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  1. They look really pretty. >.< I hope their still dropping tommorrow. *pokes my eggs* I just got four winter eggs for a breeding project and their influenced and everything so i'm egg locked for a bit and my first brine. >.< I had to drop an egg I liked to snag even one >.>.... Oh well. Does anybody know how long the release will last? where it's mainly the speckles i mean.
  2. Few would be proud of my messy family line but my heart is gold and my love so very true So, my dear, won't you be my valentine? http://dragcave.net/teleport/ffc74e5c474fc...340be45c1f8a995
  3. >.< i wish I started earlier in the year now... i thought I was just having bad luck but apparently nobody's having good luck with winter seasonals
  4. hmm okay ^.6 well then, whenever i have a free spot I guess I'll just keep breeding them and see what happens O.O
  5. @Iside: hmm so it seems there's vote to keep breeding it for people who really need ice .
  6. @varekis: So pretty much only interesting to someone like me before my recent year long siesta from dragon cave >.> @Rekha: hmm well I could always try breeding one for you as a gift then and then not breed them anymore then that I suppose . Honestly if even one was not inbred I'd probably release the other myself but they are the only of the trio i have >.<... I haven't been able to catch a thunder or magma inbred or otherwise lol.
  7. I want opinions on breeding/trading the eggs of two particular dragons. I'm trying to decide if they should be taken off my breeding rooster or not. You see, I have decided to try to have only non inbreds on my scroll/only breed non-inbreeding type couples simply because(the exceptions to the rule about being on my scroll being those kept simply for their special ability that will not be breed anymore and the two ice rares because I've never been able to even see a non inbred one lol) . I do find though that there's indications with some people that it's really bad and others seem not to