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  1. last week our teacher got a tablet with a writing stylus for notes! its really exciting, the whole class got to play with it today. those things are weird to use lol
  2. wolves are awesome, and ive always wanted to see someone with a wolfdog in person. ive never seen one in real life. though it is a bit mainstream, they're still pretty cool. ^^
  3. i just got Insecurities and Neurotic Tendencies. O.o
  4. i recently got a new cockatiel, a cinnamon whiteface. his name is Tobi. <3 maybe ill get pictures up here sometime.
  5. i like foreign coins if i ever come across them. ive also got a bunch of those decorative birds made of foam and colourful feathers. the small ones with clips for feet.
  6. just bred all my tinsels to day, and i didn't get a single shiny. :> grats Varekis on your pretty! hope everyone else is doing well. c:
  7. i just snagged two awesome names today, and hopefully they will be mates: http://dragcave.net/lineage/61N4g http://dragcave.net/lineage/UAn26 both names are a variation of a "fear of crowds".
  8. lizardtail

    Cool Codes

    my best code: http://dragcave.net/lineage/ohDrn oh Darn...
  9. support. most players already know what the second phrase means, but for newbies it would probably be confusing.
  10. "yin/yang" vs. "ying/yang". its not much, but its still a peeve.
  11. O.o i just got Demophobic and Ochlophobic. both are a fear of crowds.
  12. anyone happy to find extra food in your backpack when you're really hungry and didnt know it was there? <3 a bit melted, but it was awesome when i found a chocolate bar after school while digging for a pen.
  13. My school recently added a GSA club. c: i support, even though i dont have time to join it. :<
  14. i just started the "Vampire Plague" series(trilogy?) the other day. i dont have the book on me right now, so i dont remember the author.
  15. lizardtail


    has anyone seen the new resident evil movie? their credits song was Hexes, i thought that was awesome.
  16. lizardtail

    Misheard Lyrics

    one song i heard had a line "ill take the shot for you, ill be the shield for you" and for the longest time i was confused because i thought it said "ill take the shot for you, ill even shoot for you".
  17. i just finished re-watching soul eater. any suggestions for a new one? something short though.
  18. Finally got a mate for one of my dorsals, and i got a pretty baby too: http://dragcave.net/lineage/to33n
  19. i recently bred myself another magma, which brings me to 3 complete sets of trios. hopefully it will up my chances in my next few summons, even if its still not much.
  20. im not going to bother with pumpkins this year. i like interbreeding and the restrictiveness of pumpkins only being able to breed with pygmies and other pumpkins doesnt fit. so ill be collecting nice-lined halloweens/new ones. though, i do have a lot of PB 2nd gen marrows. ill probably be breeding 3rd gen PBs this year.
  21. ah, one of our new math teachers is like that. i dont have class with him, but ive been told that apparently he's really easy on the eyes. its kind of awkward to have friends in his class discuss him when ive never even seen him. x>
  22. on saturday night i went to bed, and since it was sunday the next day i slept in. i woke up really late in the morning but i went back to sleep anyway. then i spent the rest of my sleep dreaming only of eating cold pizza and breakfast sausages. O.o
  23. i was locked, and then i forgot and decided, "i need more magmas, im gonna breed one". and im thinking, meh, its not likely ill get one anyway. then when i breed, my new magma egg auto'd.
  24. getting a reward and all is nice, but really there are plenty of players that dont have the time to sit and click dragons all day. and for the people that do have the time and have a chance at getting this special dragon, it makes it a little unfair for the people that can't play that much. especially since clicks aren't even necessary for the dragon to grow. so i do think it's a nice idea, just not that practical to me. :3
  25. i always thought that ices look like they belong on a coat of arms.