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  1. Saltkin are the best things I have, I'm glad people enjoyed them
  2. I Would Like to Update My List! Scroll name: https://dragcave.net/user/Tinibree Forum name: Tinibree Birthday: August 5th Revised List: 1. 2g from spriters alt 2. CB Pyralspite 3a. A stripe lineage similar to https://dragcave.net/lineage/jEW1v 3b. Offspring of a lyrical lineage or some other complex lineage. 4a. Any cb 13th birthday release 4b. birthday borns! Here's some of my favorite breeds https://dragcave.net/group/98401
  3. What it really comes down to is, its fine not to like them. We all have any number of dragons we don't care for, that's just how exiting as your own person works. Its not fine to essentially come into their home and tell them they wasted hours of work because you don't like it. And I'm so tired of seeing this happen every time there's a release, I ignore the release threads because of this. Yes the forums are for everyone, but release threads, that's where the artists are looking when their dragon drops. Focus on what you like, not what you dislike. Maybe you hate all the sprites except one, just say 'x is my favorite of this set!' and leave it at that. Or even just focus on someone you know that loves them. Whenever we have a pygmy egg I get super excited, not because I will particularly enjoy them, but because I have a friend that loves the pygmys. Because in the end, voicing you don't like it isn't going to change the sprites. They very rarely get updated, and that's only at the spriters request. There's nothing to be accomplished by pointing out any flaws or how much you don't like something besides making the artist feel bad. That's all that gets accomplished. Is it really that hard for people to go 'ehh not my style' internally and just go about their day. Besides using up eggslots because of a new release, how does it affect you? If you really don't want to waste eggslots on something you won't like, wait for the adults to bother grabbing any eggs. Complain in private if you must. I love all the poses on these guys! Especially the baby wyvern and female pygmy!
  4. oh wow lots of pretty babies! I'm glad I managed to sneak in
  5. The Pygmies are great and the wyrms no longer make me uncomfortable like their s2 did (don't like the bisecting). Win all around.
  6. Good luck nabbing them everyone!
  7. holy cow there's so many amazing babies :o
  8. I almost think you were a little to obvious with some of these hints heh. Entered! Didn't get around to giving donations sadly, but looks like you got plenty.
  9. Thank you for my prizes! Hope the other two find a good home.
  10. I'm on the 'week long event' train like, if you want to push yourself to get all the eggs asap go for it, be the first completion, but we can't all get them that fast. Heck, even when I was watching it closely it was taking more like 20min for most of the eggs. We shouldn't need to be watching a page like a hawk for hours for what's supposed to be a fun event with lots of nice sprites. It shouldn't be so stressful, but it is.
  11. Well, my probable last egg was a lugia, so i guess i can't be too upset about that. Maybe one day TJ will let us collect old eggs and treats v.v
  12. The time has increased and so have the number of eggs, it really does suck v.v what would be the con of it being a week long like other events?
  13. It would be of no use to me this time but I wish we could earn the older ones when we got all of the current years. Like they just keep spawning.
  14. I have 46, don't know if i'll finish them off 😧
  15. Some very nice babies in here! Thanks a lot everyone! Here's a 5th gen for whoever wants it https://dragcave.net/teleport/a4be7014c7b7c7fc49482a4cc0425487
  16. Oh my gosh that magelight, I didn't even know that existed!
  17. Woo! Made it for donations this time. However I did breed a 5th gen cause I forgot. Can I toss it in here?
  18. Aw man I missed donations, at least I didn't miss the raffle yet again.
  19. I managed to get a second one now I can breed them heh
  20. Ahhh these guys look great! Can't wait to see neat lineages