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  1. Brachy the Supersaurus Koing So close... Type: Let's take over the world, peoplesies!
  2. Tpying with our eyes shut is actually quite fun! Darn it. Type: This time, I will finally just let you fade away.
  3. If I could wis for just one dish, my fondest wish would be for fish. Oops, missed out on the H on wish. Oh well. Type: As these promises broken deep below, each word gets lost in the echo.
  4. 1? 1. I'm not good at being tactful/nice 2. I have blonde hair but I streaked it red 3. I hate Homestuck
  5. You're so petty, stupid and annoying. I'm not even sure why I'm mad at you, we haven't spoken since March. But I'm still annoyed with you. You honestly thought you could treat me like that? I swear to god I want to track you and find your parents and knock you offline until you're 18.
  6. Granted, but they all have so many dried worms in them that there is basically no apple left. I wish for my hatchlings to grow up.
  7. Diary Of Jane. Nothing else beats that. Three Days Grace?
  8. SUNBURN. GO AWAY. And my teacher wonders why us students don't like going on hikes. >_<
  9. Granted, but he growls so loud you go deaf. I wish that I wasn't bored.
  10. Maybe. It's a Homestuck troll after all.
  11. ^Not if you live on the sun. Back on topic: We make posts on this thread to state the obvious.
  12. A year... A year is 12 months... 365 days... 52 weeks... What is a solar sweep, in your terms?
  13. ... Solar sweeps? I apologize... But I don't seem to know what solar sweeps are... Us people use "years", for our age... *blinks softly* I was 10 years of age when it happened... I don't know how to convert to solar sweeps, if that's your aging measurement...
  14. Colors exist (except to a colorblind person).
  15. Yes... That's so... See, when I was about 10, I was taken hostage by people, and kept on watch until I turned 14... So I haven't quite discovered myself yet... *gently floats down to the ground* It's odd... But I grew to like the people who were holding me hostage, you know... They did treat me pretty well if they weren't angry for some reason...
  16. Who might I be? Oh... That's an excellent question... I've been addressed by Featherbrush all my life... But I don't quite know who I am, to be perfectly honest with you, WS. *gently shakes out wings and beats them softly, lifting self into the air*
  17. I am posting in a colored font.
  18. Well... I guess it was confusing to someone who didn't know what she was talking about... I didn't know either, but I guess it's okay... *beats wings softly, to straighten out feathers* I don't know if I was confused or not. I probably was...