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  1. Realize some things for me, you idiot. -Why am I always the one who apologizes, even in cases where I just wind up asking you to do something you don't want to do, like to cut the backwards-talking repetition? Is it just because when I met you, I identified as a girl and you don't seem to realize I'm bigender now, and you don't think girls deserve the amount of respect that your bros get? If I can't get any respect from you, then why should your friends get it? -If you're so god**** immature that you can't even tell me what I did wrong, then you may as well not be on the internet. I swear to god that if I had some way of contacting your parents, I would get to them and tell them all that you've done so fast your head will SPIN and you wouldn't have a computer or internet access for a long, LONG time. -You treat literally everyone else like they're better than me. You talk to them more often than you do to me, because with me I always have to initiate the chats, and god knows if you're mad at me for no reason. You call me uptight, have told me some really rude things in the past that are actually illegal to say, and *ed at me for a reasonable request. Really? I mean, when you and your bros call each other 'kid', I would honestly guess you're doing it because that's your maturity level. But I don't want to leave you. You're still my best friend... And I don't want to be trapped in something abusive. Can't you please just form up for once and stop being such a jerk?
  2. In the end, it was all just pathetic... Both him and I were best friends... Now I don't even know what we are... Frenemies maybe? But that's not what I want. I want my best friend back. He's just not the same and I really need him back, because he was the one who kept me holding on until he told me to go myself with razors and I just want him to... just... come back... oh god, brian, please... I need you back more than i need therapy ffs. this is so terrible
  3. Well, my sister and mom are watching Frozen and the snowman song just came on... But I am listening to Team by Lorde.
  4. Considering that I don't own different types of socks (like seriously, the closest "different" pair I have are knee-highs... the rest are all the same ) I'm innocent on that one. Sneezed so hard a wad of snot came out your nose? (I know... Gross, but it's the only thing I can think of )
  5. Nothing. ... But I had a burger later. So I guess that counts, maybe?
  6. I ran out under a gosh darned slide, flipping lights. ijegruworlh
  7. I prefer short fingernails, for a few reasons: A) They break easier when long. I tend to bite them off when they get long, so keeping them short prevents me from biting. C) I've cut myself with my fingernails before when they were long... D) They don't make it harder to handle phones or type on a laptop. Yes, I love my short fingernails, and you won't see me having them long or painting them (except for cosplay purposes ). Short fingernails FTW.
  8. (Denwayasha, I always talk to myself. Nobody else would think I'm any weirder. ) Granted, but since that sentence made no sense, the wish cannot be granted and therefore backfires. I wish for people to stop treating me like I'm a *.
  9. Granted, but the countries all just start engaging in civil wars instead of world wars. I wish for a good friend.
  10. Granted, but it never ever stops singing the Nyan song even whne you command it to, and it annoys you to the point where you try anything to get rid of it, which doesn't work, so you're stuck with the annoying thing forever that keeps you awake at night. I wish for M&Ms.
  11. Banned for talking about Neglected envy.
  12. OW! Get off me, you monster, I don't know where you've been!
  13. Granted, but your dragon died in the battle. I wish for... Happiness? Can that even be corrupted? Let's see
  14. Nah, too furry and not girly enough. I like da girls.
  15. Because Photoshop and Paint were merged together in my mind and created Paintshop and was very messy. Why do girls and boys have genders?
  16. Nobody that angry is allowed to keep or hug ME! /punches
  17. (Thank you for making me laugh, Metal. ) Path Light stepped on a pressure plate, which blew him into the sky, which was somehow booby trapped with spikes, which stabbed him and killed him and his corpse fell down and rained in chunks of flesh.