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  1. Sometimes hatchies refuse to leave and decide to stay. Teleport it out.
  2. This thread was a suggestion about preventing AP walling but I think that the change has already been made by TJ and that's the void. The void behaves exactly like the 3rd suggestion on the second post on the first page of this thread. I think the change was made on the day the AP was apparently weird and out of order and later the timing order got adjusted to make the AP seem a lot more normal (although it will still silently remove eggs). There was also a thing that people could do by toggling accepting aid to determine if an egg was still in the AP and that got fixed quickly which makes me think that the AP is functioning as intended. No walls have appeared since the change was made despite numerous people saying they bred enough to make a wall.
  3. The main problem is that they never appear so they cannot be used in neglecting. Hatchies shouldn't grow up into the wild, they should appear in the AP to be snagged and not end up in the wild. ­čśž
  4. There have also been suggestions in the past that one row of the AP is dedicated to stuff, like one row dedicated to nonholidays when the holiday walls
  5. The only real use of the AP is instant hatchlings from lowtime dragons (because really, how often are valuables going to drop in there?) and that's the whole point of walls. 6d times or more are quite useless as one would much rather hunt or get someone else to breed stuff directly if they are that high. Just because the AP is blocked, it doesn't mean that you are forced to hit your head against the wall over and over again. Take a break and go outside or hunt in the cave. Having eggs age on your scroll in the meantime and by the time you come back the lowtime goodies means that you never had to block your scroll in the first place to get them.
  6. The AP is a reject garbage pile and no one should expect to find anything remotely valuable, unless you like to gamble. If someone's breeding walls chances are that person won't have bred anything remotely valuable to the AP in the first place. I never breed walls but I also ensure that nothing good of mine ever hits the AP intentionally. Eggs that go missing and die are frequent, when simply leaving a one way teleport link solves the problem of finding eggs a good home. How are people surprised that the vast amount of eggs in the AP is rubbish when no one gets any more shards for breeding valuable dragons over rubbish is beyond me? You are looking for goodies in the wrong place. Once the AP had valuable dragons in it because you could literally snipe someone's trade in progress, because teleport didn't exist so people had to use the AP. That's no longer the case.
  7. If you prefer the mate to be a particular sprite. For example, you might prefer a particular mate gender's sprite over the other, so if you like, say, male blusangs, influence your prize female. If you have multiple CB prizes, influence them opposite genders to breed them together
  8. Discord is down rip https://downdetector.com/status/discord
  9. I think that there really needs to be a #dc channel for dc discussion.
  10. It's not a definite no. I had a big market suggestions thread up years ago and TJ said that if the prizes were in it they'd be limited. I'm hoarding shards for the exact same reason.
  11. I support this but I'm a teensy bit troubled by the infinite doubling of prize goals.
  12. Whether good or bad, things aren't what they have always been. As for what to do + not to do -- that's up to you. You probably own other prizes that have longer lineages and know exactly how they breed, you probably know from your longer gen prizes that you should never pair an ultra common dragon and a rare dragon and expect rare eggs any time this year (so the best options for impatient people who just want shinies are x Holiday, x rare (like metal, trio)) and that on a holiday it's usually a good idea to breed your prize x a cb holiday for a 2g holiday with prize ancestry. You probably know already that being in debt to 30+ people for the future offspring of your dragon is not a good idea especially if they are requesting a rare from an ultra common dragon. You probably already know the difference between IOUs (you being in debt to people who have already paid their half essentially) and regular trades (you trading offspring you have currently rather than the promise of future ones). You probably know that it's good to tell people when it's their turn so you don't breed an egg for someone that has dropped off the face of the planet.
