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  1. my dad used to have a hairless cat. my neighbor currently has a young tortoiseshell/tabby that comes to visit a lot, she's really sweet. smile.gif i've never owned a cat though, but i've always wanted one.

  2. posting here again, because i have decided on some more specific breed combos that i like:


    (M)sunrise x (F)swallowtail

    (F)sunset x (M)swallowtail

    (M)marrow x (F)swallowtail/sunset

    greenwing x heart seeker

    turp x rosebud

    greenwing x turp



    ta-da. <3

  3. Thank you, TJ, for creating all that is here on DC. because without you , i wouldn't be able to thank the various, wonderful people who i have traded with/gifted eggs to me. <3 too many names to dig up and find, just know that if you are one of them, your effort and kindness is not in vain. laugh.gif

  4. i also like "nature-y" colors, but less in the sense of animals, more in the sense of...scenery? habitat? lol whatever you want to call it. things like dark greens, blues, blacks. i like those. ^^ but, considering flowers, thats a myriad of neon as well...laugh.gif

  5. i dont know what my first freeze was, but ive always loved freezing. at one point, when i wasn't so far away from a gold trophy, i had a burst of initiative, and stalked the ap for any and all hatchies. i froze every one i caught immediately. xd.png got up there quick! <3

  6. im online a lot, but i dont do anything. recently ive gone through a short break, and im trying to get back on by forcing myself to post a bunch on the forums, and a did a mini-mass breed yesterday lol. i also try to trade a bit to get myself back into things. i faded out of here because of all those annoying end-of-the-year projects. :> time to breed, breed, breed, and post, post, post!

  7. once i just passed out in the middle of taking a shower. fell out of the stall thing and hit my head on a toilet seat. came to a moment later, got up, and was fine with the rest of my shower and the rest of the day. have never fainted before or since. O.o