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  1. Nothing. I'm in Germany and don't have computer games. Anyway, attempting to run The Sims games in windowed mode while being online will crash it. Tried opening the launcher once and it crashed. I rest my case. ~Cavey
  2. Hope your cat gets better, Tiki. So many sick cats, I hope Widget doesn't get sick while the whole family is on vacation. ~Cavey
  3. Re: Your Brains by Jonathan Coulton. Oh, and Grandma's Christmas Dinner--I think from the same artist. But that one is more disturbing than scary. ~Cavey
  4. Sola, oh no! Hope your cat's okay. That stinks. Does anyone have any suggestion for a cat that likes to claw walls? The marks aren't visible but it's getting very annoying when Widget is walking on my desk and stretches out on the wall, clawing it while she is standing on her hind legs. It's cute but bad, and I want to stop it. ~Cavey
  5. Err...these aren't gas station bathrooms but I think they should be counted as them. Airplane toilets. Need I say more? Gross, ew, yuck, bleah. That's all I will say. ~Cavey
  6. I thought barren meant dead! Whoops. Can I replace them in some way without planting them again? I really took a long time to get all those plants (sure, they're only apple trees, tomato plants and vines of stuff but it was hard to find the seeds) and I don't want it to be wasted. Turned off reflections yesterday and the fuzzy problem where my roof appeared to be appearing in fuzz twice (I know, you're going "what?", I mean I'd see the roof wall from the Gable roof and a fuzzy patch of the screen near it would make it look as though it was appearing again) was reduced. But I found out that it still shows up, just all blurry and sticky looking. Ugh, I hate my mirrors looking like that, but I'm not turning it back on. I will kill my graphics chip if I do. Don't ask why I'm using a chip instead of a card. I'm on a Mac. Macs don't have cards. But this one is pretty strong. ~Cavey
  7. Botha botha botha botha botha botha. White for spoilers. Need I say more? (giggle, giggle, snort) ~Cavey
  8. Oh yeah, I just remembered. So elder Macy Hotow in Twinbrook (the mother of the girl Autumn I have mentioned several times) learned Gardening skill with the Green Thumb trait, because I heard that you can revive dead plants with that trait. She got her last point of Gardening skill through a book, but she can't revive plants. The plants are dead, but clicking on them only gives me "Dispose All Dead Plants (green thumb icon)" and "View". Can revive only be performed by young adults and adults, or is this a game issue? She also has the Lucky and Natural Cook traits, the only ones I can remember, she's got five traits. If it's a game issue, is it serious? ~Cavey
  9. *puts hand over face* I think I meant when I had the money but didn't state that. The only reason I'd have two different computers and one just for the internet is because people hack Windows a lot more often than Macs, antiviruses can turn out to be viruses themselves, trojans, keyloggers, blah blah blah. Macs only get viruses with .dmg files, and they don't work with .exe files. Macs (ones that aren't game compatible) are cheaper than this one. I'll probably just start with a Mac and then get the Windows. But that's completely non-Sim related. Anyway, I do little challenges for fun in 3. So I take an ordinary family, move them in a blank ordinary lot, and after lots and lots of fun building the place, BOOM there's an island house. Then I enable testingcheats and buydebug and throw some fish in the water (yes I turn the cheats off, that is not the graphic error cause) for them to fry with the portable fire pit. They're only allowed to leave the lot for seed and gem hunting (and school if there's kids or teens, but NO JOBS) and when they hit 20,000 simoleons I use the motherlode cheat as many times as I need to, reverse the island, and build them a real house. There's a good way to play. Just for you Simmers who are getting bored. ~Cavey
  10. *facepalm* No wonder it isn't running the best, integrated means onboard graphics, aka GRAPHICS CHIPS. My dad is a total Windows hater (which is why I look down on Windows) so he won't buy a Windows for gaming, and frankly, he'd never waste his money on that kind of stuff. Lesson learned, limited Simming when I get Pets. Blasted Mac creators, can you make Macs with CARDS instead of CHIPS? When I get out of the house into college (at this point The Sims 4 will be out, but who cares) I'm getting a Windows for gaming along with a Mac for online stuff. When I play Sims tomorrow, I'm turning off reflections. I like the reflections but the longer that I play with unreasonable settings, the sooner my chip will die, I won't notice (I am so oblivious to these things), and damage my motherboard, killing my computer completely. *headdesk* My dad would be all RAEG RAEG RAEG. Oh, and some people say their noob mistakes with Sims 2. You know what mine was? Installing the game. I'm surprised it even ran with a GMA 950 chip. I was so uneducated with Macs then. ~Cavey
