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  1. I stalk the main cave and the AP. That's how I got my Thunder, Ice, and Red Dorsal.
  2. How about this? Gray- You near the egg/hatchling, but when your hand is a half-inch away, a fierce storm churns up. Suddenly, there's a flash flood, and you get swept away. When you get up, the egg/hatchling is gone.
  3. This light egg is floating in the air. This light egg is floating in the air. This light egg is floating in the air. Who turned off the gravity?
  4. Well, if it rained because of your gray dragon, wouldn't the drawings collapse? And where did my sense of humor go? And going to my Stripe's breed page, I saw my Mint was able to breed. Considering the size? Just-no.
  5. Aughh! This haunts me...I signed up after the BPs were retired...but I'll help.
  6. You're right, but it's Hypothermia. What's with the Ice dragons and all those dragons that stand? Don't they collapse?
  7. Thank goodness everything's back, I thought my computer was beating up the forums, since it said that the server was reset. Thank you so much, TJ.
  8. This egg is soft and smells uncannily like cheese/tiny and made out of several pieces of paper folded together. The shell of the egg seems soft, as though there's something wrong with it. This egg shakes from time to time, as if eager to hatch. Uhh...wouldn't it crash into your eggs, hatchies, and dragons? And the paper and cheese getting sick is illogical.
  9. Nothing wrong, but I learned it is very hard to listen to Polish while trying to find rares. The lag is almost completely gone. Thanks TJ!
  10. One for the waterhorse... You head for the egg/hathchling, but the ground suddenly slimes under you, and each step sends you sliding away. You give up to try. And for the horse... You head for the egg/hatchling, but a horse dragon gallops over and picks it up. It gallops away and you sit down, confused. For the Bluna... You head for the egg/hatchling, but the egg/hatchling suddenly falls into a lake that wasn't there before. You decide to leave. And one for the Daydream... You head for the egg/hatchling, but your head is surrounded by clouds, and once you retreat, it is gone. For the Limestone... You head for the egg/hatchling, but you are surrounded by walls of limestone. When you turn around, it has gone. For the Vampire... You head for the egg/hatchling, but a rotten egg stench turns you back.
  11. Good idea. I have an idea for the Ice... You walk up to the egg/hatchling, but a freezing cold ice wall surrounds it, and you decide to run before you get too cold. And for the Nebula... You head toward the egg/hatchling, but all of the sudden stars surround you and the egg/hatchling seems to be hidden somewhere. And for the Cheese... You walk toward the egg/hatchling, but everything turns into cheese and the egg/hatchling is completely invisible. And for the Balloon... You head for the egg/hatchling, but it floats far away from where you can see it. You decide not to run after it, as you have your own dragons to care for.