  13. The terminology thread is very out of date, so I've updated it, you can ask what terms you want if it's not there. # 1st stage hatchling A hatchling that has just hatched and has no wings. 2nd stage hatchling/gendered hatchling A hatchling with wings (or has grown bigger) and now has a gender. A Abandoned (page)/AP Abandoned page where dragons abandoned by a user go https://dragcave.net/abandoned AP Wall Where almost every dragon or every dragon on the AP is the same species. Alt Abbreviation for Alternate, referring to secondary sprites for specific dragon Hatchlings/Adults. Alt Blacks and Alt Vines are dragons that can be obtained only by breeding. Alt Nebulas can be obtained via the cave main drop or by breeding. When used in reference to a holiday dragon, it is usually a reference to Spriter alts or SAlt are alternate coloured dragons given only to the spriter that made them on holidays or prizes. If it is prefixed by a username it refers to the spriter who's alt version is being discussed. Alt Lottery Catching a specific colored egg and raising it till it hatches to see if it is an alternate sprite, with no intention of keeping the hatchling if it is the normal variety. Army/'hoarding' A huge number of a specific breed that someone has amassed on his or her scroll. Their scrolls often contain small numbers of other breeds, and dozens of the breed of choice. Auto An offer which the owner of a trade will definitely accept. Auto'd/Auto abandon/auto AP Any time an egg leaves your scroll automatically due to exceeding the scroll limit (by breeding) and you are notified of it happening (total growing things which include eggs and hatchling OR by reaching the egg limit OR after selecting one egg from holiday pair bred during a holiday -- where you keep one and the rest auto abandon or if you do not select one egg to keep within the hour, all those eggs from that pair will vanish from your scroll and automatically be abandoned without any other notice or action on your par.) ARK list An honorary listing of site members who have shown kindness towards other members of the board enough to be recognized for it. ARK list members can be identified by a gold badge in their signature. Auto refresher/AR Generally refers to the NDER auto refresher on http://www.allureofnds.net/NDER/NDAR/ or a browser extension used for the same purpose. Avatar 1. The profile image of a forum user 2. A dragon bred from a Guardian of Nature B Biome Refers to the Alpine, Coast, Desert, Forest, Jungle, Volcano, Holiday biomes listed on the main page of dragcave where eggs can be obtained. Blacklist A list of users that meet certain requirements, which can differ from site/topic to site/topic. They are "bad" users, those who are detrimental to the site/topic. Often times the Blacklist includes flamers, trolls, and spammers. Those that break the rules of the site/topic often may also be blacklisted.´╗┐´╗┐ -Blacklisted: to be added to the Blacklist -Blacklistee/Blacklister: a user whose name is on the Blacklist. Often "banned" from a topic, as sites actually CAN ban people. When "banned" any posts they make are to be ignored. They are no longer eligible to participate in the activity of the topic, often seen with gifting/trading topics. Bloodswap/swap A dragon of the same lineage but from unrelated ancestors. Bouncing Refers to the use of the Teleport BSA to pass an egg from one user to another and back again in order to remove BSAs like Incubate and Influence from eggs. Bred Antonym : Caveborn/CB Bred is a title given to an egg, hatchling, or dragon that is the offspring of two user owned dragons. Bred eggs can be obtained by breeding two dragons on your scroll or by adopting them at the abandoned page. Breed only A dragon breed that can be obtained only by breeding: for example alt black/vine, geode, bluna, shallow water. Some of these were available as an honourable mention prize in past contests/raffles and thus a the cave born/CB version of a breed only can be refered to as an HM hybrid/HM alt black etc. Breed 1.Action of breeding dragons, to make a new egg. Random results may occur. 2.A specific type of dragon Breedable Any dragon that can produce eggs when bred with another dragon is considered breedable. Some dragons can only breed within their species, while dragons considered holiday dragons can only breed with each other successfully during a holiday. Unbreedable Any dragon that cannot breed, regardless of whether or not the "breed" option shows up. These dragons can only be obtained through the main page during cave drops. BSA/Breed Specific Action Specific abilities granted to different breed of dragons. This ability could only be be used once every x period (which may vary depending on the breed). A list of BSAs can be found here: https://dragcave.net/help/actions#bsa Burned scroll When a user has done something against the rules that is bad enough for their scroll to be burned as punishment. All dragons on it disappear, and if someone tries to view it, they get the message, "You pick up the scroll labeled "(scroll name)" only to find that it is charred and impossible to read. Some people also request for their scrolls to be burned. C Catch