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    Glomp Gifting

    Mr. Dude --> Slytherin7: 3rd gen stairstep thuwed crimson flare w/ pumpkins (accepted) Enjoy!
  2. Yesterday I saw an offer for two Shimmers and two Midnights for a CB Black. I was so tired I thought they were golds and water dragons. I gave the dude my CB Black and went to bed. I checked my scroll just now and wondered what the heck was going on. Then I saw this. The moral of the story is: You can get the new "hip" thing everyone's talking about without even knowing that you have it. I'm loving these eggs and hatchies. Thank you, spriters! Happy Year of the Yang Water Dragon to all, and to all the best of luck.
  3. Found this last Halloween: http://dragcave.net/lineage/Z9fII. If TJ himself didn't drop it, then the person didn't know what it was worth. I got a CB Crimson Flare on the AP too. It's as if I won the lottery. Yay!
  4. Got my two within the first minute. Told you I'm fast. Would've posted earlier but I had to go take a shower. Time to start randomly gifting to people who are having trouble getting even one new dragon. Good luck to everyone else, and merry Christmas! And now to the AP, where my final hopes of catching the rare and elusive Holly creature lie... Edit: The AP completely filled up with Christmas dragons.
  5. I've just about given up all hope of grabbing a Holly this year. The only way I'm going to get one now is if someone gifts one to me. I've searched everywhere, but the trades are ridiculous. Ah well, back to the AP. Three more hours until the new dragon! I may be a slowpoke in the AP but I'm insanely fast in the biomes. I'll be gifting a couple of eggs to those who can't seem to catch one (although I only have two Magis).
  6. I'm starting to get discouraged. I've been up in my room for two days with several bags of pretzels and boxes of cereal hunting for Hollies. I've only left to bathe and go to the bathroom. I haven't spent the whole time Holly-hunting (homework), but I must have spent a total of 15 hours looking in just the past two days. And I've only seen, like, seven Hollies. I click immediately, but I'm just not fast enough. Maybe there will be a wave of Hollies soon where I can actually pick one up. I'm not giving up yet. Seven minutes until the new story.
  7. Loved the story. It gave me new motivation to keep Holly-hunting. Of course I haven't been successful yet, but I'll probably get a Holly soon. It seems like all the Hollies have disappeared from the AP. Maybe there are still a few people who haven't bred their Hollies yet. And free Gold eggs would be incredible. It'd be awesome if they were CB.
  8. ...Your wreath is EPIC. I. AM. IN. AWE. I am also in awe. I am in so much awe, I am forgetting to use my contractions. I thought my wreath was good, but now I need to start over on mine to try and be half the wreath this one is. Nothing beats a secret agent platypus, except maybe a talking sponge. Hmmm...
  9. First Christmas here, and egg-locked within ten minutes. Got two 2nd gen Ribbons, a 3rd gen Yulebuck, and two 2nd gen Snow Angels! What can I say? I'm fast. Now I'm just clicking the holiday eggs that come by to see if I would've gotten them. I swear, I'd have an army of Christmas dragons. The Hollies I've seen...well, I'll put that in a separate paragraph because it's so ridiculous. I egg-locked on the Yulebuck last. I was thrilled to get one with an awesome lineage (Everyone's saying that the Yulebuck lineages aren't great.). I go to the AP immediately after to see what kinds of eggs people are throwing away so they could get Christmas dragons. I saw a Bronze Tinsel, which was pretty cool. I press F5 once. There were at least six Hollies on screen. All at once. I rapid-clicked on one like crazy, but I was overburdened. The message said I would've gotten it, too. I nearly exploded, but I'm fine now. *sigh* Oh well. I'll get some Hollies later.
  10. I LOVE the Shadow Walkers! I'm gonna start a checkerboard lineage with them and Blacks. It's gonna look AWESOME. Thank you TJ and spriters!
