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  1. Ooh, pretty! I'm doing a similar thing, only with female shadow walkers. And I haven't killed the sacrificial parents yet, because I still need another silver egg from one pair. Nice to know it will look as good as I'd hoped when I'm finally done! Maybe we can trade eggs some day.

    i'd love to trade eggs sometime! im currently working on a perfect mirror mate, with female silvers. only problems are my silvers won't breed me anything with the shadow walkers xd.png

  2. i play the piano, and i've been told by my teacher that i have a talent for it. thing is, i dont care enough to practice very much, so i've sort of been falling behind. :< i've been nagging my parents though to get into drums. not working too well D: but, i wont give up for a while yet. especially since my friend is offering me the drummer position in his "to-be" band. X3