To catch/To help catch 1. used to describe the person accepting a teleport in some neglected experiments 2. The term used when another person (or group of people) try to get eggs from the Abandoned Page with the intent of returning them to the breeder. Camping When someone sits around on the abandoned page repeatedly refreshing, waiting for something they want to pop up. Caveblocker Used in reference to a very common dragon that no one wants to take and hence blocks the cave. Caveborn/CB Antonym : Bred Caveborn is a title given to an egg, hatchling, or dragon that has been generated by the site through the biomes or the market. User preference varies when it comes to choosing between a caveborn or bred egg/hatchling. Click There is one click added per ip address every 24 hours. A click is gained when someone click on the dragon, or on the 'view' link.´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐ misclick/accidental click Refers to accidentally obtaining the wrong dragon from the biomes Code The 5 alphanumeric code (formerly 4) unique to each dragon and is widely used in trading and gifting Word Code Refers to a dragon's code which looks like a word or a phrase All number Refers to a dragon's code which consists of all numbers Palindrome Refers to a dragon's code which is palindromic. All caps Refers to a dragon's code which consists of all capital letters LIKE THIS Namecode A code that could have been the name of something -- alphabetic only typically. Completed List A list of all completed dragon requests that used to be visible. Some sprites have been removed for pending release. CD/Cooldown The time it takes for an egg freshly-caught from the Cave to be able to be traded or abandoned. Cooldown time is sometimes abbreviated as CD. The cooldown time is 5 hours. Custom code Refers to prize dragon codes chosen formerly by winners in the contests and raffles. D DC Dragon Cave - the site. DC IRC An abbreviation for Dragcave Internet Relay Chat. The DC Chat is a place where everyone can hang out and chat with other users, moderators and TJ. The chat has it's own set of rules and a topic on the IRC can be found in the Site Discussion. Derg Short for dragon. Descript/Description A small user written text that appears under the regular description for each breed, that may be written under the Actions page for all adult dragons and frozen hatchlings. It must go under a small review by the members of the site and by a mod as well before it is allowed to appear on the individual page of a dragon. Descriptions have to follow certain rules DR/Dragon Request Refers to the Dragon Requests forum https://forums.dragcave.net/forum/15-dragon-requests/ Dorkface Offspring of Midas Dorkface Drop 1.When eggs appear on the front page Hour drop/top of the hour drop The drop that occurs upon the hour and lasts for more then 3 eggs. 5 min drop/5 minutes drop The drop of 3 eggs that occurs every 5 minutes Dummy An easily obtained dragon, usually from the Abandoned Page. E Egg Killer 1. A person who uses the kill function on their eggs frequently 2. (mostly outdated definition, the new term is VBer or Viewbomer) An egg killer is someone who found a way to give a massive amount of either clicks or views to a single egg, leading to its premature death by soft shell. (Egg) stage/Egg cracking etc A term used to denote the different "stages" of hatching, or cracking, a´╗┐n egg can be in.´╗┐ The stages commonly referred to is the first one (the first crack on an egg,´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐ a small diagonal line on the upper left) and the one where the egg has a big hole (is close to hatching) ER/Emergency Room Commonly refers to eggs at 4 days and are ready to hatch. Typically used in fansites where emergency eggs are listed so that people entering it may give them views. EQ Abbreviation for the Earthquake BSA (Green/Pebble dragons). When used, it gives all eggs in scroll (including fogged eggs) a possible chance at hatching early or dying or no changes at all. F F Female. F5-ing Constantly refreshing using the F5 key. Fansite(s) Website created by a DC fan for the purpose of raising dragons and giving them views and with other functions. FFA (Largely fallen out of use in favour of raffles) Abbreviation for Free For All. Use when referring to an event where a person will provide teleport link for the eggs/hatchlings that is to be abandoned. The abandoned egg/hatchling is then freely available for anyone trying for it. Fogging/fog Hiding an egg Freezing Stopping a hatchling from growing up. Fodder Usually a term used for a useless dragon with a designated purpose Freeze fodder Typically a messy lineaged hatchling (as frozen hatchlings cannot be bred, a messily lineaged dragon is usually considered ideal.) Zombie fodder A dragon designated for zombie creation ND fodder A dragon designated for ND creation. G (number)G Refers to generation. a 2g dragon is second generation, etc. Please see lineage. Gender In a hatchling, to reach the second stage, causing the gender to be visible on the viewdragon page. Misgendering/Gendering wrong When a hatchling turns out a different gender than expected/wanted/needed. Genderswap A