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  1. "your mom" "thats what she said" god those are so annoying. also, "like". because like, when people talk like, you know, like when they say "like" every like, two words? i mean like, they should just like, stop.
  2. Earbuds for on-the-go, headphones at home.
  3. thanks for the update, TJ! good luck with the subscriptions!
  4. i prefer doing everything with my family, and im not to fond of anything else really. ive been trying to be more sociable recently though.
  5. please dont refuse next week~ http://dragcave.net/lineage/5SHev http://dragcave.net/lineage/j9WpQ the white is a beautiful AP catch, thank you to whoever dropped it. it will be loved for sure <3
  6. ive never owned a cat or a dog before, so as of right now either is fine by me.
  7. the movie was excellent and way closer to the book than i though it'd be, but i feel the capitol people weren't...extreme enough. they gave them funky hair colors and light make-up, but i think the people should have looked way more unnatural. also, i missed the part where haymitch send katniss the vial of sleep syrup. lol, at the theater with my dad and its getting to the part where she drugs peeta, i'm all "look, look, haymitch is gonna--" and she just runs off while peetas sleeping. the only really glaring issue i saw though was that katniss seemed way to well-fed. i mean, for someone born in district 12 where a single loaf of burnt bread saved her entire family, i thought that she'd look more emaciated and unhealthy. save for that, i loved it! <3
  8. That was me. glad you like it! The lineage goes to 6h gen.
  9. lol smelly eggs this time around.
  10. picked this up when it was an egg: http://dragcave.net/lineage/9gHEC
  11. lizardtail


    my favorite is either bleach or maybe soul eater. i was really into naruto but since i started watching bleach, i like it better. i cant say ive watched a lot of anime, though. i got bored with black butler and never got to season two, though sebastian is really cool anyway. X3 i watched sailor moon a lot when i was little and dont remember much because i always watched it in sub but was too young to read it.
  12. ive started reading "Samurai's Garden" for school. :>
  13. its been a while since ive mass bred my tinsels, and actually i dont even steadily breed them each week. but i just tried every tinsel i own, and didnt get a single egg. personally, it doesnt bother me, but im sorry for those who need their dragons to breed right now. :<
  14. most any alt will do, but i love trios also. alt sweetlings are my favorite DC dragons.
  15. since its summer, and i have little to do in the morning, i usually go to bed at 11, fall asleep sometime past midnight, and et up around 10-11 am.
  16. i agree with most everyone here. vegetable=pull the plug. if they're "not there" then whats the point of keeping around a lifeless body with a heartbeat? if it were temporary, then life support would be fine for me. of course, all this would be up to the patients themselves if they are conscious.
  17. Im reading "like a swarm of bees" for school. not much fun. :<
  18. lizardtail

    2012-07-22 - Updates

    yay! thank you TJ! <3 more buttons to push...
  19. thanks TJ! very excited~
  20. i tend to like the Depressed/Horrible Outlook on Life Type and the Stoic/Emotionless Type. i was going to vote the first of the two but i accidentally hit "view results" first. X3 whoops. so ill comment instead. lol. many of my favorite characters tend to be a cross of the two, or a crazed madman. so yeh. :>
  21. oh mah lawd, i cant wait. X3 thank you TJ!
  22. ah, i found two i really like. i think im going with this as my entry: cloud ocean. (sorry its a bit big.)
  23. crescendo - becca fitzpatrick just finished the first chapter lol
  24. rock. maybe some alt or pop here and there, but not much.