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  1. Thank you! I'll see if can send another one yet.
  2. Can anybody please send me a card? I'd really appreciate it. I'll send one back if I can get your scroll name/
  3. I just got an egg with the code FOnZi. Anyone seen Happy Days? This is my favorite. Here are some others. rAGU MeOf. Me of what? GrEG. He's a good guy. BIRV IfWY. If why r0ms F4dgE. Kinda like fudge. G0dme. God me
  4. Didn't get any Frills when they were still out....so stupid.
  5. OFFER: Any name EXCEPT the names from my Zodiac dragons and Christmas Paintbrush. I do have the names (better ones): Stantler, pi 3 14159265, Ginny Potter, Flying Moonlight, Leaping Wing, Honorable Dragon, Dancing Blossom, Triceratops, Mudkips, Rock Candy Mountain, and Monarch Butterfly. WANT: Leo the Lion and Gemini the Twins. I need these two to complete my Zodiac names.
  6. Excuse me? My drawings are far from perfect. I spent 3 whole years doodling in school notes before I finally realized that every animal (just about) has the same bone structure, just some bones are longer and some are shorter than others. I nag you because I don't want you to take as long as I did getting the picture .
  7. Yes, like people say Okami has bad graphics and therefore is a bad game.(graphics are actually beautiful, but not what you're used to, it's in a sumi-e japanese art style)LIES! *hugs Ammy* Anyway, to stay on topic... I hope no one voted my tree badly during the time when parts of the tree were cut off.
  8. It is, but I think that at least 1/3 of the trees had a silver/gold/silver&gold theme, and I am getting tired of it.
  9. I saw a cute one. At the bottom of the tree, it looked like the nutcracker and the angel were getting married
  10. Ack! There was one where a bit of the tree was cut off.
  11. Yes! on my previous post, I cut out the part where I saw a tree that looked like all the ornaments had been shifted about a foot away from their original positions.
  12. Woah I just saw a tree where only half of thesilver Western Dragon Tree topper and the silver bird tree topper were visible. They were floating in the air on the right, and you could only see the left half! It was like an invisible wall just cut off half the toppers.
  13. man, I am being soo critical. I still have yet to give a 10, and I have only given one 9. I like the most creative trees, and I saw one that was a roaring dragon with outspread wings.
  14. Waitwait...*re-checks first page* we can ask for Frills? Well, seeing as how they're discontinued, I know what I'm getting if I win honerable mention.
  15. Oh, what a nice Arctic Double-Tailed Dragon. I must wait for a spot to open
  16. Sorry, but this just caught my eye. Barn Owls have White faces ( the heart part), chests, bellies, and wing underneaths. The back of their heads, outside the heart-face, backs, and wing tops are a golden tawny-brown. They don't have brown faces
  17. Oh, hello there Rare: Magma Thunder Silver Uncommon: Paper CB Red Cheese Common: CB Pygmy Lush/Terrae(whichever you call it) Harvest Nice banner AmberEmber! EDIT: Recieved my Harvest! Danke
  18. Oh wow... I didn't know those little white things were booties
  19. Leetle Tree drops are random, right?
  20. Anyone notice how the branches around our trees are growing leaves and berries? Also, the little badge has lights now
  21. I would also like to know this, I'm just bringing it up again.
  22. Yeah, I hope that we don't accidentally kill our winner's poor dragons. T'would be a shame.
  23. When someone does't win, but was still pretty close, th=at person is an honerable mention.