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  1. People are seriously making some amazing wreaths! Awesome job everyone!
  2. I think there's a poultry curse. New suggestion for everybody: only talk about poultry if you need it! Then maybe you'll actually get it like we are right now instead of the chicken fairy sending it all to us 😂 EDIT: Right after posting this I just got another one!! This doesn't even sound believable at this point!
  3. I just saw these replies and laughed and it made we want to refresh for another ingredient.... guess what it was? I'm up to 15 poultry now đŸ¤Ŗ
  4. I'm waiting on more flour, sugar, and milk to pop up and otherwise somehow have 13 poultry and 11 meat. I'm about to open a butcher shop over here EDIT: I shouldn't have said anything... I just got another poultry 😂
  5. Whoa, that's amazing! 😮I never would've thought to make a shape like that out of the ornaments, how cool! I already decorated mine pretty normally though and am probably gunna leave it as is, haha.
  6. I think this would be great. As mentioned above, if the encyclopedia and scroll is meant to be us recording down information for dragons we raise, it only makes sense that an egg description would be included in that. Especially since catching/trading/picking up eggs is such a vital part of the game... it doesn't really make sense to have to go off-site for that info once you've already picked up that egg before, in my opinion.
  7. All of this information, and especially the painting, are so cool! And "excuse the terrible water", I actually think the water looks great for what the painting is... the water doesn't have to be perfectly realistic because it still sets the scene and atmosphere, creating a conceptual image for what the dragons' lives are like. It still evokes what it's supposed to and I love it! As for the new dragons themselves, these are the first releases in a while where I can clearly tell where the head and face are immediately at first glance, and that already makes me a fan. I've been finding that a lot of the releases over the past year or so have included wild, high-contrast colors and difficult to discern necks and heads that look like limbs or tails and make it hard it for me to tell what's going on. I wear glasses so my eyes aren't the best and that's probably why I've been having trouble (and really, why shouldn't a dragon's head be a little camouflaged? Sounds like good protection from predators...) but clearer, simpler-to-see details on dragons are my jam right now, so I like these new ones! I also enjoyed reading the descriptions and learning about their personalities and habits. Thank you to all the spriters for the cool release!
  8. Some kind of small, non-disruptive but noticeable indicator for CBs would be fantastic! I definitely support this!
  9. Great event, can't believe how much work must've went into making all the art assets and programming everything to work. Thank you to everyone involved!
  10. I usually choose biomes based on the holiday itself, what the egg looks like, and my own personal preferences. For winter holidays I like choosing the Alpine, for Halloween I like choosing the Forest because then it seems like my dragons are from a haunted woods đŸ‘ģ And then sometimes I choose Coast because I like water, or will choose a biome that I think matches the colors of the egg, like picking up red-colored eggs from the Volcano. Whatever feels right or seems logical to me at the time!
  11. The hatchies look great! I love the colors and can't wait to see how they'll play out on the adults 🎃
  12. These are really unique eggs! The orange color on the bottom has me excited to see the hatchlings and adults, as I was just thinking yesterday that I'd love to see another orange Halloween dragon, or one that's less dark/death themed and a bit more fun like Pumpkins or spooky/magical like Shadow Walkers. There's nothing wrong with the darker dragons, but the fun aspect of Halloween is what makes it my favorite day of the year, so I like seeing a variety and so far these eggs give off that fun vibe. Either way, I'm sure the dragons will be great! I'm really looking forward to seeing what hatches from them 🎃
  13. I think wanting sprites to have correct anatomy is totally fair, I usually do too. But when it comes to the site looking uniform, I think everyone might have different opinions of what that means. For some it might mean all dragons should have the same shading style, for some it might mean that dragons should have fixes to correct truly "off" anatomy, and to others it means both or means even more changes than that. But I'm of the opinion that as long as anatomy isn't broken--AKA, limbs and spines looking twisted, stretched, or positioned in impossible ways--that shading style, level of detail, and level of realism is kind of irrelevant for older dragons? (And in my opinion, even for newer ones so long as they have a strong concept/design?) Of course if the original spriter wants to change it, then so be it because it's their art and their choice, but the simplicity or cartoonish vibe of some of the older dragons is precisely where their charm comes from and is exactly what gives them their character and makes some players so fond of them. I actually don't want all the dragons on DC to look realistic/uniform whether via shading or by overall design/concept. I like that we have some comic relief dragons like Cheeses and Dinos (I don't even collect them but I like that they exist), I like that some dragons look sillier or more "old school" like Balloons, I like that some have a flatter, more graphic look kind of like Daydreams but also like that some have tons of detail like the new Pipios, and I like that some dragons are less focused on anatomical detail and more on coloration like Nebulas. And that variety would all be lessened if each of those sprites was given a uniform level of shading and detail. I'm also not a huge fan of very busy-looking sprites, so maybe that's why some older ones appeal to me--their simplicity--but don't get me wrong, I absolutely see value in doing some small (or even large) anatomy tweaks, like if a dragon's legs are positioned in a completely impossible way for example! I just disagree with the general idea that extra work should definitely/objectively be done to make that dragon look uniform with everything else, because I agree with tjekan: When you change something like shading or highlights on a sprite, it alters the original character of the sprite. Even if the news version looks lovely, it wouldn't necessarily look so to a good number of people who collected it and built lineages around it due to that original vibe it gave off, which will always be altered after changes of that nature. Other long-time players will like and appreciate the update, of course, but it doesn't change the fact that the "spirit" of the art has a high chance of changing. So personally, I think updates that might alter the character, vibe, and charm of a sprite for those who have spent years collecting it... those changes should be weighed carefully, and not done solely in the spirit of making everything uniform on DC, because some people definitely like or love that things are not uniform. Nostalgia and familiarity are part of what makes some people feel at home here--and this site/forum is an escape for many--so when that gets chipped away at by reworking old sprites for uniformity's sake, people are going to get defensive or be wary of how it will affect what they have on their scroll so far, and how it will affect how they feel when they look at a given sprite. Some old sprites might inspire the imagination because they leave some details up to the viewer, or just have that old "familiar" look from people's childhoods or years past, so extra shading and highlights that cement the details more, or a total update that looks more "current" art-wise, chip away at that experience for some players. Just some extra food for thought. So pure anatomical fixes of broken limbs, and tiny tweaks like darkening or lightening some pixels so that we can better see a dragon's eye(s) or mouth? I'm on board with that! But shading/highlights or reposing a dragon should be considered carefully because something else might be lost along the way that drew people to collecting/breeding it in the first place. The spirit of the original artwork--not just the colors and the general look of the dragon and making sure the anatomy is right, but the character and aura that original little piece of art gives off--should be kept in mind when suggesting changes. I don't think it's inherent that that given spirit will be lost by making changes, either, so I'm not trying to completely shoot down what you or others who like updates have said in here, Grey, but I can see why other people are worried is all.
