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  1. Pollen, dust, green grass-dead grass is fine, but it pokes-a medication I don't know the name of, and Degree's Tropical Power Deodorant/Antiperspirant. Too bad about the last one, it smells good. And the reaction to it is a rash. Yeah. I get a rash in the pit when I use it several days in a row. Not exactly how you want an allergic reaction to come out. ~Cavey
  2. Horses! Goody! I love horses. I draw 'em, I write about 'em, I ride 'em. They are awesooooooooome. ~Cavey
  3. *facepalm* Oh, wow. I wasn't the only one thinking Gigdit looked cute. I forgot to say I love Russian Blue cats, the kittens look cuuuuute. ~Cavey
  4. In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone when you find out that Snape isn't the one making Harry's scar hurt or trying to knock him off his broomstick, and Quirrell is. Snape is trying to save Harry. ~Cavey
  5. I'm a Hufflepuff. I'd prefer to be a Ravenclaw, though. ~Cavey
  6. Oooh, Portal. My sister has it. A list of awesome things: -Weighted Companion Cube (ours is named Cubey) -Portal gun, of course -Fighting GLaDOS -The song, where it says glad it says GLaD -Turrets, even though they kill you if you aren't fast -Portals Here's a flash version. http://portal.wecreatestuff.com/portal.php It has sooo many levels. ~Cavey
  7. I could speak cat language, if I knew what I was saying... I love cats. My parents had one that looked like this: Didn't mean to cut off her ear. And her tail was longer, but you can't get everything into a screenshot. Her name was Scratch. She ended up getting put to sleep, though, due to some kind of lump that kept growing, think it was a tumor, if cats get cancer. I looove tabbies, but gray cats and black cats are okay, too. ~Cavey
  8. Depends. If it's like Thanksgiving, where people come over, I try to be polite and act my age, or older. But most of the time, I'm a girl who acts a little younger, but looks older. I try to be mature. It's not like I go around saying, "Hey, you gotta pimple" or stuff like that. ~Cavey
  9. *bashes email account in frustration* NO MAIL. Honestly. Seriously. ~Cavey
  10. When people: -Act like I don't exist -Force me into doing things I don't like -Treat me like an outsider, even though it hardly happens -Yell at me for doing something wrong when I misinterpret them -Make me do EVERYTHING -Nag me That's all I can think of right now, LOL. I've got a ton more. I'll edit this later. ~Cavey
  11. Okay. This is disgusting to me, don't tell me to try and top anything, because from what I know, MedivalMystic's story I can NEVER top. So we were going to have lunch today, and someone in my family wanted cheese. So they pull out the cheddar cheese-one of those sliced pieces, not little crumbles-and guess what we see? The cheese had gone a nasty greenish gray and looked very disgusting overall. I don't like cheese unless it's macaroni cheese or a cheeseburger, and I am very glad I didn't like cheese at the time, otherwise I would have NEVER eaten cheese again except for burgers and macaroni. Luckily my dad threw it out and found more cheese. I was also very lucky that the container was sealed tightly because otherwise I'd've smelled it and I know that dairy does not smell that good when it's old. Yuck. Simply disgusting. XP ~Cavey
  12. "Don't you DARE burn up my Harry Potter Money Set, or I'll-" *dead* LOL, couldn't resist. And yes, I do have a Harry Potter money set. It's got a Knut, a Sickle (MONEY, not sickle cell), and a Galleon. My sis got it and she gave it to me. ~Cavey
  13. Yes. Yes. Yes. I totally agree with you. Not only is Firestar too nice, he's PERFECT. I liked Hollypaw when she was an apprentice, but she killed a cat of her OWN CLAN. Can't decide who I like now. Leafpool was very nice, but hello! She had kits. She was a MEDICINE CAT! I'd probably go for Graystripe. Millie's a bit soft. ~Cavey
  14. Hmm...wonder what the dragon will be that's the winner? *goes off to make tree pretty* ~Cavey
  15. wO0t! This would be even awesomer if I didn't have a bad leg right now...*mutter* ~Cavey
  16. Our place does not get snow. I live in a desert, but I am not giving away my location. Man. BUT for winter break I'm going to Europe (no location to give to you-I don't wanna get personnapped) with snow. Yayyyyyyyy. ~Cavey
  17. Zombies move around on your scroll. It's annoying, isn't it? How do the CB dragons get there? Where do they get the beds? ~Cavey
  18. I honestly don't know which one is worse...falling out of a tree, hitting my back and feeling almost immobilized for two weeks or messing around on the playground and falling headfirst into the woodchips. Got 'em in my mouth. Ouch. ~Cavey
  19. SCREAM!!! Oh, THANK YOU!!! And now that I know that Teleport is going to be implemented, I can be completely prepared for a Silver! And more eggs! YESS! ~Cavey EDIT: w0ot! First page of a News post!
  20. I just got an alt vine from the AP. Notice how it is gold. Maybe it is a gold hiding underneath a vine hatchie costume. But they probably didn't have them back then. If you placed an egg near your vine or your zombie, wouldn't the poor thing get devoured? And wouldn't you get bitten too? ~Cavey
  21. Same here, Kaini. Don't feel bad. And Booo, your username matches Halloween!
  22. Never had them. The only time my school checked my head was when I was in 3rd grade. But that's all I know.
  23. Oh yeah, so going for it! I totally wanna push my limits here. Yeah!!
  24. Have a magma named H0tty after its goofy code(caps altered) h0tS.