dragon of the same lineage but of a different gender. Usually wanted due to misgendering or to even out gender ratios. Gifting Transferring a dragon via one way teleport to a recipient. Glitch Can refer to a problem in dragcave. Synonym: bug. GoN (*See BSA) Guardian of Nature - A breed of dragon obtainable only through the Summon BSA - by combining the forces of the Legendary Trio (Magma, Ice, Thunder Dragons.) The chance of success is extremely low and the Summon action can only be performed once every 2 weeks. H H/H: Short for Have on the trading hub. Hatchling/Hatchie/Hatchy A newborn baby dragon; just emer´╗┐ge from its shell. Held eggs Eggs that have been produced by a breeder, but are still on their scroll. HM Short for Honourable Mention, a former prize distributed in raffles/contests where the users could choose almost any dragon in the game. Hoard/Hoarder It means to collect multiple dragons of the same breeds Holiday Dragons Holiday Dragons which are special dragons only released during certain holidays, such as Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's Day. Hunting´╗┐ The process of persuing a greatly-wanted dragon, either from the cave, the AP. I Inbred/Inbreeding When a Dragon ´╗┐has children with a family member, such as a sibling or its parents. Inbreeding is often accidental, or done in order to maintain´╗┐ a purebred lineage.´╗┐ ´╗┐´╗┐ Incuhatch/Incuhatchable The act of applying Incubate at 5 days in order to make the egg hatchable/An egg that can be incuhatched. Incu Short for incubate (as in the Incubate BSA) infl'd Short for influenced (as in the Influence BSA) L LF Looking for Lineage/lineaged A dragon's family tree. Common lineage terms 2g/2nd gen/2nd generation/G2 Refers to a dragon bred from two cave born parents such that the length of the lineage reaches 2 as on the lineage page https://dragcave.net/lineage/r1TbL 3rd gen refers to 3rd generation and so on. CB/Cave born Refers to a dragon caught from the biomes or the market or won from a prize -- which has no parents PB/Purebred Dragons where the lineage consists of only the same species. Alt dragons may or may not be counted. Prize dragons of both western and eastern type are counted as the same species often. Checker Stands for checkerboard, where the dragons are of an alternating repeating pattern based on gender, example: https://dragcave.net/lineage/UDBd6 eg/EG/Even gen/Even Generation All CB dragons are in the same generation, resulting in a lineage where every single dragon possible is filled in for its generation. example: https://dragcave.net/lineage/F33Ys A 3eg means an even gen of length 3, etc Spiral CBs alter genders https://dragcave.net/lineage/F57HA Arrow/Arrowhead Where two opposing stairstep lineages are bred to create a < pattern eg https://dragcave.net/lineage/jQrqp Staircase/stair/stairstep All CB dragons are the same gender eg https://dragcave.net/lineage/HvJWT and https://dragcave.net/lineage/qXCam Clean A lineage with no inbreeding Deadline Lineage where dragons have been killed off to make the pattern, especially in the case of even gens https://dragcave.net/lineage/jZcn Messy Lineage Often a dragon whose lineage does not follow a described on geometric pattern. It may be clean and also be messy. Special lineage A dragon who's lineage is hard to create, especially refers to short prize lineages Lowgen/short lineage Refers to a dragon whose lineage is quite short. Typically this is synonymous with 2nd generation/2g or 3rd gen but occasionally longer. Caution should be exercised when interpreting this term as user based value is typically based on generation and so lowgen can often ask a mask a user asking only for a 2g in a roundabout manner. Locked scroll/Scrollocked Scroll filled with eggs and/or hatchlings, so one doesn't have room for anything from the cave or the AP. Hatchielocked Scroll locked by hatchlings and eggs Egglocked Scroll locked by eggs only. Low time A dragon that has less time to live. It's subjective, but this usually means 4 days and 0 hours or less. Lurking Watching something without visibly participating for example when viewing a thread on the forums or hunting M M Male. Maintenance Occurs daily at 3am EST. Maintenance time varies and can take up between half and hour to more than an hour and a half. During site maintenance, DC will be inaccessible/unavailable. Mass Breed An annoying condition when there is an overwhelming amount of eggs on the abandoned page are the same species, usually produced by one person. Mature (no longer commonly used in reference to hatchlings) When the hatchling has reached second stage. Metal A gold or silver dragon. Misgendered/Misgender When a dragon turns out the opposite gender of what the user desired. This is particularly undesirable in checker lineages and staircase as the pattern is no longer matched. N ND An abbreviation for Neglected Dragon. exp/ND exp/ND Experiments An abbreviation for Neglected Dragon Experiments. This is a topic/group of people who are carrying out controlled experiments to create neglected dragons. Ninja'd 1. A situation where someone posts the same information as you do just before you hit 'add reply'. 