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    Omg, i saw this game in the store and i almost got it. i had never heard of it... what's it about??? i dnt remember but from what im reading it sounds amazing!!!
  2. i love all animals!!! except birds even tho they're in there own group like reptiles. but i likes reptiles... and i also have a pembroke welsh corgi ^^ his name's tator tot and he's always up at my house and never goes anywhere but he's the nicest dog ever ^^
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    who doesnt want a new kitten??? and i likes all kitties ^^ has a torrtishell and a fat pure black one with 1 white whisker ^-^
  4. This is an awesome idea!!! but yeah, why are reds the only dragons that can incubate??? one for the earth dragons that have vines as you approach the egg, your feet are slowly being surrounded by encroaching vines with red or yellow flowers. you decide to flee before being tangled up.
  5. pokemonz!!!!! heartgold and i has the emerald cartridge!!!!!!!!!!!
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    i ruvs spore hahaha and i love making cat/dragon things lol i also love seeing what other make on the website haha i seen a few im jealous i didnt think of