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  1. Well after shiny checking just over 600 Lillipups I finally got a shiny one yesterday (forgot to mention it) 😛. Now if I could just get a Shellder who I have checked around 600-ish too I'll be happy lol, would be even happier if my Mystery box would've given me a shiny Meltan :3
  2. As usual my CD was kinda eh, I got a fair few shinies but only one had kinda decent IV's the rest were trash although tbh I'm starting to not care about IV's on shinies, I did however get a 3* non shiny which come tomorrow I'll evolve it since my only other Magmortar is barely a 2* and I don't want the new one to have Thunderbolt.
  3. Community day was ok for me, got 11 shinies, only 1 with a 2 star rating so I evolved that one. Also got a shiny Swablu the other day from an egg I think, it's just in my list but I never caught it or saw a hatch animation lol. With raids if anyone is still doing Cobalion(not seen one yet but I've seen dozens of the other 2) or when they arrive Uxie and Azelf i'd love an invite, I'll send some out for Mesprit if I can get some going. I thought the new temporary trade limit was 50Km/30-ish miles so I dunno how international trades/lucky trades could happen, I could always be wrong on the distance cap but that was it last I checked which makes it pretty useless imo.
  4. Well I ended up doing 2 more of the 12k eggs and got 2 more Trubbish, officially done with them now cause frankly it's ridiculous that I've hatched 8 (or posibly 9) now and gotten like 6 Trubbish and nothing new. On the brightside I managed to get a shiny Shuppet today so thats something I guess, really wanted a Drifloon or want to get a shiny Duskull but eh.
  5. Well I hatched 6 of those 12km eggs today, 4 Trubbish, 1 Scraggy and a Larvitar, I honestly feel like I wasted my time given I can/could get Trubbish in 5km eggs and they are quite common in the wild anyway.... Besides only thing I want in the 12km eggs is Sandile >.<
  6. Honestly not that sad about egg distance since the egg pools are trash anyway and nothing good ever comes out of them (fecking Feebas from my 10km eggs), I am sad they neutered incense spawn rates back to how they were before covid, like I'd have taken them lasting 30 mins but giving the 1 spawn per minute rather then 1 hour of spawns every 5 minutes. Also I caught a shiny Kricketot yesterday, I think thats the first time I've managed to get the newest shiny days after it's release rather then never seeing it be shiny like Ledyba, Doduo and even Aipom from last year.
  7. Just saw this 17hrs late but still got my pairs easily 😛
  8. I got 9 shiny Porygon during community day today, my best one/the one I turned into a Porygon Z is a 76% IV so it's ok I guess I also kept 2 other ok ones to make and made one of them into a Porygon 2 and just tossed the rest lol. Also no one in my area has had a shiny Ledyba so i assumed they were a myth lol so grats to those that got one, my last non CD shiny was a Gligar that i ended up turning into a Gliscor.....he's got awful IV's but I expect that with shinies.
  9. Yeah somehow Niantic managed to screw up Megas lol, you need to do like 4-5 Mega raids just to do it once since the Kanto starters each need 200 energy and you get at most 50 a raid, after the 1st time they then cost 50 energy but only for that mon you evolved (if you have more then 1 Blastoise they still cost 200 then 50 per), the Mega itself only lasts 4 hours and imo provides mediocre bonuses during raids etc (it's like 1.1-1.3% more damage for your team or something). Honestly it just feels like a cash grab to me since a lot of people remote raid so they get you to buy 5 passes just for 1 Mega. Oh and lets not forget we will likely need remote passes when Mega Heracross and kangaskhan are introduced what with them being regional 😛
  10. Well I saw my first Sewaddle today on the drive to my grandparents (I was a passenger don't worry lol) and it despawned before I could click it which is kinda annoying. Also did 6 Genesects today during raid hour....no shiny but I did get a 91% weather boosted one so that's something I guess.
  11. Glad I'm not the only one they are kinda rare for lol, did see an Emolga earlier but the bugger ran off. Got no shinies or really anything good during the make up event. Oh and yeah bugger the Twatter only poll, pretty sure they should be able to make their own in game poll system like just have it flash up when you next sign in like those annoying "Rate our app" popups or something lol.
  12. Anyone else besides me finding the newest releases a tad rare? I've only seen 3 Cottonees in total so far since the event started and not one Emolga or Sewaddle, also only seen 3 Genesect raids spawn near me....
  13. I still don't have a shiny Charizard (or any of the Kanto starters shiny) so I still welcome that but that's just me personally I won't blame others for not wanting that(like with karp day recently). Out of the other 3 choices even though we know Porygon will win cause new I'd quite like a chance to get the Caterpie family as shiny since my list of shinies looks odd with a full shiny Weedle line but no Caterpie lol....Grimer could be OK too since we may get the Alolan form thrown in too....still don't care for the Alola's but that could be 4 new shinies for me (2 grimers 2 Muk)
  14. I'm chasing Baltoy and Staryu, even though they got Staryu's colour kinda wrong....not seen either yet also not seen a shiny Deoxys yet (also cheers for showing up to that 3 man raid lol) Today when I went out it was sunny AF and 33 degrees Celsius (dunno the fahrenheit) but PoGo claimed it was raining on my screen....mine also seemed to change to cloudy when I reported it lol.
