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  1. i used to always play with my neighbor's cat. he was an awesome cat. <3 i really liked playing in sunny spots too because there were usually lizards to chase.
  2. i like recycling, and do put some effort into it. but i thought i'd mention something i thought was amusing when i first heard it. at my school, my math teacher is in full support of wasting paper and has us write our notes however we wish and not worry about saving paper. my religion teacher is the opposite and works very hard to conserve paper. i thought it was interesting how different their view were.
  3. oranges are my favorite, strawberries are a close second. <3
  4. i got a new pet cockatiel last week. c: my first pet bird~
  5. for math, mechanical pencil. for everything else, if i dont used a computer then its a pen. i like the really inky types.
  6. i just have normal plain dark brown eyes. nothing special about them. :< i wear contacts because i dont have good vision lol.
  7. thanks in advance! it will be added to my siggy. ^^ dont worry about re-sizing, i'll do that myself. <3
  8. could i have an alt sweetling please? :3 they're my favorite.
  9. for any death note fans out there, "Death Note: Another note the los angeles BB murder cases" is interesting. a little novel side story based some years before the anime.
  10. im stuck on green day's "Viva la Gloria? (little girl)" i love that song right now
  11. i really like death note, but i havent gotten around to the manga yet. matsuda is hilarious i recently finished death note: another note the los angeles BB muder cases. that was really interesting, and pretty funny to. i recommend it to anyone who hasn't read it.
  12. lots of great entries! i voted, but im not really sure whats going on very nice macros anyway.
  13. i only read the manga once a long time ago, so im not sure if i remember correctly. but isnt there some part in soul eater where Kid gets stuck in a book or something and when everyone goes to rescue him they all get gender-bent? ...or something...
  14. i love lichen dragons. so much. they are beautiful in every stage i just bred a paper dragon, i hope i can get a second before the time's up.
  15. if it comes in a box with directions, i can bake it. if not, then i cant pretty simple, and yummy. ^^ i love chocolate chip cookies too.
  16. when you have to go somewhere, but a dragon you want to breed is about to grow up. then, it grows up just in time for you to breed it before you leave. i love that. less waiting for it to hatch.
  17. pretty much any lizard/snake, and also birds. when i was little i practically idolized bats...
  18. i try and imagine someone hugging me, and i try to move as little as possible. that, or sleeping with minimal covers helps put me to sleep.
  19. im taking spanish 1 this year. the other day our teacher was telling us the importance of accents and tildes, and used "anos" vs "aÑos" as an example. god it was hilarious.
  20. bred this little one, i really like these names! <3 i think ill expand this lineage, glad the two produced
  21. i just leave it under my growing things. at least it tells me the DC season? and looks nice.
  22. http://dragcave.net/lineage/aj5mi well then. time to start breeding.