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  1. OK, I'll try to hatch both later (I'm always locked with scroll, so I unlock every encyclopedia spots observing eggs). UPD: unlocked night drake by observing. Sunset is stlill counting 0 eggs observed.
  2. Awww, I'm locked with hatchlings |D Want to get all those new eggs =I
  3. How to unlock sunset egg and night glory egg? All eggs shows sunrise and day =(
  4. Oh, ok, I didn't know that. So there will be shadows in Encyclopedia...
  5. Bad luck... I just lose all my scroll place |D
  6. *Silver Fox*, Terces, thanks, got them =) Still need yellow lumina hatches...
  7. I saw signatures with dragons on Spore forum, so here I am.
  8. dragongrrl, thanks, unlocked adult =3
  9. Can anyone help me with pink (Almandine from alpine) Pyralspite hatchlings? Need for unlocking gendered hatch spot. Also, I need Scaleless Lumina. Locked with all spots =(
  10. Killing my eyes in cave all days long when I need a rare =( Most of times I miss it as bad ping or idk.
  11. Chrono. Like blue colors~ Also astrapi - it reminds me eastern water dragon from dragonadopters which I had two...
  12. Yeah, sometimes it happens. I found my eggs when was on holiday hunting most of times.
  13. shallow water 14G egg This is one from my perfect inbreed project so if you want to continue this madness I can breed 2nd egg for you next time. Or just freeze it if you need. Take care of this~
  14. Have the most stupid dream... What do you think it was about? Right. It was dream about sleeping =___= It was hard to understand something when I got up finally.
  15. Feeling lazy and sick, but I have a lot of work to prepare for my exam unfortunately ='(
  16. It's one of last summer days... +16 C, clear and sunny C=
  17. First one is Russian, second Pascal English |D
  18. Chicken (1st time cooked ever) + sweet cherry juice =3
  19. Omg, The Sims 3 ruined my life |D