  15. So seems like Deoxys is a bit more squishy then most 5* raids, I've done 2 today in the quest to get my brother a Deoxys, one had just the 2 of us (completed with around 30 seconds left) and the other had us 2 and a 3rd person off my friends list who was online (may have been someone here?) normally 5 people with remote raiding etc is the minimum I see to take down a 5* here.... and as for the results my brother finally managed to catch 1 of them and for me neither of them were shiny or 3*/better than my best one :3
  16. Ugh my Magikarp luck sucked today lol, caught 15 shiny Karps and my absolute best was a 64% with 7atk, 15 def and 7 sta lol. Did also manage to catch an 82% Deoxys today, like it's a 3 star so I'll take it.
  17. I was referring my luck to finding my shiny one in only 4 Rays lol, but yeah I have noticed they are a bit calm for a legendary raid, just makes them perfect for farming things like Gold Razz's and TM's plus the candy doesn't hurt (think I'm up to 10 total caught). Also kind of an odd occurrence today, so I did a Ray raid just after work with 7 other people and every single one of them except mine was a shiny Ray......found that a tad strange lol.
  18. *screams* 15 minutes left of raid hour and I just caught a shiny Rayquaza , got really lucky since it was just some random raid I happened to click on (remote raided). Edit: for the record I've seen 4 and caught 4 Rayquaza's so.....extremely lucky? 😛, i also downloaded an Iv checker (calcy, if theres a better one let us know?) and my shiny is a 91% too....lol
  19. I caught my 100th Dratini today and still no shiny or hundo couldn't even find a shiny/hundo Horsea during spotlight hour either lol, did end up finally getting my gold dragon type medal (the +3 catch thing each type has) so that's something at least lol. Also hatched 9 7KM eggs today, got nothing but Swablu and Trapinch....so yeah pointless even putting Deino, Gible etc in them imo.
  20. At this point this and finally getting my gold Dragon badge are all I'm doing too tbh since I'm pretty sure I used all my shiny luck today and got 2 non-event shinies and all the Dratini and bagon I've caught have been complete rubbish, did get a decent Rayquaza though so that's alright (legendaries are mostly dex fillers to me anyway so a decent 1 is a bonus), not even seen a Gible in the wild or raids yet and I'm not hatching 7km eggs for Deino who seems to have a very low drop chance anyway according to people I play with. So....bring on the next event and normal form Deoxys i guess eh? 😛
  21. Ugh I hope your wrong lol, I'm hopeful they do bring them back but just make the raid versions not regional so all 3 can spawn in a raid(honestly who's bright idea was it to make a legendary regional?), they can keep each one a wild regional in certain areas since they are so rare I'm sure no one would even care lol. In other news i scored 2 new shinies today, everyone's favorite dragon Pokemon Onix and a Turtwig which frankly I've been hunting for months since I got the other 2 starters of that set as shinies 😛...I'm sure I missed a Turtwig CD or I was just unlucky...
  22. Knowing Niantic they would block invites to other regions for those specific raids or make them turn into your regions encounter lol.
  23. I also caught my 1st ever Rayquaza today it has max def and health and almost max atk so a pretty good catch just a shame it wasn't shiny, damn things are dropping like flies around here though and fill up quick with remote raiders so I may try to shiny hunt it (will cost me a lot in passes if I do...). Also got a shiny Bagon today so that was nice, really want a shiny Dratini or Deino too though.... but Deinos are only in 7KM eggs afaik so eh. Real annoying how Axew isn't part of this event at all, especially since the damn thing isn't even a Pseudo legendary/legendary, I only have 1 (sorry Nectaris lol) and I'm yet to get more to fill in my living dex/get candy to evolve the damn thing....really hope Niantic has an Axew day planned once Covid is over with or something cause no other Pokemon has been done dirty like this.
  24. Eh I can take the CD's being lackluster since shinies are shinies and I'm still missing a fair few but I hope the research boxes start dropping good stuff again soon, granted I don't think Larvitar was that bad and was a huge improvement over Ferroseed imo cause Tyranitar is at least useful xD...I do miss the free legendaries though. I can't see Axew being in Dragon week since Deino has been given the most attention since its getting its shiny and you get 2 from a research....maybe they are saving Axew for a special CD when the Covid is finally gone lol.
  25. So I guess I'm the only one kinda happy about Magikarp day then? lol, 408 karps seen/185 caught(and yes i checked) and not a single shiny so far D:...I just really want a red Gyarados lol