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I accept IOU'sMy WishlistI accept breeding requests! See my profile for details!16anumber.png

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    - I do accept IOU's
    - I will accept up to two (2) IOU's per person at one time
    - If you are offering an IOU on a trade I will only accept if I have not gotten any other offers that I like
    - IOU's on a breeding request will always be accepted



    I am a part of Save the Rares! so I may freeze messy, inbred or metal/tinsel/shimmer kins. I catch all of these myself from the AP. I will not freeze gifts or trades unless I get permission or am asked to.


    Breeding Requests:

    I do accept breeding requests for anything on my scroll. I do not have set breeding pairs so it is up to you to look at lineages and choose a pair.

    I may ask for something in return, depending on what you request. Typically, commons are free. If you request an uncommon or rare I ask that you give me something from my wishlist that you feel is of equal value.

    Please PM me with requests. I only take 5 requests at a time.



    My Wishlist:

    Always looking for:
    - Reds (CB preferred)
    - Pinks (CB preferred)
    - Tinsels (Not messy or inbred)
    - Shimmers (Not messy or inbred)
    - Metals (Not messy or inbred)

    - CB Gold
    - CB Silver
    - CB Neglected
    - CB Ice
    - CB Thunder
    - CB Magma
    - CB Blusang
    - Cheese
    - Paper
    - 2nd Gen Tinsel
    - 2nd Gen Shimmer
    - 2nd Gen Metals
    - 2nd Gen PB Black Alt
    - 2nd Gen PB Vine Alt

    - CB Coppers (Would especially love Green)
    - CB Blacks
    - CB Vine
    - CB Seasonal
    - CB Tan Ridgewing
    - CB Speckle-Throated
    - CB Stripe

    - Lowtime CB common hatchies