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  1. rainpeltstar, we have another warriors fan! i read the story of how yellowfang gave her kit to lizardstripe to care for in one of the extra books. i liked the name lizardstripe, i just didnt think "stripe" went well with it though. i joined a few sites, needed a name, and i started one site with the name lizardfire. only one. forever after that, i went with lizardtail. very few sites am i not lizardtail. if im not lizardtail, its because its taken. which makes me feel depressed lol.. so now we have lizardtail. just about everywhere. i dont mind being called lizard though.
  2. i say yes to meat. 1, it good. if nothing else, its yummy also, eating a plant is equally taking a living creature's life. and if you dont want to eat meat because it kills animals, then at least try to convince the government to stop killing rainforest and what not because that kills animals faster than anything.
  3. lizardtail

    Warrior Cats Books!

    i havent been able to find the lattest books yet! rar rar rar....im stuck and cant find anymore books! anywho, my username is based off warriors
  4. my friend does that. its a miracle how she gets it out of her hair.
  5. i got Lewis Carroll i love him cuz of "jabberwocky"
  6. 3 doors down=AWESOME SAUCE <3 train=awesome sauce trans siberian orchestra (instumental)=mostly awesome sauce trans siberian orchestra (singing)= not awesome sauce
  7. this dove me nuts when i was trying to get a skywing for a 2nd gen bluna.i got tons of horses and drakes, and when i finally got a skywing, it gendered wrong. i had to start the search all over again, then i just gave up.
  8. idk, its addicting for some reason :/ my school doesnt allow gum either, so. go figure. its a bad habit thats hard to break.
  9. the ones i have dont smell at all....they smell fine. but they probably will smell soon enough from chewing on them.
  10. ....i like to chew on my stingray in class....somehow, the funny "clicking" sound from my teeth scraping past the rubber is addicting. it does get kinda embarrassing when my teacher calls on me and everybody looks at me with half a rubber stingray sticking out of my mouth.
  11. i like sieries books. my series: animorphs warriors
  12. linked for size do you like em? hate em? never hear of em? discuss here ive got a few. a stingray and seahorse are my favorites that i have. ive always wanted the frog and lizard in the photo. go figure, my username's lizardtail.
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    http://www.unicreatures.com/view.php?id=5348355 im a half-newbie, this one is my fav
  14. lizardtail

    2010-08-28 - 55 Days

    oooh! theyre flamingo wyverns! i remember reading through that request thread! <3 and i thought it was just an abnornal barrage of CB pinks....lol
  15. lizardtail

    2010-08-28 - 55 Days

    yay! now i bathe in the AP which is full of dumped ERs to hatch and freeze!!! ....ill get the new eggs when it's less crowded....
  16. OMG thankyou!!!!! i love it! cute will need to find away to shrink into siggy....
  17. REQUEST uh, just turn this image (just the lizard) into your style of art. i guess amore-ize it? lol make it like its creeping up on a cricket with the cricket totally oblivous
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    aha, i love avatar! joined same username
  19. i grabbed a chicken from the AP...even now, it seems as if it happened by magic... *oh my, i grabbed a chicken!*
  20. lizardtail


    used QS9PGCERBH thx
  21. lizardtail


    me too please? it seems dferent than order of the griffins
  22. in order? i dont remember the order, but i remember they were skywing, black, albino, electric. i do remember that the skywing was the very first.
  23. i dont have a DA, but there are two DA members whose art is really cool. culpeo-fox and felineflames i love their work!
  24. i dont like it. ive been trying forever to get a CB skywing to breed 2nd gen blunas and i get locked in no time at all with FOUR ochdrake eggs. ive pretty much given up on finding one, but every so often i do try and pray my face off that its a skywing