  14. For those saying that this is a collection game, that some people's scroll goals may be to collect 10 of each dragon or to catch 'em all Pokemon style and thus the older dragons you personally feel have anatomy/shading issues could be updated to "current standards": If your goal is to catch 'em all or collect 10 of each dragon... aren't you, by default, always going to be collecting at least some dragons that you don't like the look of? Dragons that aren't your favorite? Dragons in a color you personally don't find appealing? Brand new dragons you still think look a little wonky even though they're new and aren't going to be updated? Because the point of picking up their egg wouldn't be that you're collecting them for the look of the dragon: The number of them that you own is your goal, no matter what they look like or how you personally feel about them, and old dragons that you believe need to be updated aside, you're likely already collecting some dragons you don't care for just because it's your goal to do so. Of course you'd like the dragon to appeal to you if you're going to collect it anyway!! But some dragons already don't appeal to you, I'm sure, while still appealing to other people, and for collection goals, the number would be the goal so you'd be collecting that number of them no matter what. Whereas for those who breed their dragons, the look of the dragon, the precise exact position of its head/body, and the EXACT current colors are what those people basing their entire lineages around, so even small changes (even ones you deem necessary or badly needed) can completely throw off all of their planning, potentially altering years of hard work that was based mostly or completely on those visual factors. Even if small changes are made or fixes to anatomy occur, the part of the dragon that shows up in the lineage box can suddenly look very different and throw off the factors that made that person choose that dragon and work hard on that lineage--whereas if your goal is pure collecting no matter what, that goal is not effected to that level by sprite updates. (For the record, I'm sort of on the fence about sprite updates, leaning more towards the side of only fixing anatomy issues and not touching shading, highlights, anything major about head positioning, or colors, that way lineages won't be as effected. Because I can see why here and there, a small update might be necessary or desired, especially if undertaken by the original spriter! But the argument about collection > lineages for this particular discussion didn't sound like a fair one and I felt I needed to say something about it.)
  15. I was wondering what "Pipio" meant/where it came from! That's super interesting and clever, I love it! Thanks for the info
  16. I love that there's another all-white dragon and I love their name, too! The shading on the adult pygmy also looks SO good, on the wings especially, it just adds such depth and detail. Great work to the spriters and concept creators! I think a lot of people are going to be hoarding both of these releases and using them in tons of beautiful lineages
  17. Thank you for this info, this was so cool to read! I love the name and concept and the adult sprite looks amazing, I especially like the colors and how well they go together, the white and blues look great. Awesome job to everyone involved!
  18. Now that I've had some time to take in these dragons, I just want to say I really love the color palettes for both. I agree with what many others were saying throughout the thread that these dragons are a nice, neutral contrast to other recent releases and add to the incredible variety in the cave. I also enjoy the personalities of both dragons from their descriptions as well! I also really liked how laid-back, for the most part, this release was? I actually love dragons that have variants across biomes, and dimorphism is fun and gets to show off more of a given dragon's personality/more incredible artwork from the spriters, but every once in a while something less complex is honestly really nice too. Again, it just adds to the variety across the cave, and I'm a big fan of that 😊 Great job to all the artists and thanks to TJ and everyone else involved! I truly enjoyed this release and will be collecting more of both breeds for sure!
  19. I was just about to post this! I love how they appear intimidating to those who aren't used to them, but are actually gentle and quiet and let small dragons hide in the spikes/scales on their back. That is such a cool visual and gives the Ash Dragons so much personality!
  20. Thanks to everyone who spent their time watching, waiting, and experimenting to see how the dragon colors worked, and thank you very much to the artists and TJ for their hard work on these! This was definitely an interesting release, all the dragons look great (including the Mimic pygmies of course!), and it's a relief to know for sure how to get each color of the Siyats now 😃
  21. Still sending flowers when I see new names pop up. I'm not looking for particular flowers in return, I just like seeing your messages and the flowers/items you pick
  22. I'm so happy you found it and have something planned for it!! ^-^ Enjoy!
  23. I've decided not to keep track of how long I just spent sending cards I'm still sending to any new names I see in the thread or if people ask for specific flowers/items, and will gladly send again to the same people so long as they don't mind repeat senders You can send me anything, but I do like stuff about water, gemstones/crystals, and the moon/stars/planets/stuff in the sky or just stuff about the flowers themselves or random clever lines you invent, haha
  24. I wonder if they sent that message because of the flower they chose, since some of them are described as having a bad scent? I don't know if that helps at all, but their intention might've been to match the message to the flower and make the recipient laugh, not realizing that might upset someone =/