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  1. My wrist... Did I like pull a muscle in it or something? Either way, it hurts >.< This shouldn't take so long... God darn it, it's polite to respond... Has she even been on? Me and my friend have to resort to our second plan now and this is not the easiest thing to do. I wish I could just figure out how my best friend feels about me without having to ask her straight out D: She's so sweet and cute but it's so hard to read her and I don't even know her sexuality and arghhhhhhhh v.v
  2. I hope this doesn't take too long... I know it hasn't even been a full 24 hours, but still. Something really has to be done... I don't want to wait any longer for it! Oh come on, I wish I had thought of that response when we were actually talking... Now that it's all over, I just had to think of the perfect response to your crap? Grr.
  3. Trypophobia.... Ahhhhh god, that stuff freaks me OUT. And it doesn't help when people start teasing me about it or "try to help you get over your fear" by listing off objects with small clusters of holes.... Okay, I gotta stop. >.< That is freaking me out.
  4. Intentionally? No. No way. Nobody who doesn't love you isn't worth dying for. But like Shienvien said, the context of it is a bit insufficient. There would be some situations where I'd be willing to risk my life for someone, but not a situation where I know for absolute certain I would die. So there would need to be some more context of what the circumstances are.
  5. Tomb Raider 2013. Poor Lara, she watches her friends die right in front of her, and the latest death I saw (with the Endurance explosion) was so sad... She just screamed his name as the ship exploded.
  6. Oh god knows I've had my fair share of glitches. Where do I start? Sims 2 - Accidentally installed something buggy that caused my entire town above the age of Child (Teen and up) to stop being able to move. I stopped playing Sims 2 after that. Sims 3 - Oh jeez, where do I start? Too many to list. Spore - I had my tribe die all of the sudden when none of them were fighting or hungry. I still don't know what happened there. Mirror's Edge - Was on the level where you listen in to Ropeburn's phone call with a friend, and was climbing through one of the ceiling vents when I suddenly went through the ceiling and got stuck. I had to restart the level. Left 4 Dead - Was playing Multiplayer with my sister and then I died for no reason. Weird. Minecraft - I fell through some blocks once. Oh, and then there was the time when a friend of mine and I were playing around in Multiplayer and he got stuck in midair. He managed to jump and dislodge himself, though. Tomb Raider 2013 - Somehow managed to jump onto an area that wasn't meant for routing... I fell through and died. Poor Lara gets so beaten up in my games. That's all I can remember right now... I'm sure I've had more but I can't remember them. These ones are okay, though.
  7. Well, right now I'd have to say my top one is people who abuse you, and then when you call out they get mad at you for having a life outside of their hurtful remarks, and when you tell them you're sick of their behavior they come up with a loophole. (aka my ex-best friend ) I also hate when people act like they're smarter than me just because I'm somewhat blonde and/or younger than them. First of all, I'm dirty blonde and the stereotype doesn't mean crap anyway, secondly I'm perfectly intelligent and don't need people telling me how to do something unless I actually ask for help, and thirdly, sometimes I wind up actually knowing more about the subject than the person who acts like I'm stupid. People. Oh! And cyberbullies. More specifically, the ones who tell you to kill yourself or will use you for their stupid mind games. Grrr.
  8. Oh god I better not be getting sick. >.< All this stress is so insane. I don't even know if I can participate in the dances or field trips and god knows I need something to kill all this stress. If I'm getting sick I'm positive it's the stress. I really miss them all. I need to remember them. But I have to cut contact with them. I need to hold my pride and I will. Can't all this please be done with? I think we get it. -.-
  9. Use correct grammar! You have FALLEN in your soup, and I won't help you until you correct your grammar. Waiter, there's a freaking file cabinet in my soup. I did not sign up nor pay for this!
  10. Why are you complaining? Drink it! Waiterrrr! There's a nyoom in my soup. D:
  11. Let's hope there's not a Beedrill in it! In real life Beedrill would be 3 feet tall. Waiter! Ay! There's a website in my soup.
  12. ... Just don't snort it. Yo waiter! There's a freakin' dA art piece in my soup.
  13. Just... Back off. I'm so sick of you just randomly blocking me for no reason and treating me so badly. ¬.¬ I hate you.
  14. Oh dear, I was wondering where he went... Did the chef put him there? Yo, waiter, there's a concert ticket in my soup!
  15. Just a quick little question: Whenever I'm running something kind of intensive on my laptop (Minecraft or some sort of small online game, I don't do intense gaming on a Mac, so Minecraft is about the most hardcore it gets on here) it starts running really really hot. Is there a way to keep the computer cooler while it's running? I already keep it lifted but I don't want to accidentally burn myself on the computer, it gets extremely hot during gaming.
  16. Hall of Fame - Original Version, by The Script.
  17. Innocent. What dates have I been on? Drawn a picture for your best friend?
  18. Banned for flooding the Forum Games part of the forums, once again.
  19. @Shark: Rib sauce? That's an odd, un-desk-like thing. BoT: My desk is fairly clean, but there is a little patch of it where I seem to put things that don't belong there... I have a couple of papers there, and a small box of Icebreakers as well. There's probably more stuff, but I'm stuck downstairs right now and that is not where my room is. But otherwise, it's pretty clean. I keep my drawing tablet and backup drive and USB drives there, but if you stow everything electrical aside it's pretty neat. Of course, it helps that my father makes me dust it so that my laptop doesn't catch on fire like my old computer did...
  20. They're going to their house, which is over there. (YAY! ) Type: Tumblr is a strange social network but lots of people use it.
  21. Please be okay. Please just be okay. - Fighting the stupid temptation to message you is so hard. It's for the better, I know that, but it's like every day it gets worse. We haven't talked in a little over two weeks. Why can I not deal with this? You're a jerk and I still want to be your friend. Argh.