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  1. I'm a SIMMEH, who screams when there's a FIYAH and doesn't RUN! And Sims babehs which I is strolling in da STWOLLER (randomness ftw ) ~Cavey
  2. Don't install the new patch on Sims 3 if you don't want to have to reboot your game. I tried and the first time this happened: I was like, OMG? What? and clicked the checkmark to be booted from the game. I'm pretty sure I'll have to do that tomorrow too. *facepalm* It worked the second time, though. But DON'T INSTALL IT unless you want that. Generations was in there and it was a legal and verified version, too. And EA sucks with customer support so I didn't contact them, but if they screw up the Pets patch they'll have a very unpleasant report from me. ~Cavey
  3. Um, I don't want to start a huge argument here, but $ins (you mind if I call you that?), your statement on boolProp is incorrect. I only use testingcheats in The Sims 3 if I'm in a stressful situation (everyone's hunger is red, for example) to drag everyone's needs up, but keeping boolProp on in 2 for way too long can completely corrupt the game. (aka you have to trash your game files) Haze, then it sounds like your game simply had a bug. ~Cavey
  4. Oh. If you have the computer version and hacks installed it means something is conflicting. Things like the InTeenimator and InSiminator (think that's how you spell it) will often conflict if you have multiples of core mods, and those two are examples. But didn't you say you had Double Deluxe? If not, you most likely didn't patch it (unneeded for DD, but I can't give you any patches cuz the site is down). When you adopt, at 10 AM the next morning, a pop-up box will appear and say: "That special day has arrived." Then it gives you three options. You can get a baby, toddler or child. But I must warn you: Adopted kids are usually UGLY. There was only one case where I saw a toddler come with custom hair and a decent Maxis outfit, and it was on my sister's computer (my old one couldn't support the base game, let alone that awesome somewhere-around-3000-poly-hair). You need hacks to choose the gender and skintone. And Haze, next time that happens, try this. Hit Control-Shift-C (add the Windows key if you're on a, um, I think Vista) and enter in the box that appears at the top of the screen "boolProp testingcheatsenabled true" without the quotation marks and shift-click the Sims. Hit the Force Error button that appears on the Sims, and click Reset on both error boxes. Then quickly open up the cheat window and type in "boolProp testingcheatsenabled false" without the marks--this is crucial, and DON'T mess with it! You can permanently damage your game without turning it off, and don't click anything else. ~Cavey
  5. So true. Once, before my old computer busted and died, I had a Sim living in Downtown (I will not be using those again, those things are darn big polysuckers) and then she went to a Downtown lot with Mrs. Crumplebottom on it (*facepalm*) the Sim went into a hot tub and the old object lectured her. Y'know, Mrs. Old Lady That Can Corrupt Games If You Mess With Her, would you rather she did something else naughty? I had her leave the lot soon after. Never went back to Downtown. ~Cavey
  6. I don't know, because I don't have a Facebook and thus can't view anything there. I'm guessing YES, but on the wikia it says to be announced. I really don't know. Guys, Cavey needs some help. I'm planning on installing The Sims 2 again, just to get back into my Simming groove (because what kind of Simmer only plays one Sim game?) but I have two problems. The first one is Mac related. I can put the disk in my computer, but it says, drag to your hard disk to install. The problem is, my father confirmed that the hard disk is a little gray thing in the corner of the screen, and I don't HAVE that, so unless I can get it somehow, no Sims 2 for Cave! How do I install it like this? There's no way to transfer the disc data that I know of. The second one is EA related. EA has done it again *facepalm* Even if I DID get the game on my Mac, the site has COMPLETELY gone down for maintenance, and there would be NO way to get the patch. How am I supposed to work this out?! Darn EA. ~Cavey
  7. I've only used IE and Firefox, so I'm going with Firefox. I'm serious. IE is crap. The connection times out when I use the school computers (which use IE) and it is SLOW. I have Firefox 3.6, and even though the new one is faster, it's screwy and dumb. But my family owns Macs, so that might be why we have fast connections. School computers are Windows. ~Cavey
  8. *tilts head sideways and puts hand over face* Okay, I was just about to pull out my old Storytelling folders out of The Sims 2 (which I have put in my trash bin on my toolbar, btw). However, I discovered that while they looked perfect in-game, looking at them on my computer without having the game makes them blurry. There are funny little lines around Sims, looking like they're vibrating or shaking, the terrain paints are distorted, bedding (pillows and quilts) is not showing up correctly because of the blur, ALL of the hair (while I had no cc hair) doesn't quite show well, floors are blurred, chairs have graphical messes, the learning skill bar looks terrible, and did I mention that I didn't have boolProp postprocessingcheats (or whatever it is) on? In fact, the only photos that look okay are the Maxis taken ones, and even some of THOSE look bad. Have a sample. You see? It looks terrible, and when it was in the game it looked PERFECT. Anyone know how to fix this without Photoshop? (I have too many photos for that!) And it's only the 2 one that does this. My Sims 3 Storytelling/Photos folder looks good, no blur, no graphic messes, everything looks like it should. For those of you saying about how many EPs and SPs have come out: Town Life Stuff is coming out too. *gigglegiggle* I love Generations, and if the Pets trailer was just staged or whatever it is I will not be happy and if EA makes a bunch of crap SPs and I get them, they are going to hear about it. They have disappointed me enough. ~Cavey
