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  1. i have a spitfire that is part of a lineage that requires us to use "shadow" somewhere in the name. also, my spit personally told me that his name is "M5". so i named him "M5 Shadow" btw, his code is "imM5" which reads "i am M5" thats how he "personally" told me
  2. i am 4 chapers into a book im writing. 1st chapter: Stephen King 2nd chapter: James Fenimore Cooper 3rd chapter: Kurt Vonnegut 4th chapter: Stephen King all chapters: Stephen King so i write like stephen king!
  3. jayfeather <3 he is blind which make him awesome also, how do you know tallstars warrior name? i have always wondered...
  4. frills 1 they looked cool 2 i wanted one 3 were discontinued soon after i discovered their prescence 4 never did get a frill, or a bright pink
  5. lizardtail

    Warrior Cats Books!

    love them. waiting for new ones too become paperback. on the third siries, searching for the 6th one.....read firestars quest, cant find bluestars. have all three "guides"
  6. i am fairly new, and....what is a wipe?
  7. this sounds fun--i love the idea! im joinning! MUWAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
  8. i always try to stay asleep a little longer to see what happens next in my dream, which is always very odd and fun. yet when i wake up, the one and only thing i remember about the dream--that i had fought so hard to keep--is that it was cool and wierd