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  1. Is that a starcatcher egg??? My childhood...
  2. wow im so happy to see hollies be so much more common <3 it used to be so rare to even see one and i just missed like 5 tell me if this is spam but it's not like there's a specific thread to ask in so: what christmas second gens from booty would people be interested in seeing? i've only got winter magis, wrapping wings, and aegis pacified or enraged
  3. http://dragcave.net/lineage/pmLeE Csught this beauty and precogged it to be the right gender, but turns out, I don't have a female CB spring life is good
  4. oh that confused me bc there's only one set of adults and apparently i need to unlock it twice??? but thanks!
  5. Is it just a glitch or why are there two sets of alt blacks in the encyclopedia?
  6. I just realized that it's HALLOWEEN where revivals are more likely to be successful, not the halloween event. And guess who wasted all but one kill slot (DEFINITELY reserving that one for halloween night)
  7. i have done nothing but play minesweeper for the last two hours help
  8. I love getting 16 tinselfails in a row. And by love I mean hate so, so much.
  9. missed a cb magma from the AP because I was egglocked with new releases D:
  10. i have the pepe witch treat i can die happy now
  11. I would like to set a record! Name of category: Longest Inbred Even Gen Lineage Generations: 26 Evidence: http://dragcave.net/lineage/DGJRf Alternately, this could be its own new category of Longest PB Inbred Even Gen Lineage. Anyway, glad to see that there's a new DC Record book I was missing the old one!
  12. I caught two from each biome but they've been viewbombed so they're sick now :/ I'm worried because they're 6 days 9 hours and they have enough views to hatch. But other than that, these sprites really are very nice and I'm looking forward to the adults. I haven't found Alpine or Forest to be easier to catch from but that might just be because I got mine yesterday. In any case, good luck egg hunting everyone!
  13. I really like the Volcano variant but I didn't read the news thread before catching eggs so I got three from the Alpine and one from every biome except Volcano Now I have to wait for the cooldown...
  14. I'm an idiot D; I always breed BOOTY when I'm egglocked this is the third time thankfully it's been a tinselkin twice and once it was a fail BUT STILL. And I really needed this fail to give to someone D: Thankfully, DC people are cool and amazing
  15. Me! I did not successfully manage to grow any dragons or join the forums until may 2010, but I know for a fact that I spent a LONG time not growing anything due to noobiness D:
  16. Aww, I wanted to go back to dino cave at some point since i switched to default because of the new layout... but I guess it's ok!
  17. I feel like there would be a predator to dragons though. Maybe like a scale-rot parasite or something that could get under their scales and eat them from the inside out. That would be cool, though unfortunate for our poor dargs :B And I'm just really into megasized earth animals so like giant bees. Giant wombats. Giant everything.
  18. it's 1:42 AM here... but worth it for the eggs!
  19. i would just like to say that is a perfect code because it's unhao and 'hao' in chinese is good. so that egg is ungood.
  20. Nabbed this beauty ^.^ This is my first thuwed that's not horrendously messy and/or inbred...
  21. They started dropping at almost New Year 2011, and I got mine May 13 2011 so 5 and a half months. I've seen one or two since then but I caught the first one I ever saw.