  11. Uh, I don't know the temperature, but when I'm playing The Sims 3 Generations, that drive gets so hot that it buuurns. D: Yeah, I'm not sure that's good, when I played Ambitions it never got that hot. Yeah, it's rather new, but if you looked behind my computer, you'd know why I'd want to clean the fans. There's a glittery wax hand back there (oops) and dust. Plus, Widget goes back there and sleeps there, so I'm not surprised if there's cat hair, too. It's why I'm limiting her time back there right now because that drive might be full of fluff. And add the fact that when my father got it, there was probably stuff in the drive box that fell in the fans. That's why I want to clean it, get the dust off the graphics device (I can't find if the NVIDIA GeForce 320M is a chip or a card!) because it might be sticking in little slits or cracks, stopping it from working properly. ~Cavey
  12. I don't use any CC. Period, end of story. It's too complicated, and I don't want to install Stuffit or Keka. The only things in my Downloads folder are msi.bin and nav.bin, and I'm assuming those are patches. Although it might be dust buildup in the fans causing the graphical errors (that air is HOT, and I don't think it's a good sign) so I'm going to clean that out soon to get it off the motherboard or whatever Macs have that Windows call motherboards or mainboards or blah blah blah...you get the picture. I'm impantiently waiting for Pets. Just a quick note to everyone who has pre-ordered Pets, you might want to wait to install it once you get it until the patch is out. It's what I'm going to do, just for game safety. ~Cavey
  13. I interpreted just plain lag, not bugs. But hey, we all think differently. But anyway, now I just remembered that I've had black dots and white lines jagging across my screen. *facepalm* I think I might've killed my game a little. Can anyone give help on reducing that? It isn't all over the screen, but on floors there are the black dots and different lots in the neighborhood, like next door houses, have the white lines on the edges of the lot, and it's just plain annoying. ~Cavey
  14. 7Deadly$ins, by "losing the curve" the curve shows up if you look at it from an angle, but above it? You just see a bunch of terrain. I'd show you a Mod The Sims photo but it's down and I can't access the site... And Sorrowgrave, if your game is lagging that much, you might need to upgrade your computer. My Mac runs The Sims 3, Ambitions and Generations with little to no lag, but...yeah. You know what I mean. ~Cavey
  15. I just...want to strangle EA right now. They didn't let me sign up for an account so I can get Riverview. I entered my birth date way before it was so I could actually do it, and then they kept refusing my password when it was correct... *sigh* Really, EA? It's not my game either. Although I take it back on not having problems. Now curved pools and fountains lose their curve. *grumbles* ~Cavey
  16. willa? You want to have an advantage? Tell your mom that The Sims 2 and The Sims 3 (never played the original, so I dunno about it) are rated Teen because of the fact that it has "woohoo and try for baby" that you can't see at all, the violence is slaps or fights in clouds that don't give you a look at the fighting except when they pop out and even then they go back in, and that's the same as crude humor. I was in 4th grade when I got The Sims 2, and that was because my sister had the games and my parents believed I was mature enough. Before I broke the game, (well, I didn't, installing Pets for Sims 2 asploded it, and that was because of my graphics chip, look it up if you don't know what I mean, Google "onboard graphics") it was my all-time favorite. Then I got this computer, and I haven't installed The Sims 2 yet because 1, I play The Sims 3 most of the time now, and 2, I have a duo core, which can cause problems. ~Cavey
  17. How is Sims 3 not cool? It is epic win and I think it is the best Sims game so far in the series. My old crapMac would never have been able to run it--I'd be surprised if it even got past the launcher. Especially with it being with a dead GC. Wait, I checked the config log and it said I had a GMA 950. *slaps self* Those are defective. Stupid me. They're defective because those are graphics chips, not cards. Although I think all Macs have chips, but this one is definitely strong. There is no way it could run Sims 3, Ambitions and Generations without lag or problems. ~Cavey
