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  1. It's a Bamboo Create, and I need to get a new tablet. Apparently the Create is no longer being made.
  2. Not gonna help. The tablet itself has died. I tested with a new cord and it's still not activating.
  3. It's not a software issue, I've already checked that. I think that either the cord or the tablet got damaged in some way, considering I pretty much have to force in the plug to the tablet...
  4. Ummm, I kind of have bad news. My tablet seems to have died. I don't know what's wrong with it, I just know it's not working. I got it to work for a split second, and then it powered off and won't turn on again. I don't know whether it's the cord or the tablet itself that's damaged, but either way, digital art has to be on hold for now. I might post some sketchbook doodles, but requests have to be paused for now. I'm so sorry... I'm really not having good luck with this thing.
  5. Oh. Oh. My. God. I am so sorry, guys. I completely forgot about this thread, and was on a DC hiatus for awhile. Chico- I'm going to redo your drawing and get it up hopefully by next week at latest. I'm so sorry that this has taken so long. Also, I have a new policy on requests at the moment - as long as they aren't too detail-intensive I will do it, but if it's detail-heavy I may not have the time to do it. I'm sorry, I'm really wrapped up with summer classes, volunteering and therapy. I may not have time for something very intense. So requests are now open again. I'm
  6. I've decided that I'm going to break up with Serena. I know she's not going to take it very well (who would?) but I feel like it's better for everyone involved. Rae might feel a little better when the affection can't be occurring, and I'm honestly not comfortable with Serena in the first place because of all the Rae problems and I think I may be akoiromantic instead of demiromantic. (Akoi is basically, you can have feelings for someone but you don't want to do anything with the person or have the feelings returned.) As for my counselor... Well, I really can't tell. I mean, when I told her
  7. I'm sorry for posting so much in here, but I really need some emotional support right now, because right now everything is a DISASTER. I know I've mentioned my friend Rae before. Well, there has been a lot of drama in the past few weeks regarding him, our friend who I'll call Serena, and I. Rae was being unusually snappy and hostile towards me for awhile, and I kind of snapped at him back, and my emotional state wasn't that great for awhile, because something told me he just wasn't being honest with me about something and I wanted to know what I was doing wrong, and he just wasn't telling
  8. *casually kicks the thread back up because it's on page 3* Okay, so I'm still not done with the Tamaki drawing (I'm so sorry, Chico! There's a lot going on!), and because of all the stuff going on right now, I'm going to make requests closed for right now. My robotics team only just finished building our robot last Tuesday, and there's still a lot for us to do, and I'm moving on Thursday. So all art in general is kind of on hold right now. I promise though, when the Tamaki drawing is done it will be the first thing to go up. I'm not scrapping that just because requests are closed. @H
  9. Like many other people have said, it depends on the ages of the people. Personally, I feel like someone who's more than 2 years under 20 should not be in a relationship with someone who's 20 or older. (And I say 2 years because of school - if a 16 year old and an 18 year old were dating when the older one graduated and they kept up a relationship, then I honestly think they should try to keep it up, because if you can do that I applaud you.) Otherwise, I'd say as long as it's not over 25 years apart, it's cool, but over 25 is just... weird. A teenager in a relationship with someone o
  10. Rae and I have talked about this before, and he's made it clear he's straight and that he doesn't feel the same towards me. (He was nice about it, though.) He did say that he understands where I'm coming from - I'm not quite sure what that means, but I think he meant that he'd had an unreciprocated crush and that he'd been shut out by the girl for it and didn't want to do that to me. The last thing I want to do is make him a victim to himself. I don't want him to feel bad for something he can't control, the same way he doesn't (intentionally) make me feel bad about it. He understands the
  11. I need a hug. My best friend, who I'll refer to as Rae, and I have been close for awhile now. But there have been complications, to put it mildly - a better way of putting this would be that I, under the impression I was straight, befriended him a little too much, and my romantic orientation realized just how close Rae and I were, and how much I appreciated him being supportive of me being trans. Maybe some of you remember I posted in here one time, saying that I got outed in my club by Riley - Rae was the one who stuck up for me and defended me, and whenever Rae slips up on pronouns he c
