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  1. If I understand the color sort right, this baby went blue https://dragcave.net/lineage/0kjqd
  2. I'm pretty sure its a bug report Somewhere. Some people have completely empty groups that say they have 10 or whatever.
  3. I've done both, you just need to have the time set aside to time the death. After making sure the math works for timezones that is lol.
  4. Same reason people like CB anythings really, looks nice. Some people do only CB Zombies too. There's also a bit more work put into them because you have to hold it for 6 days usually, ap doesn't always have CB eggs and those there are, aren't always no stats + dying at a time you are available, kinda a big ask of the ap some times.
  5. Do they? I honestly don't know I just assumed they didn't cause they're wild dragons and I've never seen one named. I guess I'll grab an ap egg and test this. Edit: Or I can just check the wiki which says When done, the dragon loses its name and description, and it goes to live in the wild. But I'm not saying it'll mess with the Actual lineage just....you're gonna have to trust me people would be upset to see names suddenly turn into codes en mass in their snow angel lines.
  6. Generally they mean without tags like CB 2G etc. Roman Numerals are generally accepted. Some people name them like Snow-3g-aether-code which isn't what they're lookin for. Humor names your mileage will vary I think. Some people will love them others will decline.
  7. Could squeeze you in after me to get you in the spiral, you'd be the one passing the next kid on to everyone in prep for next release though.
  8. That is a question for the ages. Nobody knows. It means whatever the person saying it thinks it means. Its also a meme at this point.
  9. The actual issue with freeing CB colors would be people dumping snow angels that have been in lineages for years and messing them up a bit. Freed stuff doesn't have names after all and some people Only collect lines with all named. I think the original reason was more 'well you cant have all 3 with 2 CBs so you get one type' since iirc it was like solstices, where the spriter(s) just sent TJ all the varients and he decided he liked all three. (I wonder if its like, a rotation actually with new scrolls. Like last person signed up gets gold, next gets tri, person after that gets white. Just an idle thought) I agree the simplest is influencing whatever way you want with any angel, I was just trying to preserve some of the original mechanic. nbd for me though. I'm all for giving TJ more options.
  10. At long last I have gotten the final Dorsal from Leodon I've needed. My thanks to everyone that ever bred leos for me.
  11. I'd just like to point out that at the end of the previous page, I'm loudly defending alternating lines against only breeding true. I'm not saying 'now they just breed true' its 'they breed true and Also we influence' Every year newbies get extremely confused why they can only raise one wing type, trying over and over to get something else. Breeding true also avoids that. It does, mechanically, make sense to keep the scroll-lock but, in use, its painful. I think he'd have to change the coding to allow us to collect new stuff anyway, so we wouldn't need to keep it. Not to bring up alt sweets too much but they were coded so that any hatchie that hit them turned black, I imagine that's exactly how the snow angles are coded. Why write two codes for the same concept? If he's rewriting code might as well make it as user friendly as possible imo. It's also a pain with trading cause, say I get a hatchie from you, who has tri wing iirc, and try to trade/gift it, people assume it's what my scroll is so anyone looking would think 'oh this is gold' and that i'm lying. Of course assuming you're the one that hatchied it and didn't get it from Yet someone else lol. What if an egg hatched in the ap? rng time? Breeder's scroll type? These are just hypotheticals.
  12. I too don't want only one limit to change. I want them all to change, including gon, to 6 preferably. But that's a whole different suggestion. While I would like wing update I really don't think it'd happen. It would be hard to sprite a difference between goldwing and tri-color at the tiny scale we have. Which is why I'd like the ability to be sure of wing color all by myself. (It would also be mildly annoying with needing more freezies) I feel like this assumes we'll get a sprite update but given how the spriters are largely inactive I don't really think that'll happen. What's bad about matching their parent? That's not actually something you touched on. The first year would be a little hard but if you grab angel eggs early on you, theoretically, could influence colors on a lot of the later eggs. I feel like requiring them to be hatched on somebody else's scroll would make it more complicated than it needs to be. If I pick up a tri egg from the ap I really like, and then I have to find someone with slots and tri wings, have them possibly use an incubate, and then remember to send it back, assuming neither of us go to bed in the time it takes to hatch? And I have to do this forever? Over just influencing it like a pink and going to sleep. The first year for early eggs you probably would still be doing the previous bit, but in later years it would even out to not needing all the extra steps.
  13. I don't have a ton but here's my christmas group https://dragcave.net/group/32206
  14. I did some checking via the wiki and everything after snow angels has a trivia blurb from the spriters that could easily be reworked (I intend to PM for permission to do so unless someone else has the energy first). By the same token, every spriter except holly and snow angel is at least somewhat active. Marri would probably be willing to come up with a blurb for yule so its really just those two that are questionable.
  15. Yeah that's what OP was suggesting, but nobody really wants everyone to just change the wings as many times as they want, so we've just gone in other directions instead.
  16. It's just adding an influence BSA, how is that convoluted? It's the least confusing way to do it. I have no idea what you're talking about with the grandfathering. A bsa to influence any egg, would mess with 0 lineages, that's the point. If you want another gold wing, its another gold wing, if you want to alternate wings with tri-color, its a tri-color. How does that mess with any lineage? We're specifically not messing with adults for that reason. If they only breed true you can't alternate the wings, ruining a number of lineages. Alternating wing lines are a thing that some people enjoy, we shouldn't just take that away from them. We're talking about different things here. The suggestion I was talking about, was one where if you hatch an egg, the hatchie will have whatever your scroll is coded to have. So in that case, you can't just check user x's scroll, because who's to say user x is actually the one that hatched it? They could've gotten it from user y with a different wing color. That's all needlessly convoluted and I was against it. I've seen someone doctor a precog screenshot, for a messy hatchie. I'm not saying everyone will lie, but some people will. I don't know why someone would lie about a messy hatchie either, but they did. Once again, it protects the most lineages. I'm more concerned with allowing whatever lineage you want to create to exist. If that's 6g that goes in the order of tri, gold, white wing, then I want you to be able to make that on your own. If they only breed true that's an impossible lineage.
  17. The magi statue lets you collect a decent sized circle. My current issue is no matter how many times i clear the screen when I come back there's just a screen full of resources.
  18. The annoyance with the halloween wall was with how fast the time tanked more than the length. Hitting uninfluenceable within a couple days when everything can go either way just Sucks. It might just be the difference in CBs. If you have 5 CBs you can work on 5 lineages the first year and 10 the next and so on, they spread further faster.
  19. im a little confused, this kinda reads as 'one use per snow angel adult' but I don't think that's actually what you mean. 'One-time BSA' reads as more like the pitfires than pinks, as you can only stab a pitfire once, but you can influence multiple times. But I think you mean more or less this
  20. I feel you, i've had better luck with silvers from antareans than dorsals from ledons x.x
  21. Alts can take a few days to be a thing, probably waiting until they're all grown up so he can just do it all at once.