2. When an egg is nabbed during an attempted trade/gifting or finding out that an egg on the abandoned page or main page has already been picked up once you've clicked on it. P Progress List The Progress List shows the current development of sprites for new dragon suggestions. PM Private Message used in forum communication between members.´╗┐´╗┐ DM means the same thing on other sites like discord. Precogg'd/Precog Short for the aeon's precognition BSA. -kin/-fail (eg prizefail, prizekin, HMkin etc) A descendant of the dragon that usually isn't of the same species (eg prizekin = usually not a prize) R RA Short for Radiant Angel Raffle 1. Refers to the onsite raffle for prize dragons: https://dragcave.net/raffle 2. A user held egg giveaway that follows the following format: user calls for people to enter into a draw, users enter, a random number is picked and that person gets the dragon Ratios A site mechanic which is commonly blamed for being unable to get a dragon. Reflex Click When you see a dragon (egg or hatchling) on the abandoned page, that you may have been hunting before, and reflexively click on it. Even if you currently do not want it. Released The act of sending a dragon to the wilderness. Retired A dragon that is no longer available. Dragons like the Frills used to be retired but this is no longer the case. Room/Scroll room Space on a scroll for new Dragons. If a user needs to "make room" for (a) new Dragon(s), their scroll is currently locked. If they "have room" for (a) new Dragon(s), their scroll is not currently locked. S SA/SAlt 1. Spriter alts or SAlt are alternate coloured dragons given only to the spriter that made them on holidays or prizes 2. Formerly, SA stood for Snow Angel but this has been dropped in preference of definiton 1. SA kin/SAlt kin Descendants of Spriter Alt dragons. Scroll goal Any goal a member has for his/her scroll, like collecting all kinds of dragons. Scroll locked Scroll filled with eggs and/or hatchlings, so one doesn't have room for anything new from the cave or the AP. Shard Currency for the market Shimmer/shim Eastern Prize dragon. Stalk 1. When someone sits around on the abandoned page or biome repeatedly refreshing, waiting for something they want to pop up 2. Especially in the case of Spriter Alt dragons, to frequently visit the offspring list to track down the owner of the dragon or to decide when the bred dragons will end up in the AP in the case of holidays T Tin/Tinsel Western prize dragon. TOD Time of Death. Refers to the time left under the dragon's page and usually the exact time of death to a minute. Tombstone Stage of zombies where they are not visible during the day Trio The three "elemental" dragons, released together in November 2009. The three dragons are the Ice Dragon, the Magma Dragon and the Thunder Dragon. A complete adult trio (one of each breed, gender irrelevant) is required to perform the "Summon" BSA option. V V/Views The number of times an egg/hatchling is viewed. The max number of views in 15 times the unique views. VB Short for viewbomb, to repeatedly add a large number of views to a dragon. With or without someone's consent. VBer A person who viewbombs maliciously. View starving To deny a hatchling views until it dies, usually in order to create a zombie W W:/W Short for Want on the trading hub. Wall On the abandoned page, since the egg sprites are stacked in neat, impossible rows, they resemble a "wall". When many eggs of the same breed - usually vine, black, mint, or pink - are on that page, it is considered a "wall of" that egg. Also frequently used as a vent to say that someone's preferred egg type is being blocked out by a wall of ----. Win Used in reference to success in the raffles. Wilderness Shows unowned adult dragons https://dragcave.net/wilderness. Z Zombie´╗┐ Undead dragon. It can be obtained by killing an adult/hatchling and then reviving it. Zyu Short for Zyumorph
  14. Going through the trading hub can take a while, especially because you must first click on the teleport and then onto the dragon and you cannot click on the lineage from the image of the egg (which is intuitive). CB Markers or the ability to filter dragon lineages based on length would greatly offer an improvement on the trading hub whether as an extension or as a feature of the hub.
  15. Lore of GoNs are directly based off Lugia and Lugia can canonically breed in the Pokemon anime.
  16. I propose that the GoNs breed true when bred to Neutral Affinity species and that lineaged eggs don't count under GoN species limits.
  17. Three cases currently don't result in any trade related notifications 1: Notify if the other person's trade autocancels due to their dragons hatching/growing up 2: Notify if the other person cancels the trade 3: Notify if the person accepts another user's offer, thus cancelling the trade 2 and 3 may be combined.
  18. I support getting rid of limits too
  19. Incubate and hatch normally to get the greens. A dragon at 5 days natural/4 days incubated will hatch as a green.
  20. I like both ideas I think that most people who would actively use and regularly trade would have already taken this into account.
  21. The other person is either egglocked or scrollocked by hatchies.