ ~Cavey
  16. Poor Ali'i D: I like that wheelchair that was broken with the Pets patch, it gave me all sorts of opportunities to make a better story ~Cavey
  17. @thegreenrobby: I is confuzzled Yaaaay, I put the balcony into my story and now I have another good hospital scene ~Cavey
  18. Was playing Sims 3, forgot to save. In the middle of my story, I get the little swirly circle on my screen (on a Mac) and then the game crashed D: ~Cavey
  19. I so want to have a girl falling off a balcony in my story, but I don't know how I would incorporate a balcony into my story since the set's already built and the house is one-story :/ ~Cavey
  20. Why does Chrome die all the time when it's the only non-slow browser I have? ~Cavey
  21. You're kidding, right, EA? I've got no interest in that kind of stuff pack, and plus it's highly inappropriate, along with the fact that you seem to be targeting 7 year olds with this crap when it's clearly a teen rated game. *facewall* ~Cavey
  22. Put a strip of black tape onto someone's phone screen. When they turn it on they will think that the phone isn't turning on Of course, they need to have a dark 'turn on' screen in order for it to not show through the tape. ~Cavey
  23. I should go publish Chapter One of Lifted on my blog, but I'm not in the mood to. But I'll go do it anyway. @Sockie: I don't even want to know ~Cavey