  11. I LOVE these dragons! Even if I don't know what they look like as adults yet. Which brings me to a huge problem. I don't have my bronze trophy yet, so I can only get four eggs. I have two new Halloween eggs, a Marrow, and a Pumpkin. I also have two Pumpkin hatchies and one Marrow hatchie. I LOVE the Marrows and want to keep the Marrow egg. I want just one more new egg to ensure that I can breed them next year (I only have a female Pink). So logic says to dump the Pumpkin egg. Here's my problem. The Pumpkin egg is a second-gen Thuwed. I need some advice. Do I dump the rarest egg I've ever gotten (the Pumpkin), or do I dump the Marrow egg and wait for next year? I can barely wait in line for the bathroom, yet alone suffer for a year so I could once again get one of my favorite dragons. Or do I just stick with two new Halloween dragons and keep both the Marrow and the Pumpkin? But that would risk getting two of the same gender and I won't be able to breed them in the future. Not only that, but this is my first holiday release here, so I want to get some more caveborn holiday dragons. But I can't without releasing one of my eggs. AAAHH! Does anyone have any advice for me? Oh, and for those who have trouble getting the eggs, don't check the biomes on the hour. That's when the most people are online because that's when the most eggs are given out at once. But at five minute intervals (when the cave time ends in a five or a zero), each biome releases three eggs. There are less people on, and all you have to do is refresh at the right time and click the egg as soon as your screen loads. I've had plenty of success that way. It seems as if there are less eggs, and there are. But it's much easier. The veterans know to check the cave on the hour. At the five minute intervals, you're more likely to be up against newer, slower players. The result? Happiness for you.
  12. Yeah, I got a couple Marrows and Pumpkins. Love those Pumpkin hatchies. This would be my second Halloween here, but I took a year off because I thought my computer deleted my account. Since it didn't, I'm ready for my first Halloween release. Since we have dragons based off of zombies, neglected-thingies, vampires, pumpkins, and skeletons, it's time for speculation! Some Halloween ideas that could be our dragon for this year are ghosts, ghouls, candy, and werewolves. I'd love a candy or a ghost dragon, but a werewolf would be cool. Just please don't let it be a ghoul. I hate those things.
  13. Nureyev, you've inspired me to write my own dragon cave spoof of a song. *To the tune of "Dynamite" by Taio Cruz* I came to bite-bite-bite-bite. I hit the cave to get some sprites-sprites-sprites-sprites. I'm getting all my favorite thangs-thangs-thangs-thangs. Give me some space for all my eggs-eggs-eggs-eggs. Yeah, yeah Cause it goes on and on and on. And it goes on and on and on. Ye-ah. I throw my hands up around Halloween time Saying, "Ay-oh! Got a Marrow!" I wanna celebrate and zombify Saying, "Ay-oh! Chicken disco!" Cause we gon' rock this club We gon' click all night We gon' light it up For new dragon sprites! Cause I PMed you once Now I PMed you twice We gon' light it up For new dragon sprites! I'm gonna take them all, like, I'm gonna be the last one breeding. I'm in biomes and all, I, I'm gonna be the one succeeding Cause my-my-my dragons will breed. And I-I-I, I just want them all, I just want them all. Gon' put my eggs in the incubator Put my eggs in the 'bator Put your eggs in the ba-ba-ba-ba-babababator. I throw my hands up around Halloween time Saying, "Ay-oh! Got a Marrow!" I wanna celebrate and zombify Saying, "Ay-oh! Chicken disco!" Cause we gon' rock this club We gon' click all night We gon' light it up For new dragon sprites! Cause I PMed you once Now I PMed you twice We gon' light it up For new dragon sprites! Thanks for the inspiration, Nureyev!
  14. I've got two new Dorkfaces to go with my Hatchlyng Dorkface. Pebbol Dorkface Blanco Dorkface None of my Dorkfaces have good lineages, but I can live with that.
  15. Thanks. I'll take good care of him/her.
  16. I just found out that my Black frozen hatchling is an 11th gen Dorkface! I'm new and don't have many dragons, so I'm thrilled. Unfortunately there is inbreeding, but I can deal with that. Oh, and LexxyMomma, your Dorkface-to-be is also a Thuwed and most likely a D'Hennegel as well. Congrats!