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Gifting information and IOUs owed/owed me are listed in my profile. I MAY accept IOUs, depending on how trustworthy I deem you.

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    Gifting Information
    I am perfectly willing to gift (ie. I am not going to ask for anything in return). I only ask that you refrain from asking for specific lines for tinsels (ie. If you request for a tinsel and that tinsel line is messy/not a perfect 2 breed stair, you will STILL have to pick it up) and metallics. I request that you pick up your egg 24 hours after confirming that you wish me to breed for you, or I will AP or keep the egg at my own discretion. Repeatedly not picking up eggs that are requested will result in me choosing not to fulfill your requests, subject to my discretion.

    List for Shimmers (IOU)
    Sho Kagayaki X Unnamed female- Bred a Tinselfail


    Sekai Kagayaki X Houseki- Bred a Tinselfail on 28/5
    1. Toshi
    2. Coyote
    3. Reserved for self
    4. Hei
    --CLOSED. No bribing.--

    IOUS I owe
    Piney- 6th gen tinsel (Abby X Moonstone)
    Successful IOUs- Thank you all!
    -Xythus (to me)
    -Frayta (to me)
    -Xbcdrt8741 (to me)
    -Kalanna Rai
    -Sheppardkid (to me)
    -Spirited_soul (Thanks for being patient!)
    -FortyTwo (to me)
    -Airaani (IOU swap)
    -Majors (IOU Swap)
    IOUs owed me

    Dragonessdown: one 6th gen tinsel from a wave pattern of nebulas.

    TigerUS: One 2nd gen tinsel from Antihypertensive

    Coyote: One 8th gen Silver shimmer X moonstone. Love em moonstones. 5th on list.