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  1. Thank you! Now crossing my fingers that your egg and mine become mates!!
  2. People responsible will be given huge piles of cookies... "What's the difference between a snow man and a snow woman? Snow balls!" #celesteon "Barry bluenose reindeer didn't get the job - red shines better in the fog" #rendragyn "I love you very much even if you hide my Jellybeans <3" (this is from my daughter) #kidnapdavidtennant "A royal invitation? But I have nothing to wear! Help me Obi Wan Kenobi!" #Thief-of-Hearts
  3. I have been playing for years, but I finally caught a gold egg from the Volcano. This was the best day!
  4. Hit me with it!!! Kidnapdavidtennant: This is my daughter's account, but I am level 22 so I don't need many more!
  5. I was stunned to get 4 CB STRIPES in one hour. I couldn't imagine why so many were dropping....until I saw hundreds of people in an empty Alpine biome and came here. Now I am so excited to see new eggs, but I only have one slot open. Crossing my fingers for the next drop!
  6. Come to me little eggs....waiting and sending flowers while I wait. It looks like another fun event!
  7. My daughter and I have been collecting eggs for more than two years, so we will be breeding the Halloween dragons we have. She still goes out trick-or-treating because she is 12. I'll be grabbing new release eggs as soon as they come out, but she will pick some up later. No Zombies for us. They make me want to ick when I look at them .
  8. My GoN is a female and my new gold hatchie is also female. Congrats to all for your success
  9. It felt like new egg day This is the first time I was on site when a new type of non-holiday egg drops.
  10. I'm so happy right now Awesome eggs to hatch (wishing I could have more). Thanks!
  11. On June 15th I caught my first CB black. I watched a couple go by since the biomes started. On June 29th I caught a CB silver. Both are becoming more possible to catch if I can catch one
  12. I used to hunt at random times during the day, but now I only look on the hour for about 10 minutes. I've caught a CB black and a Leetle tree since the biomes appeared(and lots of commons). Mostly I check desert, alpine and forest. I wanted to edit and say that I just caught a CB SILVER! I'm over the moon and love the new biomes.
  13. I was Scrooge when I voted yesterday because I saw so many gimmick trees with DC/TJ/blue and white TJ symbol on the top... Today is better, with many more full but not over-the-top trees. I found that I like a "helper" dragon or two on the tree if it looks like it is doing something. Also found that I do not mind if the tinsel covers some of the ornaments, just not covering all or dragons. Great contest so far
  14. I want to slowly get more vamps. The 3 so far are: Bitten By A Bat The Transformer Raise Em From The Dead
  15. I have seen more Ice Dragons in the cave (but have not been fast enough to catch them). The new dragons are great, and I want to collect them. I'm happy with the cave.
  16. I need a red dragon to incubate all the new eggs I will have. <rushes off to check the AP>