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  1. Holy thread necromancy Batman!


    My opinion is, annoyingly hilarious.


    How could you not love anything that spawned this:



    ....god i was laughing for hours. i've never even heard of vuvuzelas until now, and wow. instant love. (not so much for the sound/instrument, but for this.)


    im sure ill be laughing for days. ill get bored or something, and a room will be quiet. then ill start imagining this and burst out laughing.

  2. apparently, i went through a phase when i was little and loved eating cat food with my neighbor's cat. O.o lol i dont remember much about it. i once ate an entire orange, including the peel. that orange was weird though, the peels were really soft and bit off really easily. they didnt taste sour and horrible like normal either. O.o


    as of now, i love chewing all my pens, and i love eating ice, though i only do it when im bored and need to get my mouth moving.

  3. if im a bit hyper of excited, i can talk a mile a minute with no pause and no effort in thinking about the rest of my sentence. if i ever get stuck on what my next word is, i'll just repeat the word before it until i figure it out then continue. its kinda fun sometimes, because i usually have to think for a bit to figure out my next word in my sentence. but when im on a racing streak, its so much fun to have every word just come. smile.gif

  4. this happened to some of my current camp counselors when they were kids at camp. it was at a martial arts camp, so punishment is usually pushups.


    my counselor, along with a bunch of his friends, took all of furniture out of their counselor's room and rearranged it perfectly just outside. but apparently, as they were moving the furniture, they broke a 200$ pair of glasses. their counselors had them all face into the sun so they couldn't see, and told them to keep doing pushups until they were told to stop. they all felt genuinely sorry and even scared. after only a few pushups, they all got sprayed in the face with a watering hose. they never did actually break any glasses, but their counselors knew how to get them back laugh.gif