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  1. The enemy returns...5 years later! Snow Wars 2 is upon us. The blood of our fallen comrades apparently wasn't enough to satisfy their hunger. This year, we managed to gain copters and can finally conduct aerial assaults. With this came along our first two pilots; Officers Chance Sterling and Jake Dawson. Unsurprisingly, a good lot of our soldiers have been eager to be trained as air gunners. As I report this, we continue to gather every resource we can dig up. The infantry is holding up a strong fight, especially with their morale having been raised considerably this time around. We have the expanded arsenal to thank for that. The Commander had also favoured a more festive feel within the fort, giving our comrades that small extra boost to keep pushing forward. Pvt. Liam P. Diddy's sacrifice has still not been forgotten. In fact, his brother, Louis U. Diddy, was just freshly recruited into the ranks. He has been resolute in serving day and night scouting and acting sentry on the outer perimeter of the fort, happily taking refuge in his brother's old tent. He is our trusted first line of defence, having disrupted 3 surprise attacks and 5 spies thus far! A vigilant eye that soldier. He's mentioned a cardinal that seemingly returns to him often, noting the bird as being a favourite of his late brother. Victory seems to be on the horizon, but we stay as frosty as ever. - Lt. NFD
  2. Not what I was expecting for a celestial-themed dragon, but not a bad release. I do like the transparency effect (though maybe a different base color would've blended a little better), and the description is really cool. Hopefully we'll get more of these types of dragons in the future, because I'm just a sucker for the starry ones.
  3. Whoa, the new male sprite of the Horse actually makes me want to get Horses now. - YOU DON'T HAVE ENOUGH BADGES TO TRAIN ME
  4. Caaaaandy coooooorn. I don't know why I got ridiculously happy when it popped up.
  5. This is pretty much how I just imagined TJ09 saying this. On topic of the...topic, I am gonna miss the old layout. Regardless, this new design actually looks pretty cool! It's definitely going to look more inviting and involved for new users versus the old-school one.
  6. Wow, I love these. They're really classy!
  7. Reporting from Lt. Night F. Dragon: Yesterday at 2100 hours, the fort was attacked by an unknown military force and about 4 casualties were suffered. Strange as we never intended to start this war. Our few resources for building the fort was used in sacrifice to gain more experience in combat for our newly dispatched soldiers. ... 0600 hours today. Fort suffered much damage, and we lost more of our brave fighters. 30+ more casualties, 40 WIA. Resources are at an all-time low, not enough to fight a good fight. Not much choice but to stand, defend, and rebuild. For the moment. ...and now we honor Pvt. Liam P. Diddy, for his brave actions towards his fellow men. He sacrificed himself to several snowballs to the face as his platoon fought off the invaders. We will forever remember Pvt. Diddy's service towards making this the greatest snow fort the world has ever seen.
  8. It is believed that the markings on each Grave Dragon’s wings are the faces of those who have lost their lives in fires started by that dragon. Wow, that's pretty...grim. The most chilling dragon description yet!
  9. WOW! Just wow, these eggs look soooo cool! They remind me of chocolate peanut butter eggs. I can't wait to see them hatch! Thanks again DC for another great Halloween.
  10. I'm a potato nut. Potato chips, wedges, mashed, boiled, french fry, battery for an artificially intelligent computer system, any form of potato will do.
  11. 3 years of being on DC, and I FINALLY caught a flipping Gold from the cave. -holds back tears-
  12. I don't know why but the description for this egg makes me think of graduation. 'This egg has a black cap.' Egg of '13!
  13. Happy holidays everyone! I'm so stoked to see what's this year's holiday dragon is. The egg looks so shiny! It almost looks like a wrapped chocolate egg, haha. The gingerbread house game was fun! Here's mine: http://dragcave.net/holidays12_house/nightfurydragon
  14. I got a really cool Silver in a trade and saw it as an opportunity to make it a mate for a female Silver I have. The male I have is inbred. Though for some reason, I influenced it to be female. It hasn't hatched yet, but whenever I influence something, it always turns into said gender. I feel doomed. :C
  15. I found this really nice 2nd Gen. Hellfire eggy. It looks pretty neato! I think Winter Magis have the best male sprite EVER! Too bad the parents aren't named though...
  16. Yay! My CB Nebula gendered into a red female! Now I have at least one CB of each color Nebbie, which completes the 'Cosmic Brownie' naming scheme I hatched up. Purple, Blue, Green, and Red! I was inspired by those fudge brownies LOL.
  17. 2 years on DC and for some reason I DON'T have any Halloween dragons. WHHHY?! Well this year, I'm definitely gonna get the Halloweenies. When the time comes near, I'm gonna make sure I have all slots open to nab as many of them as I can. I just hope they're gonna be as awesome as the previous ones, or even better!
  18. It's not stupid, but rather annoying how I keep feeling the need to catch Hellfires that show up on the cave! I have enough Hellfires, and don't really need anymore. For some reason though, I keep clicking them. Someone help me! lol
  19. I had a sudden idea pop into my head to breed a particular pair of dragons, and was actually pleased on how the lineage turned out when this little eggy was made.
  20. Oh snap! Of all the times to randomly pick up a dorsal egg from the cave. Yay!
  21. Wow, that goes way back. I know for sure that I knew about DC before I joined it, but I just can't seem to remember how. :s Hmm, I was all over deviantART back then, so probably I saw someone mention it somewhere. Though, I joined when I was on another dragon adopting site, after seeing a dragon on someone's signature on the forum. Back then, I thought the Electric Dragons were so boss.
  22. My scroll lacks awesome lineages lol. I have some that kinda caught my attention though. This Nebula's lineage is a little interesting with a Rosebud as its mom. Orange goodness with this Magi. And then there's this Pink with nothing but pink colored dragons in its lineage. I have to say, it's a really cool one! I plan on continuing it.
  23. NFD's Wishlist List last updated on 15.06.2017 CB Hatchies x3 (1 female, 1 male, and 1 ungendered) Neglected x1 Male Gold x2 (1 male, and 1 female) Alt Black
  24. Mangos. They are the best tasting fruit, next to pineapples. Kiwis are awesome too!