  18. @pandalover--please don't double post. It clogs the thread. Anyway, Widget has a litter box that has a lid, so if we walk back there (imagine a little bar with a minifridge, freezer, sink and the box) she isn't disturbed. She's taken to watching everyone clear her litter. But it isn't the point. So I was clearing it out and found cat business stuck to the side, and no bag where it was supposed to be. It was a pretty big clump, too. ;_; Never cleaning that thing again. ~Cavey
  19. Name: 2/10. Just...yuck. Numbers and no spaces, although I'm the one to talk. Avvie: 5/10. It's blurry, but I'm giving you credit for yelling CUBE. Siggy: 3/10. Misspellings, and basically a mess. ~Cavey
  20. I am never going to buy WA. Apparently sims poof, they freeze, screen flashes. Anyone know the answer to this? Back when I had my crapMac, (what I call it) I was playing a house in TS2, and then when I had two girls playing together, the screen flashed black and then they were stuck. The others could move, but those girls couldn't move at all--stuck in their position like a statue, and nothing worked (I wasn't willing to forceerror them through boolProp, it's too risky.), even canceling the action and telling them to do something else--they were playing Cops and Robbers, IIRC. I decided it was a glitch and quit without saving. And now I'm wondering, what caused it? ~Cavey
  21. WTH is Pottermore? To me, HPATGOF (Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire) left too much out. It was boring and stupid. Wasted my time. ~Cavey
  22. Pink, Generations is made of epic win. Here are some things that I can list off the top of my head: -Egg throwing, fire bag, dingdong ditching. Only for teens, and I had Autumn do it, and she was caught by the police and got grounded. Her sister Sally was like, "That is IT. You're grounded, young lady! Don't even think about leaving this house!" Got the grounded moodlet, and had her mom let her off the hook (the prom was the next day). -Booby traps. Child and teen. Shower dye, scary computer, whoopee cushion...I can't think of any more traps. -Bunk and loft beds. Rather useful if you have a small house and more kids. (Speaking of that, Autumn had triplets. ) -Strollers. Except one of my sims kept carrying and then putting the kid in the stroller. I was like, "Make up your mind." ...and I'm pretty sure there's more. ~Cavey
  23. Hope it doesn't happen to your cat again, sola. I just remembered; when we first brought Widget home (OMG BLACK FLUFFINESS SQUEE was pretty much my reaction ) she had worms and we had to give her a paste to remove them. I was doing it a lot, and then on the last day, dad positions her head and opens her mouth, and just as I push the entire syringe pusher down, she tips her head and it goes all over her head. X3 Widget covered in orangish paste. Did feel a little bad for her, though. She couldn't clean her head at the time. (I think she got abandoned by her mother, so she got picked up by Saving One Life. They were going to put her down. But we saved her. ^>^) Yesterday or the day before, I went with my mom to get cat food (we're leaving for two weeks soon) and I saw an adorable tortoiseshell kitten. She could even groom her head, which kind of surprised me, because Widget couldn't do that at first. Then I looked at her tag on the window. Her name is Piano. ~Cavey
  24. You have the game and it's up to date, right? Getting the Generations patches gives you a memory system. And they do talk, and when they gossip, you can see what your Sim is saying. Example: Playing the Hotow (I made them in Twinbrook, along with the dude that the girl Autumn is married to, except at this point they were teens) family. Select Autumn and choose Gossip with her boyfriend. Pop up box. "blah blah blah. (Skeet Bayless just died. Isn't it a shame? was here.)" But unless you get Generations, when someone in a different house dies, like, let's say someone in the Greenwood house died, it will say, "(Sim name) is in mourning because just died. (Sim's gender)'ll always keep alive in (gender) memory!" and the only fix I found was installing Gen. rebel: Try upgrading your machine, or in the worst case scenario (failed upgrade, on Mac, etc.) purchase a whole new machine that can handle it. As I'm a Mac user, I had to go to worst case scenario, and my father purchased a new one. ^>^ And a note to all Sims 3 players, if your computer has a core (duel or quad, can't remember, though I think it's duel) it will generally run the best. But I'm not a person in a computer company, so I don't know if it's possible to plug a duel core in. ~Cavey
  25. Who thinks fall needs to come faster? *raises hand* I want this Pets expansion pack now! Oh, and EA needs to release a Seasons EP like they did in TS2. I know there are fog emitters to do it, but they lag my game and the snow doesn't even cover the ground! Quit making stuff packs and work on seasons already, EA! Listen to us for god's sake! I hate EA. ~Cavey