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  1. Ehhh. Quick question for anyone who can answer it. Would going into the Falls family-you know, the family with the girl who is "broken"-while not knowing if she's still corrupting and using the boolprop constrainfloorelevation cheat to make waterfalls kill the game? And another-can anyone direct me to a low-poly Water Terrain Paint? I've been meaning to find another one but I haven't had time. ~Cavey
  2. *shakes* Ewww, creepy and gross at the same time, glamoursea... Let me think. Oh yes, I had a smoothie from Tropical Smoothie Café. I didn't realize it was leaking on the bottom side. Two days later I see it and think, "Oh, I should go throw that out before it gets all gross like those posts in the Moments of EWWW thread." I put my hand on it and attempt to yank it off the desk. It's stuck. ...when I did manage to get it off the stuff left on the desk looked like very thick vomit. Blargh. I had my mother wipe it off, but I can still see it. Ewwww. ~Cavey
  3. I love cats, mainly because my parents purchased one We wanted a dachshund, too, but that would've cost too much. Widget--her photo's in the sig--is SO CUTE. Right now she is curled up in the space between my Mac Mini and keyboard. And she likes placing her paw on the keyboard. She's typed too much. ~Cavey
  4. jshsghaya Josh sat hard singing Greece's horrible anatomy yet awful. fseoiorei ~Cavey
  5. I've never been to one. But once in school in second grade every boy in second grade would come to my teacher and tell her there was a bathroom pass in the toilet until she sent someone (with gloves) to get it out. Eww, sounds pretty disgusting. (Not a boy. Wasn't allowed in there.) And I hate using those tiny stalls in there. Either they're littered with toilet paper (I REALLY hope it's unused) or it isn't flushed. So I try to use a bigger stall because those are the best ones to use. (The only fault is that the school bathrooms in the hallways don't have doors that separate the ladies and men's room) And I hate seeing little cracks in walls because a few years ago there was a cockroach attack in the music room, which climbed into the girl's room. Ewww. Yes, I still use the bathrooms. ~Cavey
  6. I haven't had a bath in a while. When I was younger, I would take a bunch of bubble baths and throw the bubble suds all over the tub. Of course, it was one of those tubs that's also a shower so it's got a glass covering. And I loved sliding around in the tub. Made biiig waves. (And knocked everything into the tub along with the waves.) ~Cavey
  7. N: 4/10 Needs to be capitalized and those numbers bug me. But I'm the one to talk. *glances at own name* A: 5/10 Ehh, the eyes creep me out a little. S: 3/10 All over the place and not quite right. ~Cavey
  8. Hmm, let me think. (DC's down, it's harder to think, ya know! Quit bothering me.) Oh yes, how come we can't name our dragons names that are already used? There are probably plenty of people with my name out there. It's not like the dragon is gonna be in your cave! ~Cavey
  9. Does anyone know how to discourage use of claws without declawing? Widget made so many wounds on my arms and legs...most of them are gone, but a few are like scars. They just stay there. I don't mind her biting because she's at a teething age, but I really hate the clawing. And she loves going behind the computer, running back to where I am, and curling up in the space between the keyboard and monitor. Too cute. ~Cavey
  10. I'd go on, but the connection keeps timing out. And Down For Everyone Or Just Me says it's down. Crap. ~Cavey
  11. Put an insect (especially a cockroach) by me and I'll shake. Only discovered this a while ago. Eek, bugs are freaky. (Unless they're ladybugs. I don't mind those, I saved one with my sister once, but that's another story.) ~Cavey
  12. I'd like this, and I thought of something. Maybe we could have a "show description" checkbox for each dragon for when they're edited by mods? Like, if you had a description that was really horrible, you could leave the box blank. ~Cavey
  13. Bump. Danimal Pop bump. Yay, I like making no sense. ~Cavey
  14. Screenshot of what? If you're talking about the cut neck, I haven't been on the game for a while in case removing the custom clothes and hacks corrupted the game, and didn't think to take a picture when I saw it. The shirt is that full-body Maxis blue horse shirt-and-skirt set that is packaged with the game. I know it's kinda lame, but I was avoiding my custom things in case something glitched. Of course, a few days ago I found bits and pieces for the plane and had a custom terrain set so good that my game wouldn't show it up, so that might've been the problem. They're both gone now, but I'm not sure what crashes a game like that. I might have a picture of the outfit, let me look. I want Open For Business soooo bad, but with my crappy graphics card, I'm not sure it'd be able to handle the game with a chop-necked girl. And I wish I had Boot Camp for my Mac so I could run my sister's old Windows games, but I don't and Boot Camp stresses the computer anyway. ~Cavey EDIT: Got a screenshot of the outfit (minus bits of the boots, cause I'm the sim wearing it, and I'm in a pose where I can't actually get the boots without capturing my face...Note that I am NOT the child with a slit neck, that girl is in another family. And off topic, I AM a tween, I was younger when I made my family.)
