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  1. I'll think any more waiting is hopeless. I might step by later but now I gotta do some work Enjoy y'all.
  2. And still *surprise* nothing works
  3. Ok, I'm taking bets: Who thinks it might work now? Still 8min to go. Hurry.
  4. 10more minutes till the next hour
  5. *doing stupid dance to 'Through fire and flames'* SO FAR AWAAAAAYYY
  6. The weird thing is: I should be doin a presentation right now. But all this randomness here is much more exciting.
  7. Hm...can anyone from the US send me some Mac'n'Cheese? Starting to get hungry
  8. Curses. I fell for evil
  9. I think I'll play some pokemon pearl after this. Just to punish all magicarps in this world >
  10. I watched it. I don't know. I personally liked romania much more but anyway. I kinda want my dragons back. Think we can bribe TJ somehow?
  11. Yay 2 germans. We won that eurovision thing. Anyway.
  12. *humms the tetris-melody*
  13. I'm so glad it's like 2pm over here
  14. yayyy....50 pages of desperation and pokemon jokes
  15. Oh magicarp I pray to thee....give us back our egg/hatchies and dragons. Splash.
  16. *sneaking into conversation* Nothing new in the eggie-front -.-