  9. Since World Adventures is the most buggy and I won't be getting it anyway, I don't know about most of the glitches. I don't have LN either but I probably will get it. I just hope a NVIDIA GeForce 320M can support Pets, otherwise I'm screwed because I pre-ordered it. And I won't be installing Pets until they release the patch and it autoupdates for me. I want to fix the Pets glitches first. Otherwise my game will not work properly. ~Cavey
  10. Widget prefers milk rings and velcro rings. She was at the table once near a milk ring. Widget: *sneaks up to milk ring and puts paws on table* Me + Sister: HEY! Off the table! Widget: *grabs milk ring in mouth and runs away* That was hilarious. ~Cavey
  11. - All Time Low (The link is a Sims 2 music video! If you don't like Sims, don't click it. It's not Simlish, it's English.) ~Cavey
  12. EA has announced the Pets release date! OMG I CAN'T WAIT! (Please tell me if that links you to a virus and I'll take it down. ModTheSims is having that kind of trouble, and it might be linked to other sites relating to Sims.) ~Cavey
  13. Nein! I prefer my assorted avatars of kittens. *Nein is No in German. ~Cavey
  14. It's good that your cat is a little better, sola. My father's cat from long before I was born ended up with some kind of cancer, they took her (her name was Scratch) repeatedly to the vet to get the tumor cut off, but it kept growing back and they finally had to put Scratch to sleep. D: I hope Widget doesn't have that kind of fate laid out for her. I'm a lover of ploofball kitties They are so adorable. ~Cavey
  15. Does anyone know if that corrupted devil doll is still around? I've read about the girl doll attaching to things. And what made her corrupt? I hope Pets brings the ability for dogs to slip on toys like the dog did in the trailer. That would be awesome. ~Cavey
  16. I know, 7Deadly$ins. I thought that everything looked better then, but now I hate the way they look. ~Cavey
  17. Sorry for bumping this up, but I loved Neopets! I joined in 2009 on my birthday. Then I heard about Neo selling the site to the 'Vile'com bratty cow team. Let's just say that my account, lightninghail, doesn't get much attention now. I stick my pets in the Neolodge every few days. ~Cavey
  18. German bathrooms at restaurants and places like that. The soap dispensers NEVER let any soap come out, even when there is plenty of soap in them. *facepalm* It's disgusting, and in the gas station I had to use, there was this disgusting smell in the stall I used, and the hand dryer was so loud my ears pretty much exploded. /sarcasm But really, they need to clean those places up. ~Cavey
  19. When I installed The Sims 3 by itself with a Late Night, Ambitions and World Adventures patch because I have autopatching, I saw absolutely no option to change the language. But I may just be oblivious to the button...although I never saw that option in The Sims 2 either. Must be fixed with patches. /shrug I'm so afraid of Grim. Luckily my sister knew how I felt. She said that once a Sim was dying and then she was like OMG WHO IS THIS GUY IN A CREEPY CLOAK OMG AHH. Although I am still extremely paranoid of fires. It's why I make most Sims with the Natural Cook trait because they can't burn food other than leaving it unattended. In 2, I never ever let Sims cook until Cooking hit 10 skill bars, and completely ignored Lobster Thermidor and other things that come with point 10. I think I only had ONE Sim cook in 2 because she was the only one with 10. And that was pork chops. Simple. Before I had to wipe my game, long before I got Pets, my legacy (I almost said lagecy lol) mother tried to cook pancakes. Four points. Stove caught on fire. ._. Never again. I was lucky I remembered a sprinkler from Uni. I wish there was something like that in 3! I'd cook a lot more if there was. ~Cavey
  20. Widget, Widget stretching, Widget purring, Widget sleeping, me petting Widget, me hugging Widget, me kissing Widget (what's bad about kissing a cat? People kiss dogs all the time and they're dirtier), WIDGET Okay, non Widget. Milka and Dove chocolate, the fact that my cousin lent me his Action Replay so I could catch Arceus and Mew. It would make me a lot happier if this text thing would quit blinking. ~Cavey
  21. If I were to buy a German version of Late Night and installed it to my English game, would all the Late Night stuff be in German or would it not work? Just wondering. ~Cavey
  22. Thanks Pink, vampires ftw Yeah, Generations is pure win. I love the fact that they included bunks and lofts and sleeping bags. The bunks are so cool and I love how Sims can sleep anywhere with the sleeping bags except rabbit holes. I think Ambitions was actually pretty cool. Except for one thing. One of my Sims became a firefighter and then there was a fire next door to his house. His wife, who is pregnant with a girl, runs outside and starts screaming, and I'm canceling the action and telling her to get away, and she keeps dropping the action so she can scream. *facepalm* The only fault I found in Ambitions is that the Inventing Table can explode. My Sim caught on fire. *headdesk* I'm not getting WA until EA permanently fixes the missing Sims bug. ~Cavey
  23. Can someone tell me how the Late Night expansion pack is? It looks kind of cool, but I don't want to get it until I get back home and find all the information on it. I'd do it here, but I'd end up with a lot of German answers and I do not happen to understand it... *does a little dance to The Sims 3: Generations expansion pack trailer music* I love Time Bomb. And I love Generations itself. It is so freakishly awesome. I love the seesaws and the waterslides and the pranks and...um, I forgot to do the bachelorette party for Autumn, so I don't know a thing about it. ~Cavey