  15. Bump pmub. AAAAAAHHHH IT'S TAKEOUTS SPEED BUMP *flies through air* ~Cavey
  16. (It's not mine, a user on the forum made it. Thanks to the user!) ~Cavey
  17. I mean the child has a small amount of her neck missing. You can clearly see the blue of her shirt if you look at it. It's like someone chopped a piece of her pixel-neck out, without all the blood and bones. Sometimes the game doesn't chop the neck/forehead, though, and just keeps Sims from moving. By moving I mean walking, speaking, using the toilet, eating-anything they can do. They'll freeze completely, the action will vanish from the queue, and their plumbob will blink, like: Plumbob: flash-gone-back-flash-gone-back-flash-gone-back-flash Other sims: Wut And so on. Rain, I said slit IN the neck, not slit neck. I guess I'll take my hacks out...let me see...all of it's out. But I can't find the hack to make sims write with pens in their diaries instead of knives. But the glitch is pretty goofy. ~Cavey
  18. Freak the Freak Out-Victoria Justice Are you listening? Hear me talk? Hear me sing? Open up the door! Is it less? Is it more? Tell me to beware! Are you here? Are you there? Is it something I should know? Easy come! Easy go! Noddin' your head Don't hear a word I said I can't communicate When you're late Don't relate I try to talk to you But you never even knew! So what's it gonna be? Tell me, can you hear me? I'm so sick of it! Your attention deficit! Never listen! Never listen! I'm so sick of it, so I'll throw another fit! Never listen! Never listen! I scream your name! It always stays the same! I scream and shout! So what I'm gonna do now is freak the freak out! Woah Woah Woah Woaoaoh Patience running thin, running thin, come again Tell me what I get, opposite, opposite Tell me what is real! If it breaks, does it heal? Open up your ear! Why you think that I'm here? Keep me in the dark Are you even thinking of me? Is someone else above me? Gotta know! Gotta know! What am I gonna do? 'Cause I can't get through to you! So what's it gonna be? Tell me, can you hear me? I'm so sick of it! Your attention deficit! Never listen! Never listen! I'm so sick of it, so I'll throw another fit! Never listen! Never listen! I scream your name! It always stays the same! I scream and shout! So what I'm gonna do now is freak the freak out! Woah Woah Woah Woaoaoh Woah Woah Woah Woaoaoh Easy come! Easy go! Easy come! Easy go! (Tell me, can you hear me?) I scream your name! It always stays the same! I scream and shout! So what I'm gonna do now is freak the freak out! Woah Woah Woah Woaoaoh Woah Woah Woah Woaoaoh (Freak the freak out!) I scream your name! (Freak the freak out!) But you never listen! (Freak the freak out!) No, you never listen! (Freak the freak out!) But you never listen... ~Cavey
  19. I have Spore. But I can't find the disk. Curse messy rooms. ~Cavey
  20. *headdesks repeatedly* OH CRAP I HATE MY GRAPHICS CARD. My child female Sim in the Falls family has a slit in her neck. And I have no clue why-the lot had nothing on it, wasn't too big, and nothing was custom in there. I'm thinking that it might be the boolprop constrainfloorelevation cheat I used, but...I turned it off. And I was a complete idiot...and saved it. >< >< >< NOOOOO! I don't know if I can remove one family's data without corrupting the game, but I don't think I can...curse you, bad graphics card! And a few days ago my father told me I didn't have the system requirements for Sims 3. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHH Any help I can have is appreciated...I took out all custom things except for hacks to keep the game OK. ~Cavey
  21. Freak the Freak Out by Victoria Justice. *hums* ~Cavey
  22. I've got it somewhere, do you mean the file for the downloads, or the file with the readme things and the BodyShop? ARRRRRRRRGHHH STUPID DISK WHERE ARE YOU? Yeah, I want to play because I installed some custom terrain paints and stay out of large lots, but I can't find the disk... ~Cavey
  23. It's okay about the color thing. I'll just use something else for this. And I feel so n0obish, but what's a HDD? I'm a geek, but not too tech savvy. And the fact that it's a Mac is the reason I'm angry about the game, because I can't purchase a graphics card and replace it the way you can with Windows. (But Windows are crappy computers, my sister had one once, and it kept crashing...) If I were to enter the game, would it break? I'm just thinking that I'm getting a new computer soon, and I want to get the family out of the lot so I can back up my data without corrupting the things. ~Cavey