  12. Sorry for late response, Chicogal! I'm on it! (Won't be very fast about it, sorry. Grounded atm...)
  13. Honestly, I agree with most of the people in this thread. If you participate in something, and don't win, maybe you get a ribbon or something. But if everyone wins the exact same thing, then it's extremely boring and reinforces the wrong message - that you can get the same thing everyone else does without even trying. I'm in the robotics club at school, and when we had the VEX tournament once, our robots faulted and broke and stopped working randomly, and as a result, we lost. We didn't win anything, but nobody was visibly disappointed. (Then again, we're all teenagers...) Age is a consid
  14. I'm going to input something here. Can we stop referring to people who have the ability to get pregnant as "women"? Not all of us are women. Some of us are trans guys, and some of us are nonbinary/genderqueer. And just referring to the cisgender women in the thread is a bit offputting, especially because there are aspects to DFAB trans/NB/GQ people that cis women may not experience, such as dysphoria. I know I sure as heck would not want to get pregnant just because of the dysphoria I would encounter. And I don't even get it that bad sometimes. For a person who experiences such awful dysp
  15. Okay, I lied, this isn't a pencil sketch. But it's pretty colorless if you don't count the blue. (This girl isn't mine! She's pretty much a colorless lookalike of Kris from Pokemon Crystal.) also a gentle reminder that i'm still open to doing requests although i might not be very fast about it - it's frc season in robotics and i stay late at school now but i still do need things to do.
  16. Done! Sorry it took so long, Hazel, but I had some serious limits on my time that I could work on it... 2 hours of computer time a day, when I have other things to do too, is a serious cut into the amount of time I can work on things. >.< In other news, I may upload some pencil sketches soon. I've done a lot of pencil drawing again to sharpen my skills (pun intended, but it kinda falls flat considering I use mechanicals...).
  17. I'm going to kick the thread up because it's falling back. Hazel, I'm sorry it's taking so long for the drawing - I am dealing with a lot of mental crap right now, and I haven't had the energy. I'm trying my best here, I'll have it done as soon as I can.
  18. You could accidentally release the wrong dragon if you don't think to check. Let's say you have two dragons, both the same breed, and if the sprite is different depending on gender, they're also the same gender. If you don't remember to check lineages, or think you have the right one but you don't, you could quite possibly release the wrong dragon and thus have a need to "call" it back. As for my opinion on Call Back, I'm honestly not exactly sure it would be useful. I mean, maybe it would be useful to newer players who accidentally release a rare, not knowing what they're doing, but in t
  19. I'll give it a shot. Might take me awhile because of school and real-life conflicts, but I'll try it.
  20. Anyway, here's what's just going to be previews and the like. I'll most likely link to posts when I publish a request or a new picture. The art programs I use are either 1) pencil and paper, 2) Photoshop or 3) FireAlpaca. I mostly do my work in FireAlpaca these days, but I use Photoshop to edit my drawings if I don't have the right tool in FA. [This was my NaNoWriMo novel cover. I'm not exactly proud of it but I did it in a rush...] [small trigger warning for this one - there's usage of a minor swear and scars.] [This was something I did from pulling from a screens
  21. I'm Alex, and I'm a fourteen year old with an interest in art and science. But I can't exactly incorporate science into something I can post on a forum, can I? Anyway, I've been drawing since I was pretty young, but around 2013 was when I felt my art was really starting to improve. Looking back, I think it's terrible, but hey, I was twelve when I drew most of it. Point being, I'm posting my art here now. Most of what I do is digital, but I may slip in a pencil drawing here or there. That's probably not going to happen much, because my scanner likes to make things kind of messy, but
  22. Um, I'm a boy. I'm not a girl. Sorry, I just needed to correct that. Either way - I do think I've figured out why he began speaking to me in the first place. He has a serious god complex, he's admitted as such to me, and he has some weird wackoid plans to try and take over the world by transmitting a virus through people's brains. He also has two friends who he began speaking to when they were in eighth grade (I was in 8th when he began speaking to me, although I'm in 9th now) and as college students, they now plan to help him, as far as I'm aware. My guess is that he tried to get me in o
  23. I'm not intruding if I ask for some support here, am I? Several months ago, I began speaking with a person online who I'll call R, he's now twenty-five (keep in mind that I'm fourteen). He is the boyfriend of a friend of mine, and used to be my friend, but he got very vicious and I feel extremely threatened. He threatened to take my friend (his girlfriend) away from me, and to "expose" me by posting screenshots of me having breakdowns and yelling nasty things at him. And I'm not denying that I was a cruddy person, but those were breakdowns. It's incredibly hard for me to keep my cool and
  24. I'm sorry, but I need to get this out, because today has been throwing so much terrible things at me that I cannot hold this in without hurting too much. Today started off somewhat okay, but I noticed that I was sort of dissociating a lot, and finding it harder and harder to focus. Eventually I tuned out the teachers, and around lunch, I went to sit alone, because I could not handle being around my friend's immature friends. I cannot tell you how many times I have said " off" to them. I guess I got depressed. I thought I needed to be alone but I think I just made it worse for myself.
  25. Had to go into the girl's room at school today (embarrassingly enough; it's impossible for me to pass as a boy, so I have to use the girl's room) and I noticed a scribble on the wall when I entered the stall. I took a closer look, and it said, "You're not alone. Stay strong." As someone who's been struggling with some very dark thoughts as of late, that was a bit of a lift. Also saw a girl wearing a bracelet that said "You matter" on it. I think everything is trying to make me feel better, but it's not quite working.