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  1. how often have people here died in their dreams? :>
  2. pretty much the same as glass_kisses. problem is, though, the only songs i ever get stuck in my head are the ones i dont like D:
  3. Tazzay, take a hand full of ice cubes and put it in a bag. then crunch it up until its almost powder. snow!
  4. so glad these two like each other: http://dragcave.net/lineage/9Nug6 i like the colors, i like the name. that marrow was hard to get! i bred him myself but i had forgotten i was locked and all offspring were abandoned. i was only able to find the forum account of one of the egg owners and traded for him back. D: im glad i did though~
  5. ahh~ our new spider-bats are growing up
  6. my first successful summon today! after two and a half years of failing.~
  7. two and a half years. of fails. i've been summoning since June 17, 2010. and today, i got my first successful summon. Finally! i've had the name "Liat D'Razil" on hold for my first GoN. <3
  8. Laaaa~ theyre adults! awesome sprites, excellent job! <3
  9. omg. i just noticed TJ's hatchies have special codes. "hurricane sandy delay" i feel so slow lol nice one TJ
  10. I got "Soda Machine" just now. O.o 'tis nice, cause the parents (not mine) are named "Coca Cola" and "Pepsi" i also got "Stern Ritter". that surprised me, but its perfect because the code is "qncie". ~Quincy, no? <3
  11. im so mad at myself right now. ive been waiting all year to breed these two and keep a marrow. i forgot i was locked and all eggs AP'd. i needed one for a lineage. maybe i can trade with someone who found an offspring. D:
  12. Oh. Ehm. Gee. did i...really just click this? ETA: my. halloween. has. been. made. i just locked myself with this. how. how? im so happy im literally squee'ing out loud right now. i need sleep. now.
  13. bleach is my standing favorite, and the cliffhanger this week... ;^; why must i waaaaiiiittttt?
  14. i watch it every morning before school, but thats the only time i have to watch invader zim. good enough for me
  15. ahh the costumes are awesome! thank you TJ, this is amazing.
  16. i like dub. not really sure why, i've just always preferred it. i like listening to other languages even if i have no idea what they're saying without subtitles.
  17. shower. its quicker and easier i guess. X3
  18. i like lineages. as far as collecting goes, you can only o so much. once you've got all the sprites, then what? you may as well just save the wiki page, and you've got all the sprites right there. but with lineages, it gives you a bigger, more pointed goal. you can't exactly look up what a pretty lineage on google and have it actually be unique. if you create your own lineage and work really hard at it, it means a little something more than just a pretty picture.
  19. thank you! it looks great, i love it! keep up the good work~
  20. in no particular order: Aposematic Water Double-winged Equus Gravedigger Glorious Maned Jinx Ne'Enden Easterns Saevio Silk-tailed Granite Amphiptere Ostrich the bold ones are my most favorite <3 the Saevio is definitely my top fave, though.
  21. lets hope http://dragcave.net/lineage/Ufv0L and http://dragcave.net/lineage/geBM9 breed. both are awesome AP catches
  22. ah, how about sorting a whole bunch of dragons just the way i like them...and then forget to click "save"...