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  1. Elecii's Personal Breeding Projects Info I'm working on multiple projects at a time. CB donations of any of the breeds in my current projects are always welcomed. CB or PB pinks donations are also welcomed for influencing. Scroll Requests Willing to breed any of my pairings as long as they already have a child being used in the project. (e.g. Name1 x Name2 = Name3 I'm willing to breed; Name1 x Name2 = ? I'm not currently willing to breed) --- Dawn & Dusk Lineage General EG male Night Glory x female Day Glory checkerboard CB Day/Night Glory donations welcomed Males will have the name 'Dusk' and females will have the name 'Dawn', with pairings having matching names Goals 5th Gen Progress Currently at Gen 2 Generation 1 Sophisticated Dusk x Sophisticated Dawn = Dwindling Dawn Generation 2 ? x Dwindling Dawn Breeding Willing to breed Sophisticated pairing --- Azure Waters Lineage General EG male blue Gemshard x female Striped River checkerboard CB (blue) Gemshard/Striped River donations welcomed Males will have the name 'Azure' and females will have the name 'Waters', with pairings having matching names Goals 5th Gen Progress Currently at Gen 1 Generation 1 Elegantly Azure x Elegant Waters = ? Breeding Willing to breed Elegant pairing (as long as the child grows up to be female) --- Inferno Lineage General PB Hellfire Wyvern Stairstep lineage with CB females CB Hellfire donations welcomed All names must have 'Inferno' Goals 7th Gen Breed 7th Gen children with 7th Gen children of Ember lineage to produce 8th Gen PB Hellfire Wyverns with chevron/arrowhead lineage Progress Currently at Gen 3 Generation 1 Spirit Inferno x Lunar Inferno = Sunrise Inferno Generation 2 Sunrise Inferno x Vibrant Inferno = Storm Inferno Generation 3 Storm Inferno x Iridescent Inferno = ? Breeding Willing to breed G1 or G2 pairings for anyone who asks --- Updates {16/05/15} Dusk & Dawn and Inferno lineages added {17/05/15} Azure Waters lineage added {17/05/15} Bred Elegantly Azure & Elegant Waters to produce Striped River egg
  2. Azure looked at the black dragon hatchling then she looked at the canopy egg that Hollie kept checking on. "Hatch soon." She whispered into the air. Hollie skidded into the sitters home. "Am I too late?" She asked, walking over to Azure. She saw the egg crack slightly. "It's hatching!" She squealed. Elecii
  3. You just have to wait the cooldown time and it will go back to one. Elecii
  4. Biggins is probably right, and there's a news post that has a Magikarp using splash. Elecii
  5. ((When will Cala hatch?)) Elecii
  6. ((When will Cala-Sora hatch?)) Hollie looked at the egg. "It will hatch, won't it?" Hollie asked Azure. ~~ "Of course it will hatch." Azure assured Hollie. ~~ "Good." Hollie said. ~~~ Dylan looked at the sitters home. 'I have to talk to her.' He thought. 'I have to tell Hollie how I feel.' He looked at the ground. 'What if she hates me?' Dylan turned away. ~Elecii
  7. Hollie looked at the egg. It was very close to hatching and Hollie could tell. "Azure, when will it hatch?" Hollie asked the winter dragon. ~~~ Azure looked at Hollie. "Soon, Hollie, soon." Azure told her. Azure had no idea when it would hatch, but she wanted it to so Hollie would be able to see her sister. ~~~ Dilen looked at his leg. There was a small cut. 'Won't do me any harm.' He thought. Elecii
  8. "Thank you." Dilen said. He looked at the sky, it was getting quite dark. He quickly lay on the ground, not wanting to find his new room, he was too tired to. When Dilen woke up his leg was hurting. He thought it must have been scratched on the hard ground. He jumped up, hoping the pain would fade. It didn't fade, it just hung there. "Ow." He said to himself. He limped over to the Medi-dragons house. He went in to spot Kurapika. "Kurapika, I've scratched my left leg... please help." He said not in his usual shy voice but a worried one. ~~~ Hollie skidded into the sitters home and saw the egg. "Hi, hi." She said to Azure who was looking after the egg. ~~~ "Hello, Hollie. Come to see Cala-Sora?" Azure asked the Holly dragon. ~~~ "You bet I have." She said joyfully. She looked at the egg, ran over to it then touched her nose to it. Without notice she ran ouside. ~~~ "Azure... I feel... strange?" Dusk said. ~~~ "You'll be fine." Azure reassured him. Elecii
  9. Dilen looked up. He looked at Khronos. "Hello." He said shyly. He turned around and spotted Hollie, the hyper Holly dragon, come running over. "Hi, everyone!" She said happily. 'She's always mad...' Thought Dilen. She looked at him. "Hi, Dilen, how are you?" She asked, still in her hyper voice. "Hi, Hollie." He said quietly. "I'm fine." "Good good." She said then jumped off. 'Mad...' Dilen thought. Elecii
  10. Aria nudged Dilen's shoulder. "Need a lift?" She asked. "Sure." Dylan said, hopping onto her back. Elecii
  11. Azure, the winter dragon, stretched her legs. She heard Athena's call. 'What should I do?' She thought. 'Do I leave these eggs here and go?' Without thinking again Azure jumped up onto her hind legs then brought her front legs down to the ground. She crouched and started to flap her wings. She lifted herself off the ground with a small jump. Azure could see the plaza from the sitters house. She flew towards it, spotting Athena on the way. "'Morning, Athena." She said as she flew past. She wasn't heading towards the plaza, she was circling it instead. ~*~ Dilen looked up into the sky. He spotted Azure circling the Plaza. "Azure, could you give me a ride?" He shouted up to her. She didn't come down so he assumed she hadn't heard. He turned his head and looked back at his wings. "Puny wings." He muttered to himself then started to flap them. He slightly hovered in the air, but that used too mush energy. He hung his head the walked towards the plaza. ~*~ Dusk spun his head round to see if he had grown wings yet. No, he hadn't. He knew they wouldn't be coming anytime soon, but he just wanted to fly. He heard a call outside which he assumed was Athena. He ran outside until he reached the dragon. "What did you say, Athena?" He asked. ~*~ Hollie sat by an egg. She knew that it was related to her, but she just wanted it to hatch. "Come on, come on." She said to the egg. The egg rolled about a bit. Hollie heard a call outside, a call by Athena. "Don't hatch while I'm gone, little egg." Hollie said and happily bounded outside. OOC: Hollie doesn't know the egg will be female. Elecii
  12. I'd like to join, please. Is there someone willing to give me an egg or hatchling? (Doesn't have to be quick I'm scroll locked at the moment.) Scroll Name: Electric Pikachu Forum Name: Elecii Willing to gift Dragons: Yes Willing to Receive Dragons: Yes
  13. Reserve me a medi-dragon apprentice, please.