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  1. Thank you soooo much TJ, The Halloween biome is so cool!
  2. SAME, it's been about three hours down for me T_T I need to check on my bAbIeS
  3. Been like that for me for about three or so hours :/
  4. Thank you for another beautiful release ^^
  5. Passport * Capital: Bucharest * Country: Romania * Dragons: Moonstone * Native 2nd gen: None Yet * Last bred: - * Thread, PM or both: Either is fine, discord is better (AzureRikkai#4397) * Already traveled: None yet * Would like another visit: None yet * Regular online time(s): Varies
  6. I'm not I tried searching for that earlier, actually, and couldn't find it >_<
  7. Thank you for the offer ^^ I've already visited both though!
  8. I would like an egg from the Remembrance/Honor Lineage – Please add me to the waiting list. Link to scroll - Click me *Generation of egg requested - 2G *Breeder - purplehaze *Breeding pair - Remembering Emily Hope x Remembering Candleray I would also like to sign up to be a breeder for the original Hope Lineage. 11th Generation Hope Baby x CB Hope Mate I do have 1 dead egg - it was a CB common that I tried to turn into a vampire and it failed. There are two hidden eggs because they received too many views. I can un-hide them to verify if need be.
  9. If anyone is still active, I'd love to trade countries with you ^^ Please PM me if you're interested. Capital Represented: Riyadh, Saudi ArabiaBreed Represented: Anagallis
  10. I tried to make a Vampire of a common CB but it died and now I feel bad D:
  11. Thank you very much to Syferia who was kind enough to gift me a Xeno and a Zyu <3
  12. I only had one pair of Nebula x Ridgewing pairs that are CB, but I only got a tan Ridge ORZ I cri
  13. Offered you a ticket to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in return!
  14. I need somebody to look at a website I'm working on and give me their opinion about it, make some suggestions, etc. Please PM me if you're willing to help... I really appreciate it! ^~^~
  15. *headdesk* I forgot to change that too! D Any form is acceptable c: ...-Anxiety Warrior, ...the Anxiety Warrior, ...of the Anxiety Warriors, whatever you can fit! I even put AW at the beginning of mine so I can easily find them when sorted by name. And don't worry, you can ask as many as you want! Actually, you even help me out by asking questions.
  16. Oops, I forgot to add it to the links list ^~^' Fixed it! Also, the site you linked is my personal site. The waiting list has been moved to the project's blog here. The decision has not been set in stone just yet, however.
  17. You can do whatever you like as long as you follow the rules ^~^~
  18. If you have a pure blood lineage of red dorsals, but a purple dorsal is born, does it still count as PB?
  19. The same rules apply to your offspring. That is, the offspring must have an exclusive mate if you plan to breed it c: Don't worry~ Feel free to ask as many questions as you need to ^~^~
  20. @Cinspawn - I'm still testing things out and changing them, seeing what works best. I probably will add the rules back once I've gone over them, and add the name rules, too. No worries, I value all of your thoughts and opinions ^~^~ This project isn't just about what I like, it's about all of us, after all~ A few updates about my pairings. I've just bred the original, waiting for Faerie to get some free time to take it. So 6 more days until the next original baby~ Current Pairings That Will Breed (adding to the blog sometime tonight): Black Tea, Male x Sunrise, Female (recently bred) Pillow, Male x Royal Blue, Female (recently bred, baby is up for claims!) Glaucus Drake, Male x Ochredrake, Female (just bred a few mins ago, baby up for claims!) Pairings I'm Working On (don't know if they will breed or not yet and still collecting eggs): Tri-Horn Wyvern, Male x Tsunami Wyvern, Female Cassare Wyvern, Male x Red, Female Night Glory Drake, Male x Greater Spotted Drake, Female Red-Finned Tidal, Male x Water, Female Daydream, Male x White, Female And the Pairing I Really Liked That Refused to Breed (sadness): Sapphire, M x Spirit Ward, Female^ I will try and find them new mates later on! I think that's it for now. If you want the Royal Blue or Ochredrake egg, please PM me ^~^~
  21. Got another egg from my second test breeding c: A Royal Blue egg from a CB Royal Blue mother and a CB Pillow father. Let me know if you'd like this egg.
  22. Sorry, been busy all day c: About the names - when I first created the lineage, I did have a rule that only ONE of your breeding pairs can carry the Anxiety Warrior name. However, I've since changed that and totally forgot to mention it. Naming rules are now as follows: The original breeding pairs that YOU submit may both carry the Anxiety Warrior namesake. The egg from those original pairs must also carry the name, HOWEVER their CB mate can not carry that name. I hope I worded that in a way that makes sense! EDIT: I've just test bred my second pairing! The mother is a CB Sunrise and the father a CB Black Tea. They produced a little Black Tea warrior c: If you want it, please let me know!
  23. So beautiful<3<3 Thank you very much! ^~^~
  24. Updates 2: If you'd like to post your story about anxiety or dealing with someone who has anxiety, please click here. You can remain anonymous by putting a fake name or just typing 'Anonymous' =) I've already posted my story. If you'd like to read it, please click here. Please be aware that reading other peoples accounts of their anxiety may trigger you. Please proceed with caution! In brighter news, I've added a few new pairings to breed! see edit I have a few more in the works, but I'm still working on finding mates c: 1 more day before Satin and Velvet can breed again! I'm also tweaking the dragons list just a bit, so I'll be working on that tonight ^~^~ Thanks for the compliments on the blog, guys! ♥ EDIT: Removed the new pairings until I can test them to